Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Triple Crown... x2?

Yesterday morning I went spinning at RydeOn in Saline again, and once again enjoyed myself thoroughly.  That actually totaled 3 workouts (Triple Crown!) for me yesterday (3 mile run, basic upper body/core/back strength workout, and spinning class).  I had planned to up my "flat road" to gear 11 instead of 10, but as I was warming up that felt too hard, so I stuck with 10.  Of course throughout the rest of the workout the 10 felt too easy, so next time I'm going with the 11 as planned!  I know it must have not been enough, because they did this "distance challenge" where you were supposed to yell out when you hit 17 miles, and then every mile thereafter, or something like that.  Of course I totally forgot about that, but when the first person yelled "17!" I was at 18.  And that first person was one of the instructors and co-owners of the facility (she was riding, not teaching).  So yeah, I think I should probably up the difficulty a bit.  I ended up with 21.6 miles on the computer (I forgot to look at that number when I went last week), 158 watts, and 89 RPM.  Compared with my first time:

DateWattsRPMDistance"Flat Road" Gear

My heart rate really didn't do anything spectacular at this spinning workout either, but I was okay with the lower level of effort since it was really just an "icing on the cake" workout.
Now I have to get some of those clip-in cycling shoes. Ugh.  As if I don't already spend enough money on running shoes and gear.  Recent (past 1-2 weeks) running purchases include a capri skirt, compression shorts, and capri tights from SkirtSports, a Nathan Streak reflective vest, Black Diamond Sprinter headlamp, KnuckleLights.... and pepper spray.  And I'm sure I'm forgetting things. 

I'm glad I'm doing this though, because my runs are all easy runs this week, so it's nice to get my heart rate up some other way.  I ran 4 miles easy tonight, and man, was it slow!  I mean, it didn't FEEL slow, but look at these splits! 
So consistent though!  3 out of 4 miles were 10:54 pace, and the only one that wasn't was uphill. 
 I'm not too worried about it, because it was supposed to be an easy run, and also it was dark, and I always feel like I'm running faster than I actually am in the dark.  Don't ask me why.  I should have worn my heart rate monitor to see where I was effort-wise, but I didn't.  Whoops.

I've updated my training plan for November 5th through the Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon on March 24th.  You can find it here, if you're interested.  Hard workouts are highlighted in yellow, and you can mouse over for more detail on the workout specs.  Races are red.  I haven't really worked in my plans for strength and cross-training, but I plan on keeping with my current momentum of strength 2-3 times per week, and spinning once per week.  Those will be added in on a week by week basis depending on my work schedule.

I'm getting kind of jaded with running.  I need a mental break from trying to improve all the time.  I'm beginning to think it's a lost cause.  Like maybe the best I can do is about a 2 hr half, and a 25 min 5K.  Those seem to be the limits I hit repeatedly.  (Even on my first bout of running, back in '05/'06).  Of course, I know that's not true, but I'm going to just be happy with where I am and focus on general fitness and strength for a while.  I feel better already, after just a couple weeks of strength.  I'm up to 6 pushups now, well on my way to my goal of 10!  (I started out at just one on a good day, zero on a bad day).   

And...sigh...races.  I'm looking at doing a lot of 5Ks and half marathons between now and summer.  The first one up is the Turkey Trot at Hudson Mills this Saturday.  I was originally planning on doing the Iron Turkey, but didn't request off for Saturday night, and it turns out I have to work.  So staying up the additional 2 hours to do the 10K after the 5K isn't the brightest idea.  I honestly don't really want to do the 5K either.  It's an expensive race, and you have to pay $5 to park too.  That would all be well and good, except I don't feel like I have a chance in hell at a decent time.  I'm actually kind of afraid to see how poorly I do.  BUT, it's a good opportunity to run a race to do some benchmarking, to see where I'm starting this training plan at, and also to use to calculate my target training paces going forward.  So I guess I'll do it.

I'm planning on the Groundhog Day Half in Grand Rapids February 2nd, and my target race is the Rock CF Rivers Half on March 24th.  My friend Mary in San Diego is talking about going for the RnR Triple Crown in 2013 (doing 3 Rock & Roll Half Marathons in the calendar year), and she's trying to coordinate with her runner friends in choosing races.  Right now, Seattle in June is looking like my best option, but getting vacation in June can be tricky for me.  (I only have 2 years' seniority).  Denver and Cleveland are options I would consider for the fall.  I already have the "Rock Encore" medal for doing two RnR events in 2011 (Nashville, which was great, and Vegas, which was a disaster), so at that point I feel like I should go for a third for 2013 for a "Triple Crown" medal for myself.  Not that I really want to spend all that money racing and flying.  But, I'm a medal whore, just like the rest of you.

Speaking of medals, I didn't realize it until yesterday, but the Detroit Marathon medal is way bigger than the half medal.  They are the same design, so you wouldn't necessarily notice unless you held them both, but the 26.2 medal is ginormous!  (Jeff did the half, so I can compare side by side!).
The picture doesn't do it justice.  I think a lot of the difference is in the weight and thickness. 
I also need to cave in and get a nice medal holder from Allied Medal Displays.  I'm up to 21 now, and they look like shit.  Jeff did buy me another wooden rack to add-on, but I think the metal ones with the horizontal bars would look way nicer, and more organized.


 Here is somebody's medal display (taken from the Allied Medal displays facebook page), who has about 25 or so medals on a single bar:
I don't really want any words or designs or anything, so I'll probably just get the plain hang bar without the decorative stuff on top.  It's cheaper that way too!  I'm going to get the 30" triple hang bar, which should hold up to 60+ medals, but won't look empty if I put just 20 on it either.

Okay, done.  Yes, I decided I was going to buy one of these during the writing of this post, and have already purchased it prior to finishing the blog entry.  $40 list price, $36 after the 10% facebook discount code, plus $10 shipping = $46.  I need to pick up some more overtime at work.  Ugh.  

I should change the title of this post from Triple Crown to Triple $$$$ Wasting.  

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  1. Wow Ty - 18 miles for your long run on the half. You should be able to get to 1:45 with that kind of miles. I look forward to seeing you there. I love Allied Medal Displays as you know I have a couple custom ones. One of the best products I have seen out there. And yes, I only have 16(just half and fulls) on my triple bar now and it looks great.


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