Saturday, December 29, 2012


That's HamOw, like ShamWow, get it?  Har-har-har.

So yeah, my ham-ass is hurting today.  If I'm being honest with myself, it's actually been acting up for a while now.  (This particular injury has been nagging me since March of this year, but it was mostly under control from June-October, after I took a low mileage rest month in June and then backed off the hills and faster running for the duration of my marathon training).  But ever since I started my McMillan training plan and have been doing the two harder workouts per week, the pain has been more noticeable.  I think spinning might actually be making it worse too.  Then after a week in PA running all my workouts on much hillier terrain than I'm used to (including my sprint/stride workout and a 10 mile long run), today's run really just pushed me over the edge.

Today's run was tough.  I had a bad night at work, so I didn't get to sit, eat, or drink, really at all.  I did sit down for 5 minutes at about 4am and cram down some cookies and water while my patient went down for a head CT, so that was nice.  I had packed all my running stuff to bring with me, but didn't really think it was going to snow very much, so I didn't pack my yak-trax.  Well, I should have.  There was quite a bit of snow on the ground when we got our run started around 7:45 am, and it hadn't really been cleared at all.  And the course had some pretty steep inclines, which, with the snow, made traction really difficult, and the slipping on the kick was wreaking havoc on my hamstring.
This is actually from a couple days ago.  I think there was more snow than this this morning.  
I had 12 miles on my schedule, but I wasn't sure I was going to do more than 6 after I realized how bad the sidewalks were.  The course was a 6 mile loop, so I would have to go out for a complete repeat from the store, which is always hard to do.  BUT, I thought that if I start bailing and making excuses now, I'll be more inclined to do it later.  One of the other girls was thinking of doing 10 or 12 too, and was also struggling, so we toughed it out together.  We ended up shorting the 2nd loop just a smudge (5.25 miles vs 5.75 miles), for a total of about 11.  I decided it wasn't cheating though, since my actual, official, unmodified-by-me training plan from McMillan running is time based, and just called for a long, steady run of 105 to 120 minutes.  It took me 129 minutes to run those 11 miles in today's condition.  Closer to the amount of time it would normally take me to run 13 miles, and actually OVER the time range specified in my plan.  So, I'm calling that one successful.  Here's the pace and elevation chart.  I wish I could plot snow and slipperiness.

Anyway, now I'm laying in bed bemoaning the pain in my hip.  It's as bad as it's ever been.  In fact, instead of just my ham-ass (deep into the area where my butt meets my thigh), it actually hurts all the way around, on the back (I'm used to this), outside, and front.  All but the inner/groin aspect are feeling it.  And actually the meat of my hamstring is a little off, which is unusual too.  Rargh.  Now that I'm thinking about it, I should probably have taken some post-run pre-sleep prophylactic ibuprofen, because it's going to be worse when I get up.  Unfortunately, I'm already in bed, and the odds of me getting up to get ibuprofen are pretty much nil.
Molly thinks it's too cold to get up too.  (Okay, I admit it , I covered her up for the photo).  
I'm really not looking forward to the New Year's 5K on Monday.  Running a 5K ALWAYS tears up my ham-ass, and now I'm going in compromised.  Even worse than that, I've been sleeping 1pm-9pm the past couple days (so I could stay up for morning spinning yesterday, and morning long run today), and this race starts at 4pm an hour away, and I'm carpooling, so I'll probably have to wake up at like 2pm Monday.  And of course I work that night.  So I have to some major sleep adjustments to make over the next couple days.  So don't talk to me.  I'll probably be tired and grouchy.

I reckon that's enough bitching for one day.  Also, I should probably go to sleep, despite the fact that, of course, now that I'm in bed, I'm not tired.  I'm going to share some pictures now that I never got around to sharing over the past week.
I came home from PA to a clean house and a birthday cake thanks to Jeff!  
My uber-cute 15 month-old nephew on Christmas Eve.

Uber-cute nephew again, this time in video form.  

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