Monday, December 10, 2012

Killing Time

So I woke up this morning (Sunday evening) and my legs still didn't feel right from the Saturday morning long run.  Not so much muscle soreness as joint soreness in my hips and knees.  Maybe it was the cold and rain.  Maybe I'm just getting old.   Anyway,  I wasn't really feeling the 4 miles I had to do, even though they were just "easy" ones.  I especially wasn't feeling the workout video I had to do too, to make up for missing it Saturday night due to going into work (unplanned).  But, I only had this one day off, and then 4 nights on, so if a double workout day was was going to happen, it had to be today.

I set up my Netflix treadmill station and cruised the 4 miles at an easy pace, keeping my heart rate below 160 most of the time.  Uneventful.  40:06.  I knew if I stopped I probably wouldn't do my workout video, so I hopped right off the treadmill and went to the DVD player and did  my 55 minute "Pilates Sculpt" workout video.  I really like that one because I think it hits a lot of important exercises for runners, and it's less boring than just doing my own strength training without the guidance of the instructors on the video.  Done and done.  Now my hips and knees felt much better, but my muscles were feeling it from the squats and plies and lunges and such.  Total workout time now 95 minutes.

I showered and dawdled around for a bit, watching TV and folding laundry and whatnot, then started feeling sleepy at about 4:30am.  Normally this would be fine, and I'd just go to sleep early and savor the extra sleep and maybe actually wake up in time to run in daylight.  But today I had plans to stay awake until 9am when the UM computer showcase opens so I can go get a new laptop.  I'm not sure why I picked a day off to do this.  Looking back, I should have picked a work day.  It's ea maybe sier to stay up late on a work day, when I don't even get home until 7:30 or 8am.  Duh.  But I had already mentally committed.   I didn't really have anything to do to keep me awake until then,  (except things that are no fun, like cleaning, studying, etc), so I thought maybe spinning would be a good idea.  There is a weekday class at 5:45 am, and that usually wakes me right up.  Plus, it's right by Tim Horton's, so I could spring for a breakfast sandwich and a donut afterward. :)  I kind of didn't want to because I was really tired (sleepy), and tired (muscles) from the workouts, and also because today was supposed to be an easy day since tomorrow is a harder run (stride workout) so I should be trying to keep my legs relatively fresh.   But, it sounded fun and I couldn't think of anything else I'd rather do (other than sleep), so I registered and headed out.

I got there and took it pretty easy for the aforementioned reasons, and it felt good.  Unfortunately it didn't really wake me up, probably because I didn't really push it to the max like I normally do.  My numbers weren't bad (88 RPM, 165 watts, 21.5 miles, 49:06), but I wasn't really trying that hard.  I think the clip in shoes give me an automatic jump in my power.  I had packed clothes to change into, thinking I could kill the 2 hours between the end of spinning class and the store opening by shopping or something.  I still need to get a baby shower gift for one preggo runner, so I figured Tim Horton's then Babies R Us, then computer showcase.  I mistakenly thought that Babies R Us would open at 8am for some reason.  No dice.  I called, and the recording said 9 freaking 30 am.  Geez.  I hope they're open late (the recording didn't say closing time), because there is no way I'm staying up that late another day this week. 

I'm writing this post to kill time and keep me awake, in case you haven't figure that out yet.  Hence the boring play by play of my day.  Plus, I was proud of my three legitimate workouts.  Last time I did a "triple crown" it wasn't this legit.  Like a super easy three miler, a shoddy strength workout (pushups and planks), and spinning.  I would have been okay with any one of the three workouts I did today as stand-alones.  Total workout time today 155 minutes (the spinning was actually an hour, the numbers I posted above don't include warmup and cool-down).  Usually if I workout that much it means I am making up for a binge, but I didn't eat anything beyond normal today or yesterday.  I may need to though, I'm getting hungry again already!

I'm thinking about starting to take the bus to work again.  I'm filling up my tank in my car way more often now that I'm driving to Saline 1-2 times a week for these spin classes.  It might be worth paying more for the fancy spinning studio in Ann Arbor (which I've never tried), if it gets made up for in reduced gas costs.  I don't know though.  I like RydeOn.  The Ann Arbor one that I haven't tried yet is RealRyderRevolution.  Apparently the bikes lean side to side or some shit.  Don't ask me why they all spell "ride" stupid-like.  I have no idea.  (Not that RydeOn isn't fancy, and it certainly isn't cheap.  It's just not the *most* expensive/hi-tech spinning studio in the area). 

8:40!  I can probably leave now, and wait impatiently outside the door of the store half asleep.  Thanks for listening.  If you did.  :).  I posted a "real" post last night, so go ahead and read that if you missed it.  

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