Sunday, December 9, 2012

Plugging away

I kind of feel like I never run anymore.  I mean, I'm running, but two months ago I felt like all I did was run, and now it seems like it's never a running day.  I like it though.  Hard to get burnt out on running when I feel like I never do!  I'm following my training plan that I purchased from Mcmillan running pretty much to a T.  I've been doing really well with strength training and spinning consistently too.  Here's what I've done in the 6 weeks since the marathon:

12/02 - 12/08:  Ran 23.2 miles,  Biked 40.4 miles (Spinning x 2), Strength x 2 
11/25 - 12/01:  Ran 18.9 miles,  Biked 38.2 miles (Spinning x 2), Strength x 1
11/18 - 11/24:  Ran 21.4 miles,  Biked 21.4 miles (Spinning x 1), Strength x 3
11/11 - 11/17:  Ran 19.7 miles,  Biked 19.7 miles (Spinning x 1), Strength x 2
11/04 - 11/10:  Ran 16.4 miles,  Biked 21.6 miles (Spinning x 1), Strength x 1
10/28 - 11/03:  Ran 12.9 miles,  Biked 38.0 miles (Spinning x 2), Strength x 2
10/20 - 10/27:  Ran 29.2 miles (marathon, 5 rest days, easy 3 miler), Strength x 1

Spinning has been going really well.  I got a pair of clip-in shoes, and got to wear them for the first time last week.  Jeff also came with me to that class, and the instructor, Greg, was amazing.  Not sure whether it was the shoes, the competition with Jeff, or the instructor, but I ended up with a new average power PR at that class of 204 watts.  That's a big improvement from my previous best of 169.  As for the strength training...well that still sucks.  Booorrrrring. 
Yesterday was my first double digit run since the marathon, a 10 miler after work.  I hope the 501 Saturday group runs go to 8am soon, like they did last winter, because it's a pain to rush out of work to get there at 7:30am.  (I get off at 7am in theory, if I can get out on time).  I started out at my usual 10:15-ish long run pace, then paired up with another girl and we apparently picked it up a bit.  It was a little faster than I usually do for a long run, and I definitely feel it today.  My target pace range for long runs is 9:24 to 10:42, so I was "in range" the whole time, but it was a little hard.  I don't like to feel sore after a run.  It makes me want to slack on the workouts on the following days.  BUT it was definitely worth it for the company.  We picked up 2 more ladies at the first water station, and then 2 more at about mile 6, so we had a pretty good group by the end.  One of the ladies had her phone and got a good photo of us at the last water stop at about mile 7.5  (I'm in the back right corner in the black hat).

I only have two more weeks left in the base phase of my half-marathon training plan.  I'll be sad to see it go.  I am loving the workouts.  I thought base training was all just slow easy runs, but this plan has me doing one "stride" workout and one "pace-booster" workout each week.  Both of them are really fun.  The stride workouts are like really short and fast intervals.  The total distance fast doesn't add up to much, and the bursts are really short.  Way less taxing than a "real" interval workout, but enough to get you running fast for a bit and out of the slog funk.  Here's an example: "10 to 15 minute Warm-Up + Stride Workout: 10 to 12 times 25 seconds starting at 5K and progressing down to Mile race effort with 1 minute recovery jog between + 10 to 15 minute Cool-down. 5K pace= 8:12 to mile pace = 7:18".  I added the pace targets that I got by putting my half-marathon time goal of 1:58 into the Mcmillan running calculator.  If the stride workouts are like "interval-light", then the pace-booster runs are like "tempo-light".  I run the fast part at "steady-state" pace, which is not quite as hard as tempo pace, but still challenging.   Here's another example: "50 to 60 minute Pace Booster Run: Run 20 to 25 minutes at Steady State Pace in the middle of the run.  Goal steady state pace = 8:45-9:09".  I've been doing these on Wednesdays, since the Wednesday A2Runner group usually runs about 8:45.  The challenging part is timing it so I can run with them for the middle part of my workout, but still have a warm-up and cool-down and not have them waiting for me at the end. 

I'm not sure what my actual weekly mileage will be as I follow this plan.  The plan I was given is primarily time-based.  I did my best to estimate what that would convert to in terms of mileage in the version that I shared with you above.  I'm not too worried about weekly mileage though.  I like that it's low mileage, because I have time and energy to do harder running workouts and cross-training.  I'm excited for 2013.  I'm going to race like crazy.  Half marathons and 5Ks are my go-to distances, though I'll sprinkle in at least one 10K because I could use a new PR at that distance too.  I don't remember if I said this already or not, but here's what I'm thinking, race-wise for winter/spring:

12/31/12 - Belle Isle New Year's Eve 5K (registered)
02/02/12 - Groundhog Day Half Marathon  (registered, running as fun run / faster long run)
03/23/12 - Rock CF Rivers Half Marathon (not yet registered, but this is my "goal race")
04/13/12 - Martian 10K (tentative)
04/28/12 - Glass City Half Marathon (tentative.  2nd chance at a PR if I miss at Rock CF)

Starting in May, I'll probably just do 5Ks and 10Ks for the summer, with the occasional 10 mile (Run thru Hell, and/or Crim).  Then back at the half-marathons again in the fall.  Not sure which ones I'll hit there yet.  Maybe a destination race.  It's been awhile since I've traveled for a race.  (December 2011 Las Vegas was the last I think).  Any recommendations?  It must be less than 65 degrees for me to consider it.  :)  High 40s to low 50s preferred. 

Well, I guess I better stop typing and start running.  Easy 4 miler on the schedule tonight, plus the strength video that I skipped last night due to picking up a shift at work.  Hitting the mill, since it's cold and wet and dark out there, and I'm not really in the mood for that.  I have to at least get the run done before midnight so it shows up on the right day on my training log.  Otherwise it will look like I ran twice on Monday, instead of one Sunday and one Monday.  Silly, the things I worry about.

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  1. Great job sticking to your plan so well! Wish I could be as dedicated as you. Regardless, I plan to be ready for Rock CF too!


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