Saturday, January 19, 2013

Run it Out?

This week has been a rough one on me running wise.  I juggled my schedule around so I could do my long run on Friday morning instead of on Saturday morning, because I work this weekend.  I have been going to the 501 group long run Saturday mornings after work on the weeks that I work Friday night (usually one per month), but it is painful.  It's painful even if I have a good night at work, just from the stress of rushing to get out on time.  (I get off shift at 0700, if I'm not behind, which is rare.  The group run starts at 0745, and I have to change clothes, walk allll the way out to the parking garage, and then drive there, park, and walk the 2 blocks to the store).  So, I've decided that I'm going to request Thursday nights off on my work weekends, so I can run Friday morning instead.  I'm not in the habit of running my long runs alone, so I begged Katie to run with me, since I know she tends to run long on Fridays, and I *thought* we were generally around the same pace.  However, after I asked and she agreed, she posted an 8 mile run at a super fast pace, and I got scared!  I wanted to make sure I was well-rested to give myself half a chance at keeping up, so I arranged my schedule so my interval workout was three days prior, and I had two non-running days to recover before the long run.  Good thing, because the Tuesday workout killed me.  I was supposed to do this:

"10 to 15 minute Warm-Up + Cruise Interval Workout: 6 to 8 times 800 meters with 200 meter recovery jog between plus 3 x 200m with 200m recovery jog + 10 to 15 minute Cool-down"

This is from the half marathon training program I purchased from mcmillan running.  I have been very careful about my paces for all of my scheduled runs.  I use the running calculator at, and put in my goal half marathon time (1:58:49) as an actual recent time (even though it isn't an actual recent race time!), and then make sure that I'm hitting the training paces that the calculator came up with for each type of workout (tempo pace, 5k pace, 800m pace, etc).  So far, I had been able to hit all of them, which was super encouraging (and surprising).  Well that stopped Tuesday.  

Sort of.

I thought I had failed at my workout, because I wasn't able to maintain the paces.  But it turns out I made a major mistake.  I took my goal pace from the 800 m "Speed" section of the calculator, instead of the 800m "Cruise Interval" section of the calculator.  That's 3:45 vs 4:06.  Kind of a big difference.  Also, I didn't read the workout comments until after the run, which were as follows:

"See McMillan Running Calculator for training paces. The goal is to fatigue yourself with the duration of this workout not the speed. The pace should be moderately hard and it is more important to get faster with each repeat than to run fast in the first few and slow for the final few. You can do this workout as a fartlek run if you don't have a measured course or track available. Run 6 to 8 times 4 minutes at a medium-hard effort with 90 seconds recovery jog between followed by 3 times 1 minute at a harder effort with 90 seconds recovery jog between. NOTE: Tyacie, I know you enjoy 800's, so you should feel right at home on this one. These types of workouts will help to increase your lactate threshold tolerance so you run longer and faster before feeling overly fatigued. Make sure to keep the effort steady and be careful not to run too fast. "

Crap.  Can I get a do-over??

Here's what the run looked like.  I did it on the mill, and the data is from my footpod, so it's not exactly perfect, but you get the trend:

The wheels started falling off in the 6th repeat, and then they fell completely off in the 8th.  What you don't see the eighth?  Yeah, it was short.  The 200s at the end were fun though.  I'm happy that I stuck with the workout and finished my planned distance.  I just wish I would chosen my paces better, and read the workout goals in advance.  Live and learn. 
Anyway, my ham-ass was really sore after that workout.  So I completely skipped a workout video on Wednesday.  I figured Spinning on Thursday would help it, but it actually made it worse, because I went to Jocie's class and she is pretty tough.  We did a lot of "out of the saddle" riding, and my ham-ass didn't like it.

So when Friday morning with Katie rolled around I was nervous that I would suck.  But I tend to do well under pressure, and this was no exception!  We killed it.  Third week in a row that I've been thrilled with my long run pace.  12 miles in 1:51:33.  9:18 pace.  (By myself, I run like a 10:10-10:45 long run).

You know, I keep talking about how I want to go sub 2 hrs at the Rock CF half, and how I'm not sure if I can do it.  And of course my "real" goal, is to PR, which is 1:58:49.  But I haven't been thinking about my "current" half PR.  My "current" half PR, from this episode of running, is 2:02:45 at the Detroit Half in 2011.  That's 9:23 pace.  I got that in the bag.  So even if I don't get an all-time PR and beat my 2006 1:58:49 from before I quit running for multiple years, I can still walk away with an achievement.  But honestly, it's looking good for me (and Katie!) for going sub 2:00 this spring.

Still, despite the good pace, the run wasn't so hot.  I enjoyed the great company of course, but I ended up with some terrible GI distress at the end and spent the last 2 miles trying not to crap my pants.  (Mission achieved, thank god).  It's been awhile since I've had stomach problems.   I made a pit stop in the Kroger bathroom after we were done and before I drove back to A2.  I used their facilities, hit up some free samples (donut pieces and cheese and crackers!), didn't buy anything, and left.   I didn't stretch after the run, sat in the car for the 45 minute drive home, and then went to bed pretty soon after.  Bad plan.  I woke up with major pain outside my right knee, which is new to me.  I guess it's IT band?  I don't know.  It was still hurting pretty bad after work last night, and I really wanted to stretch it out, but didn't feel like it would loosen up unless I ran on it.  Yes, that's right, I use running to cure my running injuries.  Run it out.  It was pretty rough for the first mile or two, but it did eventually loosen up.  (I did a stride workout on the mill.  I love stride workouts.  Outside or on the mill, they rock).
So fun!  The speed sections are so short that you could just do it all damn day.   
I stretched out really well and foam rolled after.  I never foam roll.  So you know I mean business.  Then I took 3 ibuprofen, so here's hoping.  Tomorrow/tonight is a workout video, then I have an easy run the next day, so hopefully that will be enough to patch it up.  Maybe it was some kind of compensatory injury because I was favoring my sore ham-ass subconsciously on Friday?  Who knows.

All I know is that this week was full of aches and pains, and I wasn't a fan of it! 

I didn't forget about the weight followup posts I promised the other day.  Those take a while to write though, so I'll do it when I have more time.  I'm already up past my bedtime, as usual.  For now, suffice it to say that I have decided against Weight Watchers for the time being.

Good night! 


  1. I think you got this. You ran almost as fast as you need to go, almost as far as you need to go, over 2 months before the race!

  2. I agree with Josh. You got this. Keep up the pace and sub two will feel easy. Plus you always go faster in races and Rock CF is flat.

  3. Just posted on intervals as well. This is a lot of them! and it's hard as hell to run faster on the treadmill, I find.


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