Saturday, January 26, 2013

Screw the Snow

Running in the snow is hard.  So much harder than running on dry pavement.  Today I went to the 501 group run, with a 14 miler planned.  I put on my Yak Trax and drove downtown, scoping out the sidewalks on the way.  They actually looked pretty good, so I took off the YTs in the car and headed out alone on a 4 miler prior to the start of the group run.  I ran through campus and downtown and the streets and sidewalks were like 75% good.

Then I met the group for my remaining 10 miles at the Running Fit store, Yak Trax still back in my car.  Turns out coach's loops took us through some less maintained areas, and I probably would have been way better off with the YTs on.  I always choose poorly.  I kinda wish I just would have run alone from home, because North Campus and all the main sidewalks are perfectly cleared.  I hate slipping around.  It wastes so much energy and I always end up really sore after.

When I saw how bad it was on the routes we were running, I doubted I would make the full 14 miles.   I usually give myself a 1-2 miles pass on snowy days, since it usually takes longer to run the same miles anyway.   Through some miracle, though, I made it through all 14 miles, even though stopping at 12 would have been so much easier, since I had to add on a 2 mile loop to make the 14.  It went pretty fast, because I had it broken up in chunks.  I did 4 miles by myself before the group arrived, then the "mandatory" 2 mile warmup loop (snowy, yuck) with the group, then a 6 mile loop with Rachelle (not as snowy as the 2 mile loop, but pretty bad on some of it), then a 2 mile loop with Natasha (on campus, so clear, thank goodness).  4 + 2 + 6 + 2 = 14.  I think.  ;)

Kinda all over! 
Averaged 10:20 per mile, which I'm happy with for 14 miles on lots of snow.  The last 2 mile loop was more like 9:40 (it was dry).

I'm going to go ahead and order some sheet metal screws so I can make a pair of screw shoes.  I'm not a huge fan of the yak trax, which is why I'm reluctant to wear them unless they're going to be obviously needed for the majority of the route.  From what I've read, it sounds like screw-shoes are better on the areas of dry pavement, and on ice, while the Yak Trax are better on actual loose snow.  I think either one is probably fine on the packed stuff.  Just google "screw shoes" to find out how to make your own.  Looks pretty easy.  Here's one site that covers the how-to:, or click the photo to the right for another good tutorial.

I'll take pictures when I'm done.  Speaking of pictures, Coach Gina took a few today, so when she uploads those I'll share them too.  Yay pictures.  Hopefully not with snot running down my face or anything.  That wouldn't be cool.


  1. Good run Ty!

    Lemme know how those shoes turn out. I have Yaktrax, but this could let me put an old pair of shoes to good use. :)

  2. I wear a brand, but i forget what they are, but they were recomended by Running Fit and I love them. The hard part is that when I wear them, it makes it harder to run on clear pavement, so they work best when it's all packed snow versus a mix of snow and cement.


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