Friday, February 8, 2013

Brain Dump

First off, I have a favor to ask of you.  I entered a contest to win free entry to the Kona Triple Crown Race Series from Renewal by Andersen of Detroit.  Each "like" my photo gets earns me one entry into the raffle.  The winner gets free entry to the 3-race series, but they also get another 3 races to give to a friend!  If I'm lucky enough to be drawn as the winner, I'm planning to host a contest on my blog to give away the friend entry.  We can all win.  :)  (The races are the Shamrock&Roll , Kona Run, and Wicked Halloween Run).  So can you take a second to help me out?  Just click the photo below and then "like" it on facebook.  That's it!

(Contest ends 2/11/13)

No, I'm not above using my blog to self-promote and give me a better chance at winning.  :P I'm a whore like that.  If my blog actually had more than 3 readers this might be a more useful strategy.  Haha, actually I'm in the lead right now! (But it's a raffle, so 'each like = another entry', not 'most likes = wins prize').  

Moving on.  Next topic.  

Four days in a row at work always kills me.  (I know, you work 5 in a row every week.  I don't care, I'm going to complain anyway.)  This week was kind of a drag.  My first night on, my patient slapped me in the face on my first interaction with him, and managed to scratch my eye with his fingernail in the process.  Don't ask me why.  My second night, one of my patients was awesome, the other one was basically impossible to work with.  My third night, I found that my awesome patient from the previous night was now on droplet precautions for a contagious condition that we didn't know about the night I took care of him.  Great.  My fourth night I felt like crap all night, probably related to said awesome contagious patient.  Yay.

I knew something was off last night when I went spinning.  I had the worst spinning class ever.  My watts were record-breakingly low (128! eek!).  I had to keep dropping the gears the second half of the class or I would have had to get off the bike and quit completely.  This was unfortunate, because I really needed to burn some calories, after a run in with some cookie dough after work my third night.  (and again this morning, but that hadn't happened yet at that point).

For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to  make a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and freeze the dough in balls so I could bake them "one or two at a time".  Ha.  I should know better. 
It's all a shame, because I've been doing great cooking my own meals and eating healthy.  Lots of fruit and vegetables and not much eating out.
This took like literally 10 minutes to make.  Black beans, brown rice, mixed stir-fry vegetables (steamed in the bag in the microwave), and a diluted General Tso's stir fry sauce from Trader Joe's.  
Back at it now, damnit.  Less weight = faster Ty this spring.  Wouldn't that be great??  Speaking of fast, my new shoes are pretty pimp.  For now, they're just treadmill shoes, since they're nice and clean and shiny, and I don't want to ruin them in the snow.  I have a feeling that they'll be carrying me to some fast 5K and 10K times in the next few months.  They're not quite as supportive as I'm used to, and a little thin under the balls of my feet, so I probably won't be wearing them for long runs, but they're awesome on the treadmill, and should be good for my interval and tempo runs and track workouts.

As for tempo runs, I'm proud of myself for actually successfully completing my target tempo workout this week, BY MYSELF, not running with somebody fast and trying not to embarrass myself.  Goal was 7 miles: 1.5 mile warmup, 2 - 4 miles @ 8:27-8:41, 1.5 mile cooldown.  I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to do it.  So I put on all my favorite running clothes to help psych myself up.
Fast clothes!   I was almost perfectly dressed for the 31 degree temps (not too hot, not too cold), except I opted to not wear gloves, and my hands froze.  I should have brought them and carried them after the first mile when my hands get hot.  Without them though my hands never got warm at all and it was kind of painful.  
And then I did it!!  I even made it 4 miles even though my schedule said I could stop at 2.  Here are my splits.

At first glance you might see that 5:20 pace and be amazed.   Don't be.  Look at the distance for that row first.  :P
I was pretty happy, until I found out some other runner/blogger who used to be the same pace as me, ran a whole 13.1 miles by herself at my 4 mile tempo pace! I won't name names.  (*cough*cookies*cough*).  I'm so jealous!  And no longer so impressed with my measly little 4 mile tempo run!  Oh well.  I guess I'll just have to work harder.  ;)  When I got back from my run, the dogs were uber hyper, so we had to have a little play date in the back yard:

Sorry for being a horrible videographer. 

Anyway, my pace may not be improving a ton, but my mileage is looking good for this year.  I'm already at 153.8 miles.  123.4 miles in January is my best January on record.  And I have a 16 miler on the schedule for tomorrow, which will put me at 33 miles this week.  Not bad for half marathon training.  Woot.

Race news:  this week I registered for the Ice Cube Half Marathon in Mount Pleasant, which is next Saturday.  Practice makes perfect right?!  I also got invited to be on a relay team this summer at the Great Lakes Relay, here in Michigan.  I said yes and was super excited, but now I'm kind of nervous.  I talked to someone at work who has done it before.  He said it was awesome and that he loved it, but it seems to me like most of the other runners/teams are way more "legit" than me.  I don't want to make a fool of myself.  I'll probably get lost.  Plus it's probably going to be really hot.  And you have to run through water.  I don't want to run through water.

I said I would do it though, so we'll see.  I'll hope for the best.  The same guy that did the GLR showed me a nice trail here in Ann Arbor that I didn't know about, and it's close to my house!  Like, close enough that I don't have to drive!  I can't believe I didn't know about it.  I probably won't run it until the snow clears, but I'm excited anyway.

I realized the other day that I don't have ANY socks that cover my ankles, except the storm socks that I bought at Groundhog.  So I got some.  I haven't tried them yet, but they seem nice.

There, that's it for all the odds & ends that were on my mind to blog about.  :)

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  1. Yay! Hope you win 'cause I hope you win and 'cause I'm one of your 3 readers, so I figure to have a good chance of winning from you. :P


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