Friday, February 1, 2013

Groundhog Eve

Well we're here!  Living it up in the JW Marriot in Grand Rapids.  This race is going to be...interesting.  There is already a good 4 or 5 inches down here, and the same amount (additional) expected tonight.  I don't think Yaktrax or screw shoes are going to make that much difference in that!  Still, I'm waffling about which to wear.  At the packet pickup they had snow shoes to rent for $20!

I'm not brave enough to try something like this though.  Though they were surprisingly light, they'd still be dreadfully heavy to "run" in for 3 hours without being used to them.  I say "run" because I'm pretty sure this race is going to be more of a slog or a shuffle than a run!  (Hence the 3 hr time estimate vs. 2!)

We got lost on the way to packet pickup.  I put the address from the website into my GPS and it took us past the pickup location to the middle of nowhere.  It wasn't until I opened up the pdf map on the website from my phone that I was able to see the pickup location.  And when we got there, it wasn't clear where we were supposed to go in.  (I wasn't even sure if it was in the tent or in the trailer/building across the driveway).
That's Jeff, trying his luck at finding an entrance into the tent.  
It was pretty cold and windy today, but it looks like it should be a little better tomorrow.  They had it nice and toasty in the tent though!
The race schwag was pretty pimp.  Everything you'd need for the cold!  Aquaphor ointment (like vaseline) which I'm carrying with me tomorrow, a Merrell version of a Buff, and an awesome sweatshirt.  I'm excited for the medal tomorrow too.  

There was a 6:30 pm Moonlight 1/6th Marathon (1 loop) tonight.  I kind of wish we would have signed up for that too.  If we had, we would've gotten a beanie too!  Then again, it was really effing cold walking out for dinner tonight, so maybe it's better that we didn't.  

Dinner was terrible.  We went to Mojo's Dueling Piano Bar, but we got there at like 5:45pm, and were the only people in the place.  Apparently, the pianos don't start until like 8pm.  I didn't mind too much, I was only interested in eating, not the pianos, but the food was terrible.  Like, really terrible.  I got a chicken salad that was worse than a salad from McDonald's.  It had like freezer burnt chicken nuggets or something on it.  I tried Jeff's pasta and it was pretty blah too.  Kind of a downer.  There were plenty of restaurants and bars around, and I'm sure most of them would have been good.  

Don't go here for food.  Ew.  I'm sure it's fun at night, but I should have looked into reviews first!  I feel like I wasted an opportunity for some good food tonight.  
I felt obligated to make up for the poor dinner with a good dessert.  Luckily, there was a Kilwin's chocolate shop around the corner, so we went there next.  
I was excited to get back to the hotel.  Our room is really nice, and it was really cold walking around outside, and I was mad that dinner sucked.
Me, freezing in front of the hotel.  (Actually taken before dinner).  
Skating rink downtown. 
This was the view from our floor (17th) down to the restaurant in the lobby.  It kinda made me dizzy!  I also learned today that Jeff is afraid of heights.  I didn't know that.  He wouldn't go up to the edge to look.  Then when he finally did, he kept is feet back really far away and kinda just inched his head forward just enough to see.  It was only for a second so I couldn't get a picture.  I asked him to do it again so I could get a picture (it was hilarious!) but wouldn't go near it again.  Haha! 
Back at the hotel, we made up for the shitty dinner and the cold, by eating chocolate in the bathtub.  No joke.  The poor housekeeper is probably going to think that those are not bits of chocolate remaining in the bathtub....

Coffee, chocolate, bathtub.  There used to be bubbles and people in there.  I wanted to take Jeff's picture in there but he wouldn't let me! 
I've never stayed at a hotel that provided robes, so I had to take advantage of that too.  
All that's left now is laying out the race day equipment, getting a good night's sleep, and preparing to get my ass kicked tomorrow!  Wish me luck!


  1. Just think. Rock CF is going to feel easy sub 2. Ha. Have a great time.

  2. Enjoy yourself! You are a bit crazy. Grand Rapids is a nice town though, and cool hoody.


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