Saturday, February 9, 2013

I am a Winter Runner

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16 miles on the schedule today.  Run and done!  Pretty uneventful run today.  I was planning on doing 4 miles by myself early, and then 12 miles with the Running Fit group, but I got a late start, for no good reason, and only had time to do 2 miles in advance.  Then I did 12 w/ the group, and had to do another 2 at the end (I did the same 2 from the morning, in reverse, back to my car).

This photo is actually from the Saturday run 2 weeks ago.   
The run today was definitely a screw shoes run, because there was lots of patchy ice and packed snow. My pace wasn't anything special, I averaged 10:37 per mile, which is about the pace I would usually do if I was running long by myself.

One thing I realized this morning, is that I will NEVER do another fall marathon.  I am a winter runner.  It was 1 degree this morning when I started running, not counting windchill.  I think it was -4 with windchill.  It warmed up to like 15 or something by the time I was done.  One of the girls I ran with looked like Lady Gaga or something because her eyelashes were completely frozen and white!  It was so cool!  Somebody took a pic, so if they share it I'll show you.  It was awesome.  I died running the long runs in the summer prepping for Detroit last year.  Today was easy.  I felt fine.  If it weren't for my stupid right leg I could have gone all damn day.  So, my next marathon, when I do one, will be a spring marathon.  They all will be.

My right ham-ass, outside of my right knee, and inside of my right lower calf were all bothering me by the end of this run.  Then, when I was done and had cooled down and stiffened up a bit, I noticed that once again, my left quad was really sore and my right quad wasn't.  So I'm probably altering my gait and taking it easy on my right leg because of the "pain" subconsciously.  I tried to look and feel if I was unbalanced or asymmetrical in my form a few times, and I couldn't tell that I was.  Rargh.  I'm sick of being hamstrung by my ham-ass.  It's not bad, but it definitely holds me back from pushing my pace or my mileage as far as I'd like to now and then.

Jeff brought me home a free treat (that I asked for) to help with running when it's really windy:

Don't mind my hair.  This was post run but pre shower.  
They're clear safety glasses, that are basically built like sport sunglasses shape.  Sometimes you need eye protection when it's cold and really windy.  Normally I use my sunglasses, but I run in the dark a lot, or sometimes it's cloudy, so the clear ones will be nice for those days!  They weren't necessary today because it was a calm day.  Plus it was sunny, so I wore my sunglasses sometimes.

In other news, I have an online shopping problem.

Actually this isn't really news.  It's been a problem for a while.  I buy so much stuff online that by the time it gets here I forget what it even was.  In this case, most of that was supporting my other new but old problem.  Coffee.  I had quit for a while, and then was kind of intermittently drinking it, but now I'm back on it in a bad way.  And now I have my own little coffee shop heaven in my kitchen.  Yum.

Oh, and FINALLY those damn cookies are gone.  I ate way too many again today.  I thought 10 on the first day was bad.  Yeah, that ended up being the best day.  It was downhill from there.  Today I did the worst thing possible and just ate them until they were gone so I wouldn't have to deal with them another day.  I would have just thrown them away, but Jeff wouldn't let me.  So I baked them, and Jeff had a whopping 3 cookies.  Bastard.

Now I have until Wednesday to make up for 3 days like that so I don't see a gain on the scale.  Probably won't be able to pull it off.  This is why I hate thinking about my weight.  It always leads to binge/restriction cycles like this.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  I want to get down to at least 145 for Rock CF,  but I'm not going to get there acting like this!  Live and learn.  I apparently can't have cookie dough in the house.  Same with Nutella and Oreos.


  1. I use Tifosi Tryrants with interchangeable lens. A great feature for night running and I agree it it makes for a better run at night.

  2. Ah, the K-cups. You really do have to shop around, and you can get them for under 50 cents a package, but often they are priced for nearly a dollar a package.


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