Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Tri for Ty

First, a running update.  Since the half last Sunday, I have now run twice.  Thursday I did 3 miles which involved several walk breaks.  I would start walking anytime my knee started hurting too bad.  My plan was, as long as I wasn't too sore, to stick with every other day runs going forward, incorporating walk breaks as needed.  Today I went to the 501 group run with the plan of doing 3-6 miles, depending on how it felt.  I took some Aleve before I went, and put on some KT tape.  It ended up feeling really good.  Not perfect, but SO MUCH BETTER than before the half, and than my 3 miler two days ago.  I didn't even need walk breaks!  

I took this on my computer, so it's a mirror image.  It says 6.00, 9:45 average pace. 

Since I'm sticking with every other day runs, that was my last run for the depressing month of March.  February was a little lower than planned too, because I had some rest days at the very start of this injury in the middle of the month.  Sigh.  Oh well, on the up and up again now I think!


Many of you that follow me on Twitter, or that know me personally and are friends with me on facebook, know that yesterday, this happened:

I won a free entry to my choice of Martian races!!  Thanks to Refuel With Chocolate Milk!  Woo-hooo!    As of yesterday, I was thinking the 10K would be the smartest option (and that's probably still the case), but since today's run went so well, I'm thinking I should go for the half.  Next week's run plan is 3 mi, 5 mi, 10 mi.  (Monday, Wednesday, Friday), and if I can pull that off I think I'll be good with 4 mi, 6 mi, 13.1 at Martian the following week.  I promise I'll take it easy and run/walk and not care about my time.  Pinky swear.  

Again, many of you know this already too, but I did something crazy yesterday, somewhat spur of the moment:  

I registered for my first triathlon yesterday morning!  Just a little one, so I'm not too worried about training for the distances.  I'm sure I could cover that fine tomorrow if I wanted to.  But the chaos of the transitions and such at a triathlon are what really worry me.  So this will be a good way to bite the bullet, see what it's all about, and determine if it's something I want to continue doing in the future.  This particular race has been recommended to me by 2 ladies as a great first triathlon.  The swim is short, is an individual ("time trial"?) start, and it is a ladies' only race.  All things that bode well for the first-timer!

I will say that the triathletes I know are generally better athletes in general than the runners I know.  Many of them are better runners than strictly "runners" too.  Who knows, maybe one day I can claim the coveted "Ironman" title.  Wouldn't that be crazy awesome?  I'm not saying it's a goal.  I'm just saying it's an awesome thing to accomplish and I really admire those who have done it.

Now I just need to get my bike fixed and get on it.  And figure out WTF to wear to a triathlon.  Not looking forward to going out in public in sports bra + bike shorts or a wetsuit or really any of the triathlon options.  I won't lie, clothing options are another reason you haven't yet seen Ty trying a tri!

I put a lot of triathlon training things on my calendar.  Running Fit puts on an expo, a clinic, and a series of classes.  And of course there's the Ann Arbor Triathlon club.  I'll have to trek out somewhere for a couple open water swims in the summer too I guess.  Hopefully with all of that I'll know what to expect by the time July rolls around!

Wish me luck!  Any triathlon experts want to share some tips?


  1. Wow! So much good news! You are on the mend, winning entry into what sounds like a really cool race and branching out into the insanity that is triathlon. I can't wait to read about your training and your first tri. And it is totally okay to pull a skirt on over your bike shorts for the run, especially at a women's only race. Good luck!

  2. Yay for the triathlon! I'm sort of looking at doing a tri and yeah, what to wear...almost worse than prom!


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