Thursday, March 28, 2013


I couldn't sleep past 2:30pm today (yesterday).  I went to bed at 10am, so I had been planning on waking up at 6pm.  Fail.  I don't know about you, but 4.5 hours isn't enough sleep for me.  I decided instead of wasting more time trying to fall asleep, I would get up and work out, and then nap later before work.  I think it was probably close to 3:30 or 4pm when I actually gave up and got out of bed.

The first thing I did was my Pilates for Runners DVD, 55 minutes.  I really like it.  It's challenging enough that I have to modify a couple of the moves (room for improvement!) but not so tough that I don't want to do it all.  I like that there is some good hip strengthening and lunges in there too, not all abdominal/mat work.  I hate core exercises.  Yes, even planks.  They all suck.  Necessary evil I guess.

After that I had planned on going to the gym and hitting the elliptical for a bit and then going to the pool to practice all the stuff I worked on with my swim instructor last night.  But, the weather looked so perfect!  I decided to try to run again, even though I told myself I'd wait 48 hrs after yesterdays failed/painful attempt.  It was shorts and long-sleeved tech tee weather, which is my favorite.  When I started running, I was feeling my knee immediately, though not as bad yesterday, because today running through it was possible.  After about a half mile, I considered turning back, because I didn't want to make my knee worse.  But I instead tried walking, to see if that would settle it down.  It did!  I ended up doing an alternating walk/run, running until the pain escalated, and then walking for a bit to give it a break.   I'll take it.  3 miles done.  Average pace was actually 10:10, which is probably about what I'd do if I ran the whole thing anyway.  Maybe I should try that strategy at my next race.  I see people doing it all the time.

Then it was off to the NCRB to swim.  It was exhausting without the pull buoy between my legs!  I needed to take a lot of breaks.   I knew I was getting spoiled by the lack of kicking last week.  There was a really good swimmer in the lane next to me and it made me really want to get better so I could look like him.  (Not physically, but just with the pretty form and speed, you know?)  Meanwhile, I sputtered along.  I was in the pool 45 minutes, but I only logged it as 30 minutes since I spent so much time catching my breath at the ends of the lane!  I'm feeling my back and my arms with the form changes I made yesterday and today.  Maybe I'll have a ripped back and shoulders like a real swimmer soon.  :P

By the time I showered and got out of there it was 8pm, and I still had to eat dinner.  I started getting tired and realized I forgot to nap.  No time at that point (I would have to wake up by 9:30 at the latest).  Oops.  I guess insomnia is good for my workout schedule at least.  Good thing, since being tired always means I eat too much.  Although, having done pilates, swimming, and running today, I'm not sure what I will do tomorrow.  Swim practice and some kind of workout video I guess.  It feels great to not be on a "nothing that involves bending my knee" restriction anymore.  Last week was really hard.   Hopefully it keeps improving and I don't lose ground by doing all this stuff.  I wonder how good my knee would be right now if I hadn't undone all my rest and healing by busting out that half on Sunday.  I bet it would be like perfect and I could ramp up slowly pain free.  Oh well.  My next run will be Saturday morning ("Friday night" on my schedule).  I'm going to go to the group run and try to get 6 miles in, but I'll settle for less if it's too painful.  I'll walk/run if I need to.

Work was slow and I was grouchy and tired and ate 950 calories worth of cookies instead of a real meal.  And some grapes.  I'm such a healthy eater.  I knew I was going to do that though.  I always do when I'm tired.  My knee was doing a little of that burning/stinging thing at work tonight.  This is the first day that's happened since before the half.  I don't like it.

Technically I might be at work right now.  I figured I should finish this up so I can go home and go straight to bed.  Although, my luck, I'll be wide awake when I get home.  The crappy old burnt coffee I just drank probably didn't help.  Happy Wednesday.  Or Thursday.  Or whatever day you want to call it. 

I'm not exactly sure when or why I started treating this blog like a daily diary and play by play of my life.  Sorry about that.  Ooh, I just remembered that I want to buy a new pair of running shoes.  My 2170s are getting up there in mileage and I've decided I don't like my 2000s.  They make my knee hurt more.  Off to to order some more 2170s.  Yay for new shoes.  Boo for spending a lot of money.  OH NOES.  Apparently the 2170s are discontinued.  FML.

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  1. This post sounds like you were half asleep,... LOL.

    Its all good. We've all had days like this. Catch up on rest. Tomorrow, or today, is another day :)


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