Tuesday, April 2, 2013

1st & 15th Weigh Ins : 4/1/13

This looks like it's a day late, but it isn't.  It's still yesterday for me.

New row added at the bottom for today's weigh-in.  I'm absolutely thrilled with that.  My eating was terrible over the past two weeks.  I expected much worse.  I'm still not used to seeing anything less than 150 though, so 148 is still a win.  Hopefully I can get out of this sugar rut soon.  Here's my diet calendar over the past 2 weeks or so.  Pretty terrible, I know.  Even the calories don't look that terrible, but when you click the days and see what I actually ate, you'll see that it's 90% crap.  Like today: 2.5 twinkies (at the twinkie run), a bowl of Zoup! tomato basil soup with french bread, a Kroger personal frozen pizza, cottage cheese, 2 clementines, and 2 slices of chocolate cream pie.  FYI, unless I ask you for it specifically, I'd prefer if you don't provide diet/food/nutrition advice.  Thanks in advance.  Except recipes.  Recipes are always welcome, though I rarely cook, so they might not ever get made.  (Also I don't eat mammals, and I don't cook with any meat at all. )

The body measurements in the table are all wonky.  Some things grew and some things shrank.  I'm sure I'm just not taking the measurements consistently (ie pulling the tape too tight or not tight enough, measuring at a slightly different level, etc.) So whatever.

Coming soon....April Fool's Twinkie Run recap.

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  1. So I guess that the no mammals on the menu and the no cooking with meat puts the double whammy on the grilled Nutria recipe I was going to send you?


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