Thursday, April 11, 2013

#10 of 13 : Detroit Women's Half Marathon

Apparently this 13 x 13.1 in '13 thing was meant to be.  On the heels of winning a free entry to the Martian half from Refuel with Chocolate Milk, yesterday I just one a free entry into the Detroit Women's Half Marathon from Epic Races at the Ann Arbor Triathlon Club kickoff meeting!!  This is the best year ever.   
Inaugural event, September 22, 2013!
I have $60 in race vouchers from Running Fit as well, from volunteering at races (technically I have $30 now, but I'll get another $30 after this weekend at the Martian expo), so I should be able to do the Hippie Half at Run Woodstock in September for free as well, using those vouchers.  For those of you that were wondering how I was paying for 13 half marathons in 2013, I guess this is your answer ;).

As for how the 13 x 13.1 in '13 came about....I don't really have a good story.   I love racing (more than training!) and was planning on doing a lot of races this year for fun, to mentally recover from marathon training this past summer and fall.  I really missed racing halfs and shorter events on the weekends when I was in marathon training.  As it stood, I had already completed 2 half marathons by the end of February, with a 3rd planned in March, before I had ever considered doing 13 in 2013.  I had a friend going 1 half marathon a month this year, and another blogger I read was doing a 13 in '13 challenge, and I thought it seemed like a fun idea!  Adding on a few more for the year didn't seem like that big of a deal.   :)
My knee is feeling great and my race list is shaping up nicely.  (My ham-ass is another story, but I'm used to that, and I can make it go away just by running slower.)  There are still a few races TBD, and I'm not committed or registered to Borgess, but overall the list is pretty well planned out.  I have some backups I could do if I decide against Borgess.  Here's the list so far (copied from the "Races" tab at the top of my blog):

Upcoming Races: (bolded dates are part of my 13 x 13.1 in '13)
Past Races:
    I'm actually hoping to win a race entry to Borgess as well, from Refuel with Chocolate Milk again.  I guess that's a little optimistic though, isn't it?  The way my luck has been going though, it's possible!  I'm on a roll!     

    Here is how a conversation with a friend went at the AA Tri Club Kickoff last night:

    Speaker: "Next, we have a free entry to the Detroit Women's Half Marathon from Epic Races"
    Me: "Oooh, I could really use that.  13 half marathons are expensive!!"
    R: "Yeah, but do you really want to run 2 loops around Belle Isle?"
    Me: "Sure. Doubly so if it's free!"
    Speaker: {struggles with pronunciation of my full name} "The winner is Ty".
    R:  "Unbelievable."
    Me: "wooo hoooo!!"

    Looks like the 13 x 13.1 in '13 was meant to be.  New medal rack, here I come.
    Holding off on ordering this from Allied Medal Displays until I actually finish the challenge though! 
    The only bad news is that I will probably retain my Brooksie virginity yet again this year (I never seem to be able to do it due to schedule conflicts).  I had originally been debating between the Detroit Women's and the Brooksie for #10, and settled on the Brooksie mostly because it comes so highly recommended, and because so many of my runner buddies are doing it this year.  On the other hand, I really wasn't super excited about the Brooksie hills.  :)  Detroit Women's had the cool women's only thing going for it....I have never done one but have heard great things about other women's only halfs across the country (not by the same organizers, but still).  It looks like they have a 501 training partnership, so hopefully a lot of my 501 peeps will be coming out for it.  I know a lot of people shy away from doing inaugural races, to let them iron out the kinks first, but I was kind of interested in being at a new race!   I am a little wary of Belle Isle, because every time I've run there it hasn't been that great, but that's not the island's fault!  (The first time was mile 19-22 of the Detroit Marathon in 2012, and the second time was at the New Years Eve 5K, which you may remember I hated).  Ultimately, if I really wanted to, I could do both races, I'd just have to take it easy at one or both.  We'll see what happens until then, and if I need a "make-up" race to get to 13.

    All in all, I'm super excited about Detroit Women's!  Thanks for the free entry Epic Races and Ann Arbor Triathlon Club!

    {Also, I like pink.  Seems weird for my personality, but I do.}


    1. I was going to boo you, but since you won a contest, that's ok. :)

      Hope to see ya Saturday!

    2. Two loops or Brooksie. Easy decision but free is free. Brooksie will be there next year but you are missing out!

    3. You and I have different taste in race courses Jeff. I don't mind out & backs, loops, or "boring". I almost did the "Last Chance for Boston" this year, which is a 1 mile loop, repeated 13 or 26 times!

    4. Congratulations! That is so great that you got a free half. Or actually two free so far this year.

    5. That is awesome! Perhaps you should play the lottery too!


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