Saturday, April 6, 2013


My new nose hoop came the other day.  I've decided I should wear it to races to increase my badassery and make me go faster.  I practiced yesterday on my long run with Andrea.  

Pre-run photos.  Take 1 and Take2.  

I was concerned there would be snot issues with a nose hoop while running, but it was fine.  Maybe it would be an issue in the wintertime.  It did make me go fast though!  Andrea and I averaged 9:44 for our 10 mile run.  Considering that this is my first double digit training run since February 22nd,  I'll take that!  I did do the Rock CF half 2 weeks ago, obviously, but that was 9:59 average pace.  More importantly, the pace on yesterday's run felt fine.  I was able to talk and it didn't feel uncomfortable at all.  It gives me hope that Martian may be back to my "normal" time of 2:05 ish.  Coming back has been easier than I thought it would be.  Maybe a sub 2:00 will happen this year after all.  Cleveland on May 19th?  

The run was awesome.  The weather was perfect, sunny and like 55 degrees I think.  I had planned on going 10 miles by myself since I worked last night and wouldn't be able to make the 501 Saturday morning run.  But I got lucky and found a run buddy thanks to Twitter and @ajbgillespie!  I have never gotten anybody to run a longer run with me in the evening.  It was really nice to not have to muck up my sleep schedule to make it to a group run.  Hopefully we can do it again sometime! 

Here are the pace and elevation data:     

 And here's the post-run sweaty photo, in which you can hopefully see my badass nose hoop a little bit. If you squint.
Normally I would smile, but that would detract from the badassness.  Duh.  :P
The run was like 1:37 and then I had to spend about 1 hr doing my "home PT" and stretching.  It takes FOREVER, but it is really making a difference.  My knee is doing great.  My ham-ass has actually been bugging me more than my knee.  I basically just walk the line with my knee.  Tear it up with each run and then do a good job of strengthening, resting and letting it recover before the next one.

Good thing I'm only running three days a week or all this stuff would get really old!  I am actually loving the 3 per week runs.  It's letting me put in a better effort at each run, and make each one really count.  Plus I'm enjoying the variety of swimming, yoga, pilates, and barre.  I need to figure out where to work spinning back in.  I have 7 rides left on my card at RydeOn! that I have to use by June.  I've been a litte afraid to add that back since the last time I went spinning it really hurt my knee.  I'm not so worried about it hurting anymore, but I am concerned that it basically makes a 4th day a week of knee strain.  I'll give it a shot I guess.  The other tough thing is that the days that would work best for me to spin (or do any classes really) are Saturday and Sunday evenings, but all the studios only do morning and early afternoon classes on the weekends.  Night shift fail.  Oh well.  I'll work it out.

This week was pretty solid workout week, speaking of badassery.  Here's a screenshot of Sunday through Saturday:

Today's swim I did 17 laps (850 yards) freestyle, continuously.  I'm still slow (I think? I don't really know.  That took just over 24 minutes), but I'm getting way more comfortable and relaxed and I don't feel like I'm drowning anymore.  Most of the time.  I was even able to do my butterfly drill for the first time today. (The one I tried once or twice at lessons and was embarrassingly unsuccessful at).  I need to get my swim instructor to teach me flip turns this week.  I'm still grabbing the pool edge and just turning around.  Oh, I brought a watch today and set it on the side and hit the lap button after each lap  so I could get data. I hit the button as quickly as I could, though sometimes I fumbled or missed and that extended a few laps by a few seconds.  Then I had to type it all in manually when I got home.  Yuck.  This is why I need the 910XT!  Here's the swim data, which again, means nothing to me.  I'm still working on form and comfort, not speed, so it doesn't matter.

I think that's the longest I've done continuously, with rotary breathing, and without the pool buoy between my legs.  I have been doing just 400 meters since that's the length of my tri swim, but I decided to do more today.  30 minutes was the kind-of unofficial plan, but I got bored and a little tired so I stopped at 24:00.  Maybe next time.  The thing is, I still have to do all my practicing and drills after my lap swimming so I usually don't want to empty my tank doing the freestyle laps.  It's like a warmup and tri-practice.  Today I wasn't really feeling working out, so it was a really easy day.  I didn't spend very long in the pool and then I did an easy workout video (pilates) afterward.

Food update: I'm stopping counting calories (again) for now, starting today.  I've been finding myself eating more crap and eating up to my calories burned, and preferring processed food because it's easier to figure out the calories in it.  We'll see how long I last this time around.

Time's up, have to get to work.  Yay for working weekends!


  1. Doesn't matter the season. If I had a nose hoop, It would have some pretty bad snot tinsel by at the end of a run. I'm disgusting.

  2. Oooh I want a hoop! I've had a star stud foreverrrrr (which I love), but I would also love to join the badass club!


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