Friday, April 5, 2013

Day Fail.

Today has not been my favorite day.  I woke up early again (not by choice) so had plenty of daylight to use, and no work tonight.  I decided to first take my bike to the shop, since my derailleur fell off awhile ago.  (Like, last summer or fall.)  I did that, and while I was there I shopped around for a new one, because I kind of hate mine.  Plus I should get a better one for my triathlon :).  More on that in another post.  I didn't buy one today.  
Giant Escape 2 is currently my top option.   
Shopping for the bike made me want to start riding to work again now that the weather is nicer and the roads are clear.  Unfortunately, I'm driving this car for the safety pilot study and said I "didn't plan on changing my driving schedule/habits" during the study time period.  I'm pretty sure stopping driving to work constitutes a change in driving habits.  Rargh.  Maybe I could get away with a day or two a week.  

At 5pm, I had planned on attending a $5 yoga class that I found on through the Ann Arbor Adventure Club.  I got downtown kind of early at 4:30pm after dropping off my bike, so I put $3 in the meter for 2 hours (yuck) and killed time at Running Fit.  I ended up not buying anything except 2 packs of Margarita flavored Clif Shot Bloks that I've been wanting to try.  At $2 a pack even with my 501 discount, it doesn't really matter how good they are though, they're too expensive.  Jeff had good luck fueling with M&Ms at our last half, so maybe I'll try that.  There are two problems with that though.  For one, I'd have to buy them on my way to long runs or races, or the night before, because god knows I can't just have stockpiles of M&Ms lying around the house.  (Willpower fail).  Second, there is no electrolyte replacement in M&Ms, and I'm a heavy sweater.  In the summertime, I would probably have to supplement with something like S-caps, which I think I remember being recommended by Mark on his blog.

Anyway, I went back over to the yoga location at about 4:45pm.  There was another girl waiting outside, but nobody inside and the door was locked.  Another guy showed up a few minutes later.  At 4:59 I started to worry that this thing wasn't going to happen.  By 5:15 we gave up and left.  Yoga fail.  Bad mood begins.  I was already in my new workout gear and ready to do something before going to the pool, so I checked the Vie website and saw there was a Barre Intensity class at 5:30, so I walked around the block and went to that instead.   On the way there, at about 5:22pm, I ran into a girl I knew from 501, who told me that lululemon had a free barre class at 5:15pm today.  Aargh.  Free would be better!  (I also discovered later on their website that they offer free yoga classes every Friday at 10am too.  They look really crowded though.)  The Vie barre class today was way harder than the first one I went to.  The whole class sucked at it.  It was pretty funny actually.  I got kind of frustrated at how weak I am and was in a foul mood by the end.  Barre fail.  It didn't help that today's class was a lot of shoulders and quads, and my shoulders and quads were both already fried.  (Shoulders are still sore from yoga, and quads are sore from run + lunges/squats/etc yesterday).  That was why I planned on yoga today instead of barre in the first place.  

Oh well, off to the pool.  It started off badly because I couldn't find my nose clip anywhere.  I guess I left it at the pool at my swimming lesson on Tuesday.  I like to use it for things on my back because water tends to splash up my nose.  I did a 400 m freestyle "warmup" to start.  Since my triathlon swim is 400m, I'm making sure to at least do that in addition to my practice stuff for my lessons each time I go to the pool.  After that I tried to practice my breaststroke but I got really frustrated with that too.  I just can't seem to get the kick right at all.  I can do it on my back really nicely, but as soon as I flip over it all goes to crap.  My legs don't do the same thing at the same time, and the timing is off with my arms, and my flex/point movement on my feet is all kinds of crazy.  Working out usually puts me in a good mood, but today everything was just sucking and making me more and more angry.  I was "supposed" to start trying a butterfly drill from my instructor but last time I tried at my lesson it didn't go well at all, and the pool was really crowded, so I didn't want to embarrass myself.  I kinda practiced the arms standing still a little bit.  Like that isn't  I was already splitting a lane with some guy, and then another person came up and wanted to join us.  Since I was practicing new things, I was doing a lot of stopping and starting and not really "lap swimming" strictly speaking, so I didn't think circle swimming was the best idea.  Since i was getting kind of angry at swimming anyway, I decided to just give him my spot.  I was probably only in the pool like 30 minutes.  Swim fail. 

I showered at the gym and had just dried off and was taking my shower caddy off the shower knob where I had hung it, when I accidentally turned the knob and hosed myself (and my towel) down.  Those NCRB shower heads are practically abusive in their pressure, so it was quite a shock.  Dry fail.  I was ready to scream or break something at this point.  I considered hitting the elliptical while I was there, or coming back to swim later when it wasn't so crowded, but ultimately decided to call it a day.  Clearly, things just weren't going my way. 

I figured dinner (breakfast?) would put me in a good mood.  I was debating between my usual Jimmy John's/Subway/Zoup rotation, but then realized a new place "The Big Salad" had just opened up, so I decided to try that.  It ended up taking me forever to decide what I wanted and I was totally overwhelmed with all the topping and dressing options.   Frustration continues to pile on.  Here's what I ended up with: 

Half caprese sandwich, big baby salad with mandarin oranges, chow mein noodles, peas, and sesame ginger dressing.  And a roll.  And a coke zero.  It was okay, but it was more expensive than my normal dinner choices and not any better, so it will probably be a rarity in my future rotation.

The plaza where this restaurant was located was all brand new, so I scoped out the massage prices at the place next door, and contemplated getting a $4.99 haircut at the new Great Clips.  I ended up doing neither, but did hit the Starbucks for a tall skinny mocha, thinking maybe that would fix my mood.  It didn't.  Now my calories are just getting way high, way early in the day.  Diet fail.  

Tonight is my last night off and I had planned on being productive; studying for my ACLS class/test and working on a scripting/data analysis project I promised my husband I'd do for his work, and maybe organizing the office and filing the big stack of crap in there, but now I'm really in the mood to blog, watch TV, and eat cookies.  What else is new.  In 10 minutes it will be a new day on the calendar.  Hopefully that one will be better.  It's already looking that way since I'm working on plans to meet a new run buddy tomorrow evening instead of having to go it alone.  Yay.  The internet running community is the bestest.  I'm ready for a nice easy long run.  So much less stressful than all this chaos.  

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  1. I think a bigger fail would have been doing nothing!

    And don't worry, I still don't have the timing down on breastroke. It is my least favorite!

    Let us know what bike you get/if you keep your current bike! I'm looking into getting one soon, too!


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