Saturday, April 27, 2013

Glass City Marathon Eve

First, I'm making you look at more photos of my new haircut.  MySpace style selfies FTW.  :P

I like the short thing.  I'm planning on keeping it this way.  Plus it brings out the gray in my hair, which I also like.  I have no intentions of dying it.  I'm 29 now, so I expect to probably be 100% gray in the next 5-10 years.  That's what happens when you get your first gray hairs at 17!

Moving on.

Originally, I was planning on sleeping until about 3 am on Glass City Eve, and then heading down race day to meet my team for the relay.  However, after I saw that the Monroe Half Marathon would be at the expo with a 10% off registration discount, I decided to flip my schedule around and come down the day before.  The bonus is that I get to do all the "team activities" with the relay peeps, rather than just showing up race morning to run.  Anyway, I got to the expo earlier and walked all around looking for the Monroe Half booth.  I couldn't find it my first time through, so I went to pickup packets.  I saw that they were by number, but I hadn't seen a list anywhere.  I asked a volunteer and was told to go look it up on the computers at the front of the expo.  I got there and stood in line and then finally got to a computer and there were no instructions on where to go or what to do to look up your bib.  Apparently the other 2 computers were on the webpage already, but mine wasn't.  It took a while for me to figure out where to go to get the number.  I was irritated because I had visited the webpage last night to look up bib numbers and didn't see any information about it, so I figured they would just have a list.  As I'm typing this, I just checked my email and realized they did say to look them up in advance and provided a link the other day.  Whoops, my bad I guess.

I liked the layout of the expo.  They didn't force you through a specific path like Detroit does, to make you "see" all the vendors.  I prefer to peruse in my own order.  Plus, for those that want to just get in and get out, they don't have to weave through the crowd.  The only thing I didn't like was the actual bib pickup area, pictured last.  They had that divider up, presumably because there are vendor tables directly to the left of the photo, so if the lines got long they would run into the booths without the fence.    But basically the divider made it so you couldn't line up in front of your number at all.  There was only about 2-3 peoples worth of depth to work with.  It wasn't clear how it was supposed to work.  (I don't think it did work, at all).  I ended up ducking under the rope to get to my bib number since the "lane" was clogged at both ends by loiterers who had already gotten their packets.  Luckily it wasn't that busy when I was there, but if it was ever very crowded I would have been interested to see how the lines worked out.  

After I got our bibs (I picked up for the whole team), I wandered around again, looking for the Monroe Expo booth, again with no luck.  Finally I stopped at the info desk and asked them.  She was very helpful and told me exactly where they were, and that she had already registered.  Yay.  I followed her directions, but still didn't see it.  I did see a table for "Dave's Races", which seemed to have reps from multiple races, so I asked there if anybody was from the Monroe Half.  One of the other race reps said yes, they were there, but they had already left.  :(  Rargh.  I picked up a stack of "free donut when you buy a coffee" coupons for Tim Horton's  and headed on my way.  Out in the car I realized the coupons are only good for "Toledo area Tim Horton's".  Rargh again.  Do you think Ann Arbor is considered "Toledo area"?  It's only an hour away.  I'll try it.  I have a lot of them!  

Anyway, here's the gear for the relay tomorrow.  While we're running, we have to wear 3 bibs apparently!  "RELAY" on the back, our individual bib on the front, and then the relay belt and bib too. Craziness.  The blue bracelets are to remind us which "relay zone" we're in (red or blue), to help ease congestion and find our runners.  

Here's the race tee.  It's kind of hideous, but I also kind of like it, functionally.  It's neon yellow (good for night running and running on the roads in general), and it's the material I like.  I'm nervous about the super short cap sleeve, but I haven't tried it on yet.

Front and back of the race tee.  I like it.  It's the wider weave tech material that I love.  And it's a useful color (neon yellow), good for running at night.  I saw other people with blue shirts, I'm not sure if those were men's only, or if different races got different shirts. 

We have dinner reservations at 7pm, so I'm off to meet the rest of the team now.  

Ok, I'm back.  

Dinner was amazing.  We went to Biaggi's in Perrysburg.  One word:  NutellaSkilletCookie.  

Okay, bedtime.  Ready to run a rainy relay bright and early tomorrow!  


  1. You did the haircut! coool. Have fun at the event. I was almost going to do this one.

  2. Since I have been reading your blog I have been struck several times by how much we seem to have in common. Except that you are faster than I am, but so is pretty much everyone else. I found my first silver hair at 19 and although I colored my hair up until this year, I have been impatiently waiting to go totally grey. So as I was reading your post about your grey hair I though, oh wow, we have even more in common. Then I read your age. I knew you were younger than me, but not so much that I could technically be your mother. I'm 44 so being from the South that is not totally improbable. I think I need to go drink now and maybe cry a little. I'm old.

  3. Yay Ty! Good luck at the race (you're probably out there already).

    I'm not at all "metro", but I am considering coloring my hair in the next couple years. I think I look too young to have much more gray than I have at the moment (even if I'm not).

  4. I like the short hair look on a woman. Looks good. And the grays only show how wise you are ;)

    Hope you had fun in the race!


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