Sunday, April 21, 2013

Long run fail x 2

Unfortunately the busy-ness included some late night studying (when I had been on a "day shift" schedule).  When I'm tired OR studying OR PMS-ing (sorry) I tend to get really snacky, so the fact that all THREE were going on at the same time did not bode well for my eating choices.

I decided to bike to the gym to swim since the weather looked gorgeous outside, and it's only about 1.5 miles away.  The bike in was okay, as was the initial swim, but then it all went to shit.  I swam 30 minutes freestyle and then decided to practice my flip turns, which I "learned" at my lesson this week.  It was a disaster.  I either flipped over so slow that I ran out of air, or tried to go fast and ended up all over the place.  I bounced my back off the bottom of the pool multiple times, the side a couple times, and looked like a huge fool.  I think I may be sticking with the open turn instead.  We'll see.  Then, when I was in the locker room getting dressed, I heard a downpour start, complete with thunder.  When I was returning my locker key at the desk they had a "tornado warning" sign up.  Great.  So I biked home in that.  There was lightning, but I didn't get hit with it, so that was good.

Thursday night I ate all kinds of desperate crap as I stayed up until 6am studying.  For example, peanut butter cheerios with chocolate chips and peanut butter mixed in.  I figured it wasn't the end of the world, since I was planning on doing my long run on Friday.

As it ended up, after getting my ACLS certification on Friday, I went out for my "long run", but had to abort it after 4 miles because my knee and my ham-ass were hurting really badly.  Crap.  (Double crap, actually.  One crap for pain, two craps for not being able to burn off my overeating).  Then, I got a call from work seeing if I would work Friday night since they were short staffed.  I said sure, despite already being sleep-deprived and tired.  Bad call.  I ended up eating a TON of carrot cake that somebody made (I don't even like carrot cake!) and lots of Girl Scout Cookies (not even the good ones--peanut butter and lemon.  So many calories, and NO CHOCOLATE.  What a waste).
Mediocre carrot cake.  I think I ate about two whole rows.  And Coban.  It's not a nurses' break room without Coban. 
I also stopped at Starbucks on the way in and got a GIANT latte, which was delicious but made me really wired and cost $4.50!  That's obscene!  I have got to kick that habit.  (I say habit because it also happened 2 days in a row after that, for a total of 3 days in a row of lattes.  Maybe I can trade eating out for lattes.  Like, I'm allowed to spend the $$ on latte if I cook my own dinner.  Lol.)

Shiny hospital floor and a giant latte. 
I also had a run in with an evil doctor at the end of my shift which really put me in a foul mood.  I never learn the lesson that anytime you go in to work when you don't HAVE to be there (ie picking up a shift for somebody else, or going in when they're short), you will ALWAYS have a terrible night.  It's like a law of nursing or something.

I biked to the gym and swam again, and worked again.  I don't remember much else.

I tried to do my long run again, since I failed on Friday.  I was aiming for 10 miles, and the weather was beautiful.  I decided to try out a trail near my house that a coworker told me about.  He said it was really easy and I wouldn't get lost.  Good thing I brought my phone and warned Jeff to keep his handy, because I got all kinds of lost.  There were a lot of splits where I didn't know which way to go, and then finally I ended up out of the trail in a housing development and had to call Jeff to look at a map to figure out how/where to pick up the trail on the other side of the road.  Then a couple miles later I had to call him again because my knee and ham-ass were hurting too bad to make it home, so I had him pick me up.  Rargh.  Long run fail #2.  At least I got some okay pictures.


The pic above are from pretty early on in the trail, when it was nice and wide and packed.  As I went on it became much narrower and more "traily", but I didn't take any pictures.  I was too busy trying to figure out which way to go, and trying not to roll my ankle.

For comparison, below is a map of what I had drawn out and PLANNED on running (top), and what ACTUALLY happened (bottom).

I crossed under M14 through a skanky graffiti'ed tunnel, and then it wasn't too far until I finally made it back to civilization.  (After slogging through some mud pits...)

I was never so happy to see this sign!  Hello Bandemer Park!
Lots of people were out at the park.  I smelled something..."interesting"... at one point and looked to the left and saw a couple guys blatantly smoking a joint on the disc golf course.  Then I came across a guy bodysurfing on his skateboard.  I should have taken a picture, I doubt he would have minded.  I did get some pics in the park though: 

After Jeff picked up my gimpy ass, we stopped at Songbird Cafe for dinner.  I haven't been there since they first opened, and they've really expanded their menu.  It was good.  A little pricey and slow, but good.  And the atmosphere was really nice.  They have a ton of space and wireless internet, so I may be going there more often to read and blog and such in the future.  I wish places like this were 24 hrs.  They put me in such a good mood.  

Mine is on the right.  It's goat cheese, arugula, walnuts, and citrus honey.  Very good! 

I hate biking.  Every time I got on that thing I felt like I was biking through mud.  I'm not sure if the bike sucks or if I suck at biking, but I was going SO SLOW.  I basically slowed to stop and had to stand up going up even the tiniest little hill.  Even on the flats and downhill, it felt harder than I think it should have.  I think I'm going to have to get a new bike after all.  I'm going to look on ebay, so I can maybe save a few $$.  

The trail run was stressful.  I'll try it again and hopefully it will be better now that I know sort of where to go (and where NOT to go).  Also next time my right leg won't be such a little bitch.  I'm pretty sure Borgess is out.  If I skip it I still have 13 total for the year (since I added Brooksie with Irina), and it will give me a little more time to get pain-free before my next one, which is Cleveland, May 19th.  

Sorry this post is so random.  I just wanted to put up all the pictures and videos I took over the past few days. :)


  1. Leslie trails is one of my favorites! (and yes it is tricky)

  2. That trail looks beautiful. Sorry you are still having knee issues. Hang in there.

  3. I love, love the two map comparison! How did you not freak out that you were lost? I would have lost my sh*t! LOL


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