Friday, April 26, 2013

Running Music!

The one really bad thing about this VW GTI I'm driving for the research project is that with all the extra electronics on board, it seems to make the radio suck.  So I haven't found any good new running music at all recently.  Until this week!  I went spinning twice this week, and both the classes were awesome.  Great instructors, great workouts, and GREAT PLAYLISTS.  So, I downloaded a few tunes for running.  I love having new running music!  Here's what I grabbed this week (YouTube videos are embedded, but not showing up in my google reader, so you may have to go to my actual blog page to see them):

Pitbull - Back in Time (from Men in Black III) :

Icona Pop (ft. Charli XCX) - I Love It : 

Florida Georgia Line ft. Nelly - Cruise (remix):

Tristan Prettyman - My Oh My : 

Kid Rock - Purple Sky:

What do you think?  Love them or hate them?  The Pitbull one is my favorite right now.  (Actually they're pretty much in order.)  You have any great running music to share?

That's all I have for now.  I have a hair appointment at Salon Vox today with a running friend's husband, who I am going to pay an arm and a leg to chop off all my air.  Like, all of it.  Butch lesbian style.  (Is that offensive?  It's not meant to be.  I'm just like a butch lesbian, only straight.)  It will go well with my nose hoop, right??  I actually don't care if it looks like crap.  I'm just sick of hair.  (Hypothetically.  I'm sure I'll hate it and cry when it's done, haha!)  Now I need some tattoos to further improve my badassery.

Off to run (or try to, c'mon knee) in this beautiful weather with my brand new tunes and my last ponytail for the foreseeable future.


  1. I downloaded Icona Pop's "I Love It" after seeing it on HBO Girls and knew right away it would make a good running song. Problem is, I can't get the image of Lena Dunham dancing around sweaty and coked up from the show.

    I'm like a Butch Lesbian too, btw.

  2. Well...I'm not a fan of most of them. Then again, I listen mostly to country (I sort of liked the Florida Georgia Line song), which probablytakes away from my "badassery". Just a consquence I will have to live with.


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