Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The best kind of run

Yesterday I came across this facebook page:

Basically, they want people to submit photos of themselves with a "Run for Boston" sign, and their location, on 4/17.  Since I already attend a Wednesday group run, I decided it would be easy to participate.

I know that it isn't "doing" anything tangible.  But neither is saying "My thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the Boston tragedy".  But, it brings us together, and makes us feel better, and those aren't bad things.  Other things that you can actually "do"?  I don't know.  Donate money to the Red Cross.  Donate blood (now and repeatedly).  Take a first aid and/or disaster preparedness course.  But today, we just ran.

This is from the facebook page's organizers:

We've talked to dozens of different TV stations, newspapers, magazines, and radio stations today from California to NYC to Boston to Georgia and up to Canada. They all say, "Tell us why are you doing this."

Our answer: "This is what runners do when life gets tough--we lace up our shoes and go run. This is the best way we know how to show Boston our support right now and begin the healing process for all of us."

So last night around midnight I ran to CVS to get a poster board, and updated our group website and invited the members of the group to "Run for Boston" at our regularly scheduled Wednesday run.

The sign I made.  I probably should have used a ruler.  Whoops.  

The weather today was gorgeous most of the day.  Sunshine, 50+ degrees.  A great day for a run.  Then, around 5pm, it started raining and lightning.  I was still planning on attending, but I was afraid nobody else would, and was a little bummed that I didn't get to run when it was so nice out.  As it was, we had 9 people RSVP'ed, which is actually quite a lot for this group.  Not sure if the last minute "Run for Boston" push had anything to do with it or not.  I think it did.  Even if it was just the email reminder Tuesday night that the run existed! 

It ended up that only one person didn't come, and one person came who hadn't RSVP'ed, so we were 9 A2Runners strong!  

I'm a little ticked that I didn't improve the camera resolution prior to taking this photo.  This is the "original size".  But, for a self-timer photo, I think it came out pretty well.  I'm in the white visor.  
The lightning and rain stopped a half hour or so before the run was to start at 6:30pm. We didn't have anything to contend with except puddles for most of the run, until the last mile when it might have started spitting a smidge.  Then, as we hung out in the parking lot and said our farewells at 7:30pm, the lightning started again.  We ran at the perfect time!  

The run itself was great.  I have been attending two faster (for me) groups on Mondays and Wednesdays.  My new routine is to get in about a mile warmup before the group starts, and it really helps me handle the pace better than just jumping into it.  Today's run inadvertently turned into a progression run, which is my favorite kind of run!  The group stayed together the entire time.  I think this is the largest group we have ever had that actually ran together the whole way.  

I felt pretty good throughout, though I did have to stop talking to people and put in my headphones for the last two miles and really focus on just running and keeping up the pace.  Definitely not miserable or impossible though.  It felt good.  I like it.  Except for warmups/cool-downs, I'm trying to keep my runs "fast" right now.  (Long runs sub 10, shorter runs 9:15 or faster). Since I'm only running 3 days a week, I'm trying to make sure each run is a quality effort, since I have time to recover between each one.  So far so good.


  1. Great group picture. As always, I am jealous of your times.

  2. I think your poster board was great! That was a good turnout of runner, too.


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