Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cake, Baklava, Ice Cream

So, here's how my "1500 calories" (not counting fruits and veggies) thing is going:

I was actually pretty happy with how I was doing until today. Then today, I got to work, and there was cake there.  I decided to have a piece since I had a fairly light dinner.  And then another piece.  And then the RT brought baklava in for us for nurses' week and I tried one of each of those.  And then I ate my dinner that I had packed, because I was bored. And then I had 5 more pieces of baklava later on.  And then two bowls of cookies and cream ice cream discovered in the freezer.  So yeah.  Whoops.  The worst part is that none of it was even very good.  If I knew I was going to eat that many calories I definitely wouldn't have chosen crappy cake (I don't like cream cheese frosting) and baklava (no chocolate!).

I think I need to make a rule about eating food at work, because this happens way too often.  I was initially thinking the rule should be that I only eat what I pack or buy, and none of any of the free stuff that people bring in, but I think that might be too hard.  My new idea is to not have any of the goodies until 6am.  That way, I don't get the sugar taste in my mouth until the end of the shift, so there's no time to go out of control eating all the sugar in sight at that point.  Plus there probably wouldn't be much left by then anyway.  I'd have to set some of whatever it is aside early in the night actually, otherwise it would be all gone by 6 am.

The thing that happened tonight was that I was bored.  (I only had one patient and she was super easy tonight).  I was bored and I was stationed at the closest possible computer to the break room where the food was.  And once I start eating sweet things, I want to keep eating them until I'm stuffed or it's gone.  Ugh.  Oh well.  I've been daily weighing unofficially and was 146.4 yesterday.  Should be a nice spike when I get up today!  :P

I went to a total body workout class at the gym yesterday and didn't really like it. I felt like the moves were dangerous and there was little to know instruction given on good form.  A couple of the exercises really hurt my back and my bad knee.  The knee was hurting all night at work tonight, and I wasn't even on it that much.  So, I'm not doing any more of those classes for a while.  No biking, no running, no aggressive workout classes.  Just yoga, pilates, and swimming.  I'm officially ditching the 13 x 13.1 in '13.  If anybody wants my bib to the Cleveland half on May 19 or wants to run on a relay team at the GLR July 19-21, let me know.  They both allow transfers so you could run "as yourself" not as me.  (Actually the relay results are just by team name anyway).  I am planning on doing the Alaska one, but not for time.  I may go to the doctor and see if I can get an MRI and see if something else is going on.  I have a good 4 different spots and types of pain on my R side: Hamass, hip, below my kneecap just outside of center, and above my knee a little further to the outside.  The below the knee one is the worst, and the one I can't run through, and the one that sometimes jabs me suddenly or makes me a little gimpy when I walk.  It doesn't feel like IT band.  It feels more like the fat pad impingement I had in 2009.

Has anybody watched "Call the Midwife"?  I just started it on Netflix and am hooked.  (Although, strangely enough, I hate labor/birth scenes.  I always mute that part.  But there's more to it than that.)  I like it better than Downton Abbey, and I liked that a lot.  I've only watched a few episodes so far though.

Also, I'm totally hooked on  A lot of it is a little too religious and a little cheesy for me, and it's targeted more toward stay-at-home moms, but the content is good if you can get past all that.  Maybe my house won't be such a pit soon, if I can keep up with the "program".  (I'm doing the 31 beginner baby steps).  My favorite tip from the website:  "Progress, not perfection."  So true.


  1. Cleveland half sounds awesome. Sorry you can't make it. I'd think about taking over for you, but I'm pretty sure I can't pretend to be a skinny lady.

    1. Apparently I can't take over for you for Cleveland. Something about me saying I'd take my wife to Beauty & the Beast that day, and it sounds like she couldn't go with me anyway. If I did it, I'd have to drive down, run, and drive back. I'd want hang out there, and maybe stay over if I were going. Not a lot of excitement in just driving down for the run and coming back immediately.

  2. Sometimes you just have to binge a little bit to make yourself take the diet more seriously. That is what I tell myself anyway. Sorry to hear that your knee might cause you to miss out on the 13 x 13. If you ease off during the summer maybe you can load up on Fall halves.

    Finally, thanks for sharing the Fly Lady website. I am totally hooked too. I am hoping to stick with it and finally get the house in entertaining shape.

  3. When I was at the West Side Market this past weekend getting my cannoli, I heard the lady after me ask if there was sugar in baklava. Durh...... She said she was on a "diet" where she could only have honey. (Paleo?) LOL I know there is honey in it, but it would be waaaay to unsweet for us Americans if it had no added sugar.

    I hope you get your knee issues resolved!


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