Friday, May 17, 2013


I ordered the Garmin 910xt that I've been wanting.  And no, I'm not 139 lbs yet.  But it went on sale!  How could I resist!  And I'm not exactly in weight loss mode sitting on my butt at my sister's house eating chocolate chip pancakes.  Anyway, it's a really great deal.  $100 off the normal price, with an optional additional $50 rebate to $250 if you trade in your old Garmin (which will then be donated to Girls on the Run).

Purchasing from the link above supports DC Rainmaker who I may have a major internet crush on.  Yes I know he's married.  So am I.  Details.  He's an engineer and a triathlete and somehow manages to still crank out an amazing blog with even more amazing product reviews.  He's like superman.  Yeah, I'm a crazy internet stalker, apparently.  

That means a good portion of next week will be spent learning the ins and outs of it.  I'm not the type of person to spend hundreds of dollars on a cool gadget and then not know how to use it to its fullest capability! The main reason I wanted this watch vs the plethora of others is for the lap swimming features, including auto lap counting and stroke recognition.

While I'm talking about swimming and gadgetry, I should also mention that I got this last week:

It's the Finis SwiMP3 player.  Lap swimming is super boring and I was really missing having something to listen to!  I got it for a good price used on eBay, and purchased a 2 year warranty on it so I wasn't risking having it fail and not be under manufacturer's warranty since it was used and not purchased from an authorized retailer.  From what I've read, people love it, but it's not necessarily the longest-lasting gadget on the planet.  So far I've only swum with it once, and listened to music, but I may try audiobooks or podcasts.  I've gotten some podcast recommendations on twitter, does anybody else have any?

Don't look at my credit card bill this month.  And don't tell my husband.  (About all the money I spent or my imaginary love affair with DC Rainmaker.)  (Yes, I know he reads this blog.  Details.)


  1. I really need to start checking out the internet chats instead of writing my blog. They have to be way more interesting than what I write.:) Let me know how the finnis works out. I have been thinking about going the H2O audio route. Swimming is just so boring for me. Maybe this would keep me engaged. I also want to hear about the Garmin and how it works swimming. When I do OWS I put my iPhone in a waterproof float and set a GPS app. I have looked at Garmins on and off and just can't decide if I can justify it or not.

  2. I LOVE my 910, and I'm sure you will too! That's a really good deal.


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