Thursday, May 30, 2013

Game On

I went to the gym today!  First workout since May 13th.  I didn't do too much; I swam for 30 minutes and then did 15 minutes of lower body strength exercises when I got home, followed by some foam rolling and stretching.  Aside from during wall push-offs, my knee didn't hurt during the swim.  It actually hurt less swimming than it did walking from the locker room to the pool.  :)

I tried out my Garmin 910XT for the first time in the pool today!  Verdict: AWESOME.  I stopped after the first two laps to check and see if it was counting distance/laps correctly, and it was!  And it recognized my stroke as freestyle, so I can't be swimming THAT poorly.  I wanted to do a lap of each of the other strokes at the end of my swim to see if it named those appropriately, but I had to pee so I just got out instead.

When I was in the shower (not peeing in the shower, I stopped at a toilet stall first!), I realized that I was missing an earring.  They are my favorite ones (the only ones I wear), and they were a bit of an expensive gift from my mom, so I wanted to find it.  I first checked my locker and the floor by the bench there, thinking it might have come out when I took my shirt off.  No luck.  I couldn't remember which shower I used pre-swim, and they were all occupied anyway, so I went back to the pool and hopped in my previous lane and swam underwater on the bottom back and forth looking for it.  No luck.  Then I realized I wasn't in "my" lane after all, and had to move over a lane and scour the bottom again.  Still no luck.  Drat.  Back in the locker room some of the showers were empty so I went stall to stall checking the floors for it and finally found it by the drain in one of them.  Yay!  Close call.  I lost this same earring once in Irina's car, and she found it and returned it to me months later.  This earring's got 9 lives.

Anyway, back to the 910xt.  The only thing I didn't like about it while swimming was that it kind of hurt my wrist.  At first, I put it on pretty tightly, as close as I could get it to my hand.  That was hurting so I stopped and loosened it.  When it was looser, the force of the water just pushed it down toward my hand anyway, and it still hurt.  So finally I moved it up my arm a bit (away from my hand/wrist) and put it on tightly there so it wouldn't move.  That worked best.

Here's a screenshot of some of the data I got from the watch on my swim today:

I love it!  I especially love not counting laps in my head.  I don't really know what some of the numbers mean (SWOLF and efficiency), but I'm sure I'll research all that eventually.  I'm pretty sure 47% efficiency doesn't sound too hot, lol.  The only downside is that most of this data doesn't show up in RunningAhead, which is where I usually log my workouts.  The screenshot above is from the Garmin Connect Website.  I toyed with ditching RA and switching to GC, but I don't really like it.  It's probably just because I'm used to RA.  So I might use both or just use to GC to look at swim data when I feel like it.

I also rocked my Finis SwiMP3 player today(shown in the picture earlier).  I still have just music on there, but I want to try an audiobook.  I definitely like it.  With the watch and the mp3 player, swimming is way less boring and almost as good as running.  I do have a few peeves with the mp3 player.  First, it makes it more difficult for me to get a good seal with my goggles, since the player sits under the strap and adds space between the strap and my head.  Second, the sound of bubbles is kind of annoying as I blow out air underwater.  It also doesn't cooperate with apple media files, so if you purchased your music on iTunes you have to convert the songs to mp3 format before you can upload them, which is kind of annoying.  Finally, it doesn't seem to have a shuffle feature, although I didn't read the manual to check for sure yet.  If it does, it's not obvious.

I'm adding 15 minutes of strength training to my Flylady "morning routine" so I'll hopefully be more consistent with that, specifically with glute/hamstring and abductor specific strengthening to hopefully rehab my injured spots a bit.  (glute/hamstring for the hamstring tendinopathy, abductors for the ITB).

Speaking of injured spots, I got a referral to an ortho and set up an appointment (UM MedSport at Domino's Farms), and their earliest available date was July 9th!  WTH?  I'm going to call them now to see if they can call me for a cancellation.  Or maybe I'll just call them every morning to see if they had anything open up.  If they're scheduling that far in advance they must get a lot of cancellations too right?  People could be all healed up in that amount of time!  Update: I just got a tip from Caution: Redhead Running, to check out Briarwood Sports Medicine.  That's still in-network for me, so I think I'll try to get a referral there instead.  I don't really need an "orthopedic surgeon" since I have no intentions of having surgery.  The most invasive I was thinking was steroid injections, and I'm sure they can do that there.  Sweet!  Update:  Not sweet.  They're scheduling for mid and late July right now.  I was just going to change them to be my primary care (why wouldn't I want a primary whose specialization is in sports medicine??  But if they're scheduling for July for regular appointments... thanks.  Back to plan A.  Call MedSport every day.).

I am off work again tonight.  On my to do list:  make a return to running and triathlon training schedule, to build my bike and run mileage up to 11 miles/3.1 miles by July 28th.   Also laundry and filing, but my main goal is to work on interview prep, which is not something I'm particularly looking forward to! (I am applying for an operating room position....6 months internship and then 2 year work commitment).


  1. Glad to see you are back out there. I did not know of all these fancy things you can use in the water! Maybe swimming is not so bad?

    Good Luck with your interview!!

  2. 10 strokes per 25 yards? Sounds pretty efficient to me! I average around 16. 2:12 average is awesome! Speedster!


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