Saturday, May 4, 2013

Not Fun Anymore

My knee pain is back in a bad way.  I haven't done a long run since Martian, though I have tried.  Three times to be precise.  Yesterday I decided to try walk/run to see if I could fend off the pain for a while, but it didn't really work.  I did 0.1 mile walks to 0.9 mile runs, but I was hurting by mile 4 and had to stop at mile 6.7.  I was hoping to go 8-10.  Aargh.  Pair that with the heat (it was 75 yesterday when I ran!) and it was just no fun at all.

I do hate summer running.  Seriously, did I miss spring?  I swear we went from snow to 75 with no in-between.  What happened to 45-50 degrees?  Best running temp!!  Shorts and a thin long sleeved tee. 
I don't want to keep fighting my way through each run in misery.  Now that I have swimming and the fitness classes at WCC it just doesn't seem necessary or worth it.  Except for all those stupid races.  I'm currently registered for the Cleveland Half, May 19th, the Alaska Mayor's Half, June 22nd, and the Great Lakes Relay, July 19-21st.  And I have to make an appearance at one of the Kona races June 8th to keep myself eligible for the Triple Crown, though I'm not registered yet.  Oh, and there's the rest of those 13 x 13.1 in '13 to contend with too, but at least I haven't paid for any others yet.

The GLR is what is really stressing me out.  It's 3 days in a row of double runs, and I can barely run every 2-3 days right now, and even then I'm maxing out at 6 miles.  Plus, it's a 10 woman team, so it's not like I can just back out at the last minute, or walk or whatever, which I can always do with my individual half marathons.  So, anyway, I'm looking for somebody to take my spot on the team.  It's not for the faint of heart.  Lots of mud, sand, bugs, heat, etc.  Could be a blast if you're not injured!  Check out their website and let me know if you're interested!  The registration fee is $120, plus sharing the cost of hotels and gas.  (3 rooms for 10 people.  My team has opted not to camp.   Yay showers.)  I already paid the $120, so if the cost is an issue I'd be willing to take a loss on some or all of it if I can't find anybody that wants to pay for it.

I looked at Cleveland's policies and they're very liberal about allowing race switches and transferring of bibs at the expo, with a $20 fee.  So I guess I'll rest this week and see what happens, then maybe downgrade to the 10K, or walk the half.  I could try to sell/transfer my bib to somebody else, but I have a friend I want to visit anyway, and I am sorta hoping I can still run it.  Would it be dumb to not run at all and then just bust out a half marathon once a month??  It's sounding pretty appealing right now....  I like the feeling of uncertainty of toeing the line on poor training.  :)  Makes finishing that much more exciting when you have NO IDEA if you will make it or not.

Yoga and swimming have been going well, eating has not.  I'm maintaining between 146.8 and 148 by some miracle, but I really need to slow my roll on the cookies and junk.  I realized the other day that I can't get fat again and keep my hair this short, it wouldn't look right on me.  Now I'm feeling all this pressure to not gain weight and it makes me want to eat out of rebellion.  I never claimed to make any sense.

I actually got my hair cut *again* since the last time I posted photos.  Before it was requiring too much time styling and wasn't wind-proof.  So I got more chopped off.  I like it better now.  

I stole this cartoon from Back of the Stampede because I thought it was hilarious.  

I got to work on headstands for the first time at yoga the last time I went, and was able to do it for a few seconds without support.  Yay!  Now I just need to get up there with out tapping the wall for  support on the way up.  I also totally did a pretty legit butterfly stroke (I think) for 3/4 of a length of the pool, and am doing flip turns pretty consistently as part of my lap swimming, rather than just when I'm specifically working on them.  They still sometimes suck, but at least I can sorta do it without nearly dying or having to stop swimming to recover.  My last swim lesson is tomorrow.  There's a triathlon swim class that I want to take at WCC, but it's Tuesday nights and I have conflicts on too many of the days to make it worth it.  Bummer.

Instead of getting a new bike for my triathlon aspirations, I got my old bike "upgraded".  I got new narrower tires and a non-suspension seatpost, and a tune up.  Here's a photo of my bike, with the old stuff on the ground.

It rides a little better.  I might start riding to work one day a week.  I would do more, but because of that transportation study I'm in, I have to drive the car they gave me approximately as much as I said I would. :P

Speaking of work, last night my confused (they all are!) female patient told me her name was "Quentin" when I asked as part of her neuro check.  (It wasn't).  I went on to ask where she was and the date and all that stuff (she also got those wrong), and did some other care to try to wake her up a bit.  I then came back to the name, since prior to this occurrence, she had been getting that part right.  I decided to try last name instead.  Her response, when I asked her her last name?  "Tarantino".  Impressive, especially since this was separated by the first name response of "Quentin" by several minutes and multiple activities.  LOL!

End random thoughts post, many of which are duplicate thoughts from previous posts.  Begin getting ready for work.  I hope I get to take care of Mr. Tarantino again tonight, though I can't say I really like his movies.


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  2. haha great patient! Bike looks good. Hope there are better days ahead for your knee!


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