Thursday, May 30, 2013


June 3rd will mark a full month of no running.  Considering I have a triathlon to do July 28th, I'm thinking it's time to start working on trying to run again.  

Here is the "Return to Running Program" I received at physical therapy. According to them I should be pain free with normal activities for TWO WEEKS before starting the program. I should also be able to walk 30 minutes without pain.  (I don't think either of these are true yet.  I'll try a 30 minute walk tomorrow.  Actually, maybe I'll try it tonight.  A nice 2 am walk in the dark with an audiobook I've been meaning to finish sounds pretty nice.)

Week Day 1 Day 2 Day 3
1 Walk: 4.5 min. Run: 0.5 min. Repeat x6 Walk: 4.0 min. Run: 1.0 min. Repeat x6 Walk: 3.5 min. Run: 1.5 min. Repeat x6
2 Walk: 3.0 min. Run: 2.0 min. Repeat x6 Walk: 2.5 min. Run: 2.5 min. Repeat x6 Walk: 2.0 min. Run: 3.0 min. Repeat x6
3 Walk: 1.5 min. Run: 3.5 min. Repeat x6 Walk: 1.0 min. Run: 4.0 min. Repeat x6 Walk: 0.5 min. Run: 4.5 min. Repeat x6
4 Run: 30 minutes Run: 30 minutes Run: 30 minutes

Other instructions: If pain should return with running, you may continue as long as:

 1. The pain is NOT sharp
 2. The pain lessens or remains unchanged as the session continues.
 3. The presence of pain does not alter your gait.

Upon completing Week 4, you may resume a gradual transition back to continuous running following a 2 minute warm-up walk and stretching.  As you return to your pre-injury running level, training duration or intensity should be increased by no more than 10% per week to minimize risk of injury recurrence.

*sigh*  Needless to say, completing this program will require some patience.  Cue Guns n' Roses guitar:

..... said- woman, take it slow, it'll work itself out fine.....

That video just reminded me of an Axl Rose costume a girl wore to a Halloween party I went to in 2005.  She nailed it, if you ask me.  (Remember her, Scott?)

I was roadkill, which has been my go-to running costume for Halloween runs ever since then.  :)  Also my hair was very much longer then!!  Scott was something to do with Burger King.  Nobody's exactly sure what.  ;)  

Sorry for the random detour!  All stemming from the single word "patience".  Ha.  So yeah, patience.  I was pain-free for a bit in March, and was NOT patient.  As soon as I felt better I went back to running almost full-force (right after Martian).  What did that last, a week, maybe two?  And then I was back to benched, even worse than before.  Lesson learned.  Gradual return.  Patience.  Axl Rose.  Halloween.  Roadkill.  Burger King.  Got it.  


Big news today!  I did my first ever open water swim!  (Well, first ever as an adult?  I'm sure I splashed around in lakes and oceans when I was a kid).  I went to the 1st Running Fit Triathlon class today at Island Lake State Park.

I have been terrified of swimming in lakes.  I was concerned mainly about gross things, like weird unknown things under my feet, and fish (dead and alive), etc.  I was also concerned that the temperature would be freezing.  It doesn't seem like there have been very many warm days yet this year, and I don't have a wetsuit.  I was so glad to have a group to try it out with!  I didn't really have to think or waffle back and forth or anything.  It was time to get in, so I just got in.  Done and done.  The water actually felt really nice.  It was cool, but I liked it.  A lot of times I find the water at the pools too warm.  I just wore a regular swimsuit with a pair of tri shorts on top.  

Ya'll better appreciate these two pictures.  My phone died (I think from getting rained on), so I had to go get an old phone and move the SD card over and upload it from there.  It seemed like a lot more work at the time than it sounds like in that sentence.  Perhaps because the old phone was in basement storage vs. easily accessible in one of my junk drawers like it was 2 weeks ago.  

It ended up pouring rain on us while we were swimming, as well as some thunder, so the bike portion was scratched.  Some people did go out for a short run after we were done swimming, but I was a good girl and passed on that.  :)

I left my 910 XT on my wrist (vs. putting it in my swim cap), and my map and data came out pretty wonky.  Supposedly the 910 does better in this department than the 310, but i'm not impressed.  (DCrainmaker goes into detail about swimming outside with a GPS watch here, and specifically with the 910xt here.)  I think I'll put it in my cap next time.  I'll lose all the stroke data if I do that, but I'm not really familiar enough with those metrics to appreciate them anyway.  I just like looking at maps.  :)

We didn't swim very long at all.  I swam about 11 minutes, and I swam longer than most people did.   I was the first one to start and the last one to finish.  But it wasn't because I was slowest!  I was actually in the top 3 fastest!  Not that we were racing.  (Just kidding, of course we're always racing.)  Most of us in this group are extreme beginners/ 1st timers though, so I'm sure I'll still bring up the rear during the swim portion of a "real" race.

The lake swimming wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be, but it was kinda scary sometimes.  The water was really dirty; I hated looking at it through my goggles underwater.  (Crap, that just reminded me that I forgot to rinse out the skank water from my goggles and swim cap when I got home).  You really couldn't see more than about 6 inches in front of your face.  I crashed into a dude once as I was looping around the buoy to turn around.  And there was a metal post planted underwater (not sticking out of the surface at all) that scared the bejeezus out of me twice when I nearly crashed into it (saw it at the last second underwater).  It was gross and scary looking.  Trust me.  I was surprised that the bottom of the lake on my feet didn't bother me at all.  It wasn't slimy, it was coarse and grainy, which was nice.

It wasn't until I got in my car to drive home that I realized how bad I smelled from being in the skank water.  I threw all my stuff in the wash and got in the shower right away.  I swear I still smell it on my suit, even after it was washed.  Hopefully it's just my imagination.  My car probably still smells like that too.  Good thing it's not really my car and I get to give it back in a couple months.  :P

All in all, I'm pretty pumped about this triathlon thing.  I think I like it.  Considering how much I hate running in the summer heat, I could see this being a solution.  I could spend my summers doing more swimming and biking and short distance triathlons (5k and 10k runs), and then go back to the longer distance running when the weather gets cool again.  Ramp up my mileage through the winter for the early spring marathon seasons.  Long runs are so much easier in the cold!  I've said it before, but I will NEVER do another fall marathon.  Long runs in the summer majorly suck balls.

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  1. Thanks for the returning to running blueprint. You asked on mine, and I couldn't answer, because I don't have one. I have big plans to return on July 4th and run the hungry duck half marathon. I have pain when I walk at this point, so I'm not close, but then again, I'm only 6 days in. Forge ahead and send back scouting reports.


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