Thursday, May 16, 2013

Quick Update

Sorry I haven't written...I really haven't had anything to say!  I know you all are sick of me whining about my knee, and that's pretty much all there is to talk about it.  I'm in Pennsylvania right  now visiting my family, and decided to use that as the perfect excuse to take complete rest.  Perfect timing, considering I've been having pain during workout classes, walking, and swimming recently too.  I have pain on my right side in so many places now that I don't even know what's what.  Two spots up in the hip/glute/high hamstring area, and two spots in the knee area.

I haven't run since May 3rd!  It doesn't seem like that long, because I've been doing so many other things, but it has.  That's almost 2 whole weeks.  I haven't done anything at all since the 13th (swimming and yoga), and took 2 days off before that too, so the end of my "daily workout" pattern was actually May 10th.

The Cleveland half marathon is this Sunday, May 19th.  I'm still open to doing it, if the three more days of rest I have coming make a difference.  If nothing changes though, I probably won't.  I probably shouldn't.  I am going to go to Cleveland Saturday night and stay with a friend, but he's not running so I would be going to the race alone anyway, and that's not that much fun.  

I have a sports massage booked for Monday, back in Michigan, and I'm actually looking around here to see if I can get one today or tomorrow to see if that will be some kind of miracle cure or something.  I hate to "waste" the money I paid to register for Cleveland, but if it's going to be detrimental to my knee AND no fun, I guess I could consider it payment toward staying healthy and not being miserable, rather than wasted.  If skipping it meant I could be pain-free in time for Alaska on June 22nd, I definitely wouldn't run it.  Does anybody have a crystal ball???

Do I sound like a broken record yet?....

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