Tuesday, May 28, 2013

This post is not about running.

My doctor's appointment was this morning and I got a referral to an orthopedic surgeon.  Hoping to get an MRI, a new PT referral, and maybe a few steroid injections from the ortho.  More importantly, I'm hoping to get into see them in a reasonable time frame.  I have to go to U of M because of my insurance, and I fear it will take weeks to get an appointment.  Oh well.

Always check for ferromagnetic metals prior to entering the MRI suite!  


My hair was getting too long in the back so I went in for a haircut after my doctor's appointment this morning.  I really need to find a "real" stylist.  The guy that cut my hair originally (friend's husband) is moving away, and that salon was too expensive anyway, especially with short hair that needs to be cut frequently.  I have been going to Great Clips since then.  I hated the first haircut I got there, which was from a student, and that was the main motivator for me hacking it all off.  The second I got there, the redo/modification of my short cut, I really liked.  I went back today, hoping to get the same lady from the second cut, but I didn't think it through.  I walked in and there were two people on staff, one cutting somebody's hair, and one sitting there waiting for a customer.  The one waiting for a customer was girl #1, the student who did a kind of terrible job on my hair and motivated me to chop it all off.  She was there when I got it cut the 2nd time at GC and she totally recognized me.  She even remembered that I was a nurse and worked nights.  She thinks that I like her.  (And I do, she's very nice, just not too talented with the scissors).  Anyway, like I said, I didn't think it through.  Now what option did I have? Turn around and leave after seeing who would be cutting my hair?  That seemed rude.  I should have come up with a contingency plan before I walked in; some kind of excuse I could use if it was her that could get me out.  Like I forgot my wallet or something.  But I didn't have a plan.  So I sat down in the chair and hoped for the best.

If I had gotten the other lady I would have gotten a full haircut, but since I didn't I just asked her to cut the back of my neck and around my ears where it was getting a little crazy. I told her I didn't like it "tapered" but maybe that wasn't specific enough.  Maybe I should have said "I like it all one length".  Anyway, it's super super super short all the way up the back and on the sides now, and I'm left with a mop on top.  Argh.  And I have a job interview next week.  Double argh.  Great Clips doesn't take appointments - just walk-ins, so I don't have a way to book appointments with the girl I liked.  So yeah, I need to get my own stylist.  Preferably somewhere that's pretty cheap.


I always bounce around to different places.  I don't think I've ever gotten my hair cut consistently by the same person.  Same with doctors actually.  I never go to the same person.  The doc today actually kind of "yelled" at me for not waiting to see my primary, who wasn't available until next week.  I've actually only met my "primary" once, because I keep going to see whoever the first available person is at her group practice.  I really like "my" doctor, but so does every body else in Ann Arbor, apparently, because she's always booked up pretty tightly.


My hobby for the past month or so has been cleaning, since I haven't been working out.  I have been following the FlyLady methods somewhat religiously, and it's kind of addictive.  Actually, if I'm being honest, I've been doing a lot more than FlyLady says I'm supposed to.  I'm supposed to be patient and stick with the system and wait for the house to get clean over the next several months, but I guess I'm impatient.  It's funny, because my house was basically only cleaned for company over the past 4 years.  This is quite a change.  I'm doing lots of decluttering and organizing too, which is a lot more fun than "cleaning".  I wish I would have taken before and after pictures, but the only "before" I have is of the hall closet.  I do have some afters though.

This is the closet by the front door.  I couldn't get a photo of the whole thing at once because there's a wall behind me.  You get the idea.  
Dogs make dirty walls.  And floors.  Clean now though! 

 Dining room.  I wish I could leave the table and rugs out, it looks much nicer without it!  

The office was a dumping ground before.  There was paper and crap everywhere, and the bookshelf was overflowing .  Not the nicest looking room because of all the mismatched furniture, but probably the biggest improvement of all of them.  
Jeff put up shelves for my finisher's and age group award glasses by my medal rack.   Now I need to move the rack up to center it vertically and get rid of the degrees, which don't really make sense in that display! 
Made a super cool "charging station" in the office.....

I organized and cleaned Jeff's closet....

Did lots of filing.  (Still more to be done, as I need to migrate some things into the filing cabinet from old ones).  

Made a cool "beverage station", with my coffee, coffee syrups and creamers, David's teas, other teas, etc.  The wine is just for show.  Neither Jeff or I drink the stuff, lol.  

FlyLady 101: Shine your sink!  I also cleared the coffee pot and dishrack off the counter.  It looks so nice and open now! 

More FlyLady basics.  Left: My "Swish & Swipe" tools (kept on the floor, not on the counter, except for for the photo!  Right: My "control journal", though I really don't use it that much yet.  

There are lots of other things I did that I didn't take pictures of.  I have labels in the pantry and in all of my storage areas (plastic drawers and boxes and such).  I have no more junk drawers.  Basically, all of the closets and rooms in the house are completely organized.  I still have detail/zone cleaning to do everywhere but in the dining room and living room (I had to wear a mask because of all the dust and pet hair in the living room, especially on the cat tower and behind the couch!), but it at least looks nice.  I also still have to declutter and organize the basement, but nobody ever goes down there, so it's not the top of the priority list.  And I haven't really started with meal planning and grocery shopping yet.  Baby steps!  Overall, my house has gone from CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) to MIPOSTCSMHS (Must Invite People Over So They Can See My House Syndrome).  I need to work on the acronym. :P  Who wants to come visit?  I'm ready!  No need to warn me days in advance anymore!  

Here are my favorite "inspirations" for my new cleaning hobby (they're in my control journal!): 
  • Progress, not perfection. 
  • I can do anything for 15 minutes. 
  • I spent more time hating the mess than it took to clean the mess. 
  • Stop thinking and start doing.  

In case anyone is inspired by post to become a FlyBaby, I feel obligated to warn you about a few things.  1) She is really good at trying to sell you her cleaning tools.  Don't fall for it.  You can the same things cheaper elsewhere.  Unless you want to support her business because she does give great advice, in which case, by all means, buy buy buy!  2) The website is a little hard to navigate and it's hard to get the "big picture" of what your routines will look like when you're done.  There's no "one-stop-shop" with a complete overview of the system as far as I could tell.  Stick with it, do the daily routines, and poke through the weekly routines, daily focus, and zone cleaning stuff as you have time later on. I haven't worked out my weekly routines yet.  3) I find her somewhat sexist, old-fashioned, and overly religious, but I'm kind of a progressive feminist so maybe I'm overly sensitive.  Regardless, I just ignore that stuff and focus on the great advice.

Oh, also, there's a great private facebook group of FlyBabies called "A Clean Slate".  I like seeing everybody's before and after pictures, and advice.  

Hopefully I can keep up my routines when (if???) I get back to working out.  Time will tell I guess.  I'm actually considering heading off to the pool yet tonight, before I go into work.  Actually, nevermind.  I think I'll get Jimmy John's instead.  Tomorrow I'll work out.  :P  See the kind of funk I'm in??  No motivation anymore....


  1. U of M is pretty decent at getting you in within a week or so; or at least that was my experience with all my leg debacle over the last two months. I usually go to MSU but they couldn't get me in for two weeks and U of M got me in the next day. Good luck!!!

    As for hair, have you tried Ulta over by Whole Foods? They have done a great job with mine in the past.

  2. When you first posted about Fly Lady I checked out her site. I am currently in the addictive decluttering stage, although you have made way more progress than I have. I also have to admit that I broke down and bought some of her products. My rubba scrubba was delivered Tuesday. I bought a feather duster at Wal-Mart and it is already falling apart, but I am amazed at how well a feather duster works compared to a cloth or mit. So I am going to go all in and order her feather duster also. One more thing to blame you for, although I guess that running around the house cleaning should help work off some of those pretzel M&M calories.....

  3. I freaking love that picture of that lady. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :)

    I always get my haircut by the same person. Since, like, preschool.

    I need the cleaning tips...my house = yikes!


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