Thursday, June 13, 2013

Brain Dump

I've been meaning to write since the Kona Run this past Saturday but I've been really busy and haven't gotten to it.  So this post is unfortunately going to be a random smattering (is that a word?) of things that happened this week, and a preview of things that are going to happen next week.

First, the Kona Run.  I had originally planned on walking the 10K, but decided a few days before to not push my luck.  I did waffle a bit at packet pickup with Irina and ALMOST registered to do it at the last minute, (the shirts were so cute! And the medal!) but the $50 and the risk of knee damage ultimately kept me away.  I was sooo jealous of everyone running though.  The weather was about as good as you could get for a June race.  (I think it was like 55 and cloudy at the start?) .  I won't go in to detail about it (no time!), but if you're interested you can look at photos and videos I took.  The Kona is one of the few summer races I consistently enjoy.  I really love the finish line setup.  It was great to see all my run blogging and twitter friends!

Monday I shadowed in the operating room for 4 hours.  I liked it, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave my current position or not.  I was leaning toward staying on my current unit, but then last night (my last night of work before vacation!) I had a very unstable patient who reminded me why I want to leave!  (I'm not the type of person that loves emergencies.  The only thing I enjoy is when I get to do compressions, because it's a good workout and it's mindless, but you have to throw elbows to land that job in a code.  I don't mind documenting either, but I hate pushing drugs and managing the lines.)  Anyway, it probably won't matter whether I want to leave or not.  Because of the union at my hospital, transfers are based on seniority.  So unless they have a really good reason NOT to hire them (ie attendance issues), they have to take the most senior person that applies.  There were 200 applicants to 4 OR nursing jobs, they interviewed the top maybe 15 or so internal candidates.  When I shadowed there were 2 other nurses shadowing with me that had interviewed and they were both waaaay more senior than me.  (I only have 2.5 years.)  Oh well.  They run the internship every 6 months so I can keep applying each round.
Rockin' the OR garb.  
Actually I think I'll keep an eye out for a spot on the IV team.  I think that might be better.  Way more mindless.  I'd get to just walk around the hospital all night long and put in IVs.  I can handle that.  And if the patient codes while I'm doing it, I can start compressions and wait for the "real" nurse to take over.  Although I'm a little concerned about needle sticks while trying to poke combative and confused people.  Is job satisfaction worth a little Hep C??  Meh.  

This is a pretty salad Jeff made me this week: 
This is me doing a pushup in front of my laptop on a day when I was all gung-ho for strength training.  That mood has passed.  I feel like a fat sloth right now, thanks to no workout today and two peanut butter/chocolate bar type things (two different ones from two different sources).  

8 years of running and I didn't get a runner's body, but I'm well on my way to swimmer's shoulders after a few months.  Ha.  
We're leaving for our cruise today and I hope I feel better by then.  Feeling fat makes me want to eat, and wanting to eat crap is not a good thing when faced with free hotel and cruise food (desserts and buffets???...aaaaah!!)  

So yeah, cruise.  We're flying to Vancouver, cruising to Anchorage (kayaking, glacier hiking, and ziplining along the way), doing the Alaska Mayor's half marathon, and then flying home.  My goal for the race is to not run a single step.  It is going to be really freaking hard.  I don't know if I'll be able to do it.  I don't think I'll drop out of the race even if my knee gets bad.  So if I'm walking and it's hurting really bad I think I might start running, because why the hell not at that point, right?  But really I'm hoping to walk the whole thing, hopefully without undoing any of the healing all this rest has hopefully gotten me.  (I still haven't run since May 3rd, except that one 30 minute walk/jog test.)  Ultimately though, finishing this race is important to me, so even if I shred my knee and have to start over, I'm doing it.  I need a medal from Alaska.  

I'm excited for my cats to have the house to themselves.   We never buy them toys because the dogs eat them, but when we go away we turn the house into a kitty playground and actually get them toys.  Here are a few shots of the setup.  The toys aren't really shown because I can't put them out until the dogs are gone.  

This is actually a dog agility tube thing, but I figured the cats would like it.  I was right. 

They LOOVE this old wicker laundry basket. 

Random boxes scattered about.  Everybody knows cats love boxes. 

Look, a mouse! (I got 24 of those things for them!)
Oh, I forgot to mention, the next time I swim, I think I'm going to try for an "Iron swim".  I'm going to do 2.4 miles continuously.  I don't think it will be that bad as long as I slow down.  Famous last words. We'll see.  Actually it won't be "continuous" because I'm sure I'll have to get out to pee at least once.  Probably twice.  I figure it shouldn't take more than 2 hrs.  I think.  Maybe I could do it on the cruise? I don't know if they'll have a decent sized lap pool or not.  

Ok, nap time!   I have to wake up at 11:45 am to take the dog to her boarding place and get back in time to head out for my flight.  It's now 9:45 am.  2 hrs of sleep.  Assuming I fall asleep right now.  Which I won't.  Great.  Almost not worth it, huh?  

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  1. Your shoulders do look great! 3 years of swimming for me an I still have my ham shaped upper arms and blobby shoulders. Sigh. Have fun on your cruise.


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