Monday, June 3, 2013


Don't get excited, I am not referring to running success.  My run/walk yesterday hurt pretty bad and caused me to be slightly gimpy at work last night.

Last week, I finally went in to the doc and got a referral to an ortho.  I called to set up the appointment, and the earliest they had was July 9th!  I set it up, but was hoping to find something sooner.

Later that week, I called the Brighton clinic and got an appointment to see the same doctor on June 24th, which was better, but still not soon enough.

So I had been calling both clinics daily to see if they had cancellations.  I forgot to do so this morning (being Monday and all), and went to bed, but then remembered.  I debated just letting it go since I was tired and I hadn't been having luck anyway, but I ultimately decided to give it a whirl.

Success!  9am tomorrow (Tuesday).  Being a PIA pays off!

Oh, also, I had success finding a taker for my spot on the GLR team.  My friend Michelle from Cleveland (the one who got me started running in 2005!!) is taking my spot.  Sweet!  Plus I'll get to hangout with her when she comes to meet the team later this month.  Yay.  :D

Michelle and I, circa 2005, at a Metropark in the Cleveland area. 

Good night!

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  1. Great! Glad you got an appointment and someone to take your spot.


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