Wednesday, June 5, 2013


  • Copays at doctor's visits (3 and counting): $20 x3 = $60
  • Copays at physical therapy (7 and counting) = $140
  • Races I paid for and couldn't run = $190 and counting
  • PT equipment to use at home = $50
Still not being able to run?  Priceless.  Unbefuckinglievable.  

I'll write more about my ortho appointment yesterday when I'm not so sleepy and have more time.


On the bright side, swimming is going swimmingly.

After swimming 1950 yards continuous steady freestyle yesterday, I decided to do a "workout" today.  I opted for a "ladder" workout, which is my favorite.  In the table below, the details are as follows:
  • Interval 1: Freestyle 500 yd continuous warm-up
  • Interval 2: Freestyle 5 x 100 yd with 20 sec rests.  (Rests not counted in times in table)
  • Interval 3: Freestyle 5 x 75 yd with 15 sec rests. 
  • Interval 4: Freestyle 5 x 50 yd with 10 sec rests
  • Interval 5: Freestyle 5 x 25 yd with 5 sec rests
  • Interval 6: Backstroke 5 x 50 yd cool-down. 
(Paces listed are in minutes per 100 yds)  I'm happy that I actually managed to increase my paces as the repeat distances got shorter.    It wasn't that easy since the rest periods also got shorter!  5 seconds rest is basically just enough time to stop/start your watch and glance at the wall clock! 
Apparently Garmin Connect has this cool widget thing I can embed in blogger.  The link to "view details" works if you want to see what kind of swim data I get from my 910 xt.  I do have some peeves about the lack of functionality in a few areas, but I'll go into that another day.  

I remember when not long ago just rotary breathing for a single length of the pool was hard.....and when I was exhausted just trying to do 400 m continuously.  Being a n00b sure does make for fast improvements! 


  1. You're starting to sound like the intro to Born to Run. It's clearly time to start running barefoot, Ty.

  2. I hate you. You are already swimming faster than me. Dang it!


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