Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vacation Part I

For some reason I feel obligated to write a vacation recap, even though this is a running blog and you probably don't give two shits about my vacation.  I've been putting it off because I felt like it would take forever, but I have 45 minutes right now before I have to get ready for work, so I'm doing this thing.  Originally I had planned on breaking each day down into separate posts, but that's probably too detailed.  So here's the Cliff's notes.  Only 44 minutes left now.  Ready, Set, Go.

(For each Day/Section below you can view all the photos from that section by clicking the bold header link.)

Day 0: Thursday night in Vancouver 

We flew from Detroit to Vancouver and stayed the night there.  At the Detroit airport, I got a call with the job offer for the operating room.  I was still undecided so I told them I'd let them know by the next morning.  I got into town about 4 hrs before Jeff (we took separate flights).  During my alone time in the hotel, I did a workout video on my computer, did my ITB strengthening exercises, ate my complimentary Oreos I found on the bed (yay!!!) and had some free coffee from the lobby, which they kept brewing 24/7.  (Double yay!!)  I needed the caffeine because I ended up being awake for like 33 or 34 hours or something ridiculous like that, except for a 1.5 hour nap.  I was still hungry so I ordered delivery (pizza!), which was good, but ridiculously expensive.  A medium pizza cost me $30!!  At home it would be $8-$15.  Sheesh.  I took a picture of the pizza (See right.  The credit card is for scale).  At 4 or 5am Eastern time I finally called and accepted the new job offer and promptly fell asleep.  We took a cab to the cruise ship dock.  The only photos we got of the Vancouver area were from the boat.

Day 1: Friday night and Saturday At Sea

The first day on the boat we scoped out the ship.  I did some climbing on the rock wall, we played a round of mini golf, got some nice sunset boat photos, played some games.  Workout wise, Jeff and I paid $12 a piece to do a spinning class Saturday, and I did my leg strengthening stuff.  The spinning bikes were the same ones they use at RydeOn!, but the instruction wasn't nearly as good.  I did pretty good eating-wise at first, sticking to salads and fruit for my main courses, and one trip to the dessert table.  :)

You should definitely click to enlarge this photo to see my raging calf muscles.  

I killed Jeff at Othello.  He didn't have ANY corners or even edges when we were done.  Recipe for disaster, friends.  

Day 2: Kayaking in Ketchikan (Sunday)

The first "port of call" (I think that's what they called it?) was Ketchikan, Alaska.  It was definitely a tourist town.  Our guides for our kayak trip were all transplants or summer workers; no Alaska natives. If you ever do an Alaskan cruise and need to buy souvenirs, I'd recommend doing it in Ketchikan though.  They had a ton of stores and the best variety and prices.  I (wrongly) assumed that the other stops would be like this and saved most of my shopping for later, only to wish I had bought the stuff I had contemplated in Ketchikan.  It was really warm for the duration of our trip.  I put on tons of sunscreen!  Ketchikan apparently is a very rainy town, but we got lucky! The kayaking was pretty and fun, but I wish it would have been more aggressive.  They boated us out to a cove or something and we kind of just paddled around there.  I wouldn't have complained if it had been more of workout, because kayaking and walking were the only things I did this day.  Although, Jeff basically just sat in the back of the kayak and took pictures, while I did ALL of the paddling, so I did get SOME work.  More than he did anyway.

Okay, my time is past up, but it's not my fault.  My nephew called to video chat about his souvenirs from Alaska, so I had to take the call.  (He'll be two in September so there wasn't much actual "talking" but still...)

Next time: Day 3 Whale watching, Day 4 Hiking, Day 5 Ziplining, Day 6 Cruising by Hubbard Glacier.  

Off to work!

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  1. I give two shits. Great pictures on your last posts. I am sure they don't capture or come close to the full majesty.

    But eating healthy on a cruise ship? WTF!


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