Wednesday, July 24, 2013


It's done.  I bought a road bike.  And I'm happy with it.  

Here's how it happened:  I went over to the west side to go to Mast shoes, because I've been having problems getting good supportive work shoes that actually fit me well.  The people at Mast are freaking awesome.  I have been dealing mostly with Sean and he has been super helpful.  They didn't have the shoe/size combo that I needed, but I brought in a pair of shoes I bought last week from another store and he still was super helpful and helped me modify them to make them fit better.  I highly recommend them.  

Anyway, Mast is super close to the bike store where I bought my hybrid several years ago, so I decided I should just "pop in there quickly" to see what they had.  (Quick? Yeah right.  Clearly I ended up staying there forever and ended up leaving with a bike!)  

That's the guy that helped me, and my bike.  Both are awesome. 

Taking him home!  I'm pretty sure my bike is male, even though it's a women's bike.  I should probably name him.  Any suggestions?  

It's a Giant Avail 1.  It's a 2012 model so I got 15% off.  It's kind of the perfect combination of the bikes I had been looking at thus far.  
  • 2012 Specialized Dolce Comp 1 : $1000, 51 cm, white, TWT.  Good price, good components.  TWT is the bike store that my new female idol works at, so that goes in the "good" column too.  Also it was available to buy and take home same day, so "pro" there.  Too small size (debatable, but I'm counting that in the "bad"), and white would not be my first color choice. 
  • 2014 Specialized Dolce Comp 1: $1300 ish, 54 cm, white w/ green, TWT, not available for another month.  Right size, okay price, okay color, BOO can't ride it ASAP!  Same specs as the 2012 comp as far as I know.  You already know how I feel about the fitter at TWT.  :)
  • 2014 Specialized Ruby ... : $2000 ish, 54 cm, black/gray, TWT, not available for another month.  Right size, WAY expensive, only carbon/composite bike I considered seriously, but I ruled it out mostly on price.  That's the one my favorite fitter wanted me to get.  I could have gotten a carbon frame for less, but I would have had to sacrifice the components, and the consensus was that I'd be better off with an aluminum frame and better components.  
  • 2012 Giant Avail 1: $1165 after discount.  Good price, good color (except the white tape on the handle bars!), right size, available to take home same day (done!), and it had brakes on the flat handle bar part, so I can ride it like my hybrid til I get used to it.  It's basically the Giant equivalent of the Specialized Dolce Comps above.  (Apparently they're all made by Giant anyway?!?)  Another perk is that it's from GLCF, which is the same place I bought my hybrid, so I won't have to deal with two different bike shops for service, since I do plan to keep my hybrid for commuting.  I talked to their fitter, and he seems to think he can do as good a job or better than the fitters at TWT, so I decided to take his word for it.  They did some preliminary adjustments and then I can make an appointment after I put some miles on it to hammer out the details.  Plus I get free fittings and tune ups for life, so I can do it again when I get clipless pedals and shoes which might throw things off.  I'm going to ride it at the Tri Club brick workout tomorrow and then at the triathlon on Sunday!  Hopefully it makes me at least a little bit faster!  Oh, they guys at GLCF were super helpful too.  They walked me through answers and demonstrations on a ton of stupid newbie questions I had, including really basic how the gears work stuff.  I'm happy overall.  :D  See? 
I had a great today.  I love Ann Arbor.  Although, 3 people today told me I over-think things, in three different contexts.  (doing a surgical hand scrub at work, analyzing shoes, and trying to figure out the gearing on my bike).  I get told that a lot, but 3 separate situations in one day is a lot even for me.  

I swore to myself I was going to do my "homework" assigned reading from class/work today, but here it is 12 minutes til bedtime and I still haven't started. Fail.  There's always the weekend!

I also forgot that I had dessert (a 480 calories brownie) at lunch today, and had dessert with dinner too (2 subway cookies for about 440 calories).  Fail on that.

AND I didn't go to yoga as planned at 5:30 pm because of the impromptu bike shopping.  Fail #3.    Except the rest will probably be good for me.  So my new "triathlon taper plan" (Thanks Melissa!) is rest Wednesday (today!), 18.5 mile bike + 30 min run Thursday, rest Friday and Saturday, triathlon Sunday.  I guess I'll have time to catch up on my reading on Friday and Saturday. :)  I haven't had a single rest day since June 29th (28th if you count a 5 mile leisurely walk on the 29th), and now I'm going to take 3 in one week!  We'll call it tapering.  While we're at it, let's go ahead and call my double desserts today carbo loading.  K?


Give me some names for my new ride!! 

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  1. Robin is quite the looker!

    That's so long with no rest days, you really got after it!


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