Friday, July 12, 2013

First Group Ride!

I finally made it to the group bike ride for the local triathlon club I'm a member of.  Technically it was their bike/run brick, but I opted not to run since I "ran" yesterday, and any running I did wouldn't be enough to keep up with anybody since I'm still walk/jogging.   

Pre-ride photo of my bike. 
The short version is that it was awesome.  They had the ride broken into 3-4 groups, with speed guidelines for each.  I rode with the "newbie" group, which was anybody <16 mph.  It was perfect.  A little leisurely at times (I had to coast and/or brake a few times to keep from overtaking somebody), but I would much rather that than feel like I was struggling to keep up on my first ride.

Here are the ride stats:

It was really fun.  The route didn't have a ton of stop signs and traffic lights like I'm used to, so my pace was a bit better than my "usual".  I was really surprised at how comfortable the temperature was.  When I first woke up and went outside I felt like I was in a sauna and was really not looking forward to riding.  But it's so much more comfortable to bike in the heat than it is to run!  Summers are now going to be for biking and open water swimming, while winters can be for running and pool swimming.  Yay variety!  

A picture of some of the club members.  There were a lot more there than are shown!  
I met a girl there too who I really liked.  I may have convinced her to do Ironman Wisconsin 2015 with me.  I already have another training partner lined up for that, so she would make a group of 3 of us!  And I know two other people doing it in 2014 so I can cheer for them and spectate when I go to volunteer and secure my spot for 2015.  (Yep, this shit is happening).

The only negative from the ride was some A-hole who stalked us in his car and said we couldn't ride where we were (we only passed through briefly) because it was a private community and we didn't live there.  Ugh.  We were single file, quiet, and let him go first at an intersection.  I don't get it.  How are we negatively impacting his life exactly??  Plus, as far as I know, the tri club has been riding there for like eternity.

Post-ride photo at home. 
I need to get a different pair of tri shorts.  I hate the ones I have (pictured above).  The fabric is way too thin and I don't like the banded legs at the bottom.  I don't love the top either (I need more space in front of and under my arm), but it's tolerable for short distances.  I'll have to try on some others and bite the bullet and pay non-clearance prices (that whole outfit was only like $40).  

Tomorrow (tonight?) I'm meeting the tri club again for their open water swim practice.  Fun stuff! I didn't realize how much I missed group activities since I haven't been going to any group runs.  I don't have any real friends nearby so the group run/bike/swim buddies are my only social interaction other than work.  I'm glad to be back! 

Last night was my last night at my "old" job.  I start my operating room internship on Monday.  Still not looking forward to M-F day shift.  On the other hand, I'll have a little more money to spend on gear and races.  :)

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  1. That looks like you guys had a lot of fun! Yeah people don't like cyclists. Macho men in cars don't make it any better. I like the banded legs on shorts, hope you found some good ones!


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