Monday, July 22, 2013

Girl Crush

I went to another bike shop today, the same company as the one I went to yesterday, but a different location.  I wanted to get a second opinion on what bike to get, and honestly, was fully prepared to buy one.

Instead, I ended up meeting my new idol.  I officially have a huge girl-crush on the salesperson.  Not in the let's do the lesbian thing kind of way (okay, maybe a little), but in a OMG I want to be you kind of way.  This is unusual, because for one thing, I tend to dislike people in general, especially women.  "Guilty until proven innocent" type of thing.  But this girl was freaking awesome.  I loved her personality, her glasses, her freaking awesome biceps, and everything else you could possibly like about a person.  I want to grow up and be just like her.  I've actually written a blog post mentioning her before (even though I'd never met her!), and didn't realize that's who she was today until I asked.  FYI, I'm being intentionally vague because I wouldn't want her to find this via a google search and think I'm some kind of creeper or something!  (Even though I totally am.)

In the end, I ended up not getting a bike, because they really didn't have anything right for me, and because she convinced me not to get either of the bikes I was considering, even though they were both super sweet deals.  Unfortunately, everything is apparently out of stock until the 2014 bikes come out at the end of next month, so I guess I'll get one then.  It looks like I'm getting a Specialized Ruby at about $2K, or a Dolce Comp at about $1350 (but in a larger size than the one I almost bought yesterday).  So she's basically doubled my budget if I go with the Ruby.  Which is not too bad, considering that I'd probably buy the whole store if she asked me to.

That is all.

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