Sunday, July 14, 2013

Happy to Bike when it's HOT

It's hot out today.  I just checked and it says 86, but it sure feels hotter than that to me.  I would go look at the thermometer outside our kitchen window but that would involve getting off the  Anyway, it's days like these that I don't miss running long!!  Biking in the heat isn't nearly as bad, because you have the wind in your favor.

Today I wanted to do a longer bike ride.  I convinced Jeff to come with me and we packed up and headed to Lower Huron Metropark.

This was my attempt at taking a photo of the entrance sign to the park.   I missed.  
It took some convincing to get Jeff to go.  He says he's "out of bike shape", even though every time we've ever gone he's just leisurely pedaling along and I'm dying.  He ended up coming.  Here are some pre-ride photos:

I like my new shorts so much better!  
Right after the above photo was taken, I realized I forgot my Garmin and my heart rate monitor at home!!!  I was so mad.  I really like having my heart rate monitor when biking.  It reminds me to work. I've found that part of the reason I'm so slow on the bike is because I always expect it to be easy.  I have to kind of cheer myself on in my head.  I imagine I'm in a spin class, and it helps me pedal harder and faster.  I keep reminding myself that it's a workout, not a leisurely roll to get somewhere!  The heart rate monitor keeps me honest, so I can make sure I'm working.  It takes a lot of focus....anytime I zone out or get distracted I revert back to leisure-ride mode.  But, I didn't have any of that today, so I had to just go by feel.  The ride kind of ended up being a bust, in terms of a workout.  About 4 miles in we got stopped by a train.  Another cyclist that rides there frequently said that there's a train yard nearby and that they sometimes stop for 2 hrs at a time!  I'm glad he was there and knew his way around; we ended up following him on a detour out of the park, around the train, and back in to the next park down, Willow Metropark.

I mapped the route from my computer after we got home.  I wish I had speed data; I pushed pretty hard on the return trip.  If it were up to me, we would have continued down into Oakwoods Metropark to the end and then turned around, rather than looping around Willow and coming back, but Jeff didn't want to.  So the rided ended up not being that long after all.  It's long enough though I guess... the bike distance in my triathlon is only 10-12 miles.

I didn't take any photos while we were riding, but I found some good pics and descriptions on this blog; she basically did the same ride we did, but she did complete it by going down into Oakwoods instead of lollipopping at Willow.

Photo of the bike trail from
The only bad thing about the trail was that there were 10mph speed limit signs everywhere.  We were probably ranging from 11 to 20 mph, on the higher end of that range except on the uphills.  I figured if I got "pulled over"  (do they do that??)  I could feign ignorance since we didn't have any bike computers or GPS watches or anything with us.  Oh, and the train.  That was a bad part too!

When we were done we had a picnic lunch that I had packed:

Women don't sweat.  We GLISTEN.  :P
Random aside:  I love my short hair.  After being under a bandana and a helmet for over an hour, it still looked great (rather, exactly the same as it does when I'm not a sweaty mess).  I didn't take a picture.  You'll have to take my word for it. The length I'm settling in to as my "favorite" is shorter than any of you have seen in person.  Every time any of my blogger friends have seen it (Glass City, Solstice) it has been much longer than the length I like. I should take a picture rather than using so many words, but again, that would involve getting off the couch, so no.  I do still have to do a little core workout at some point today, but that time is not now either! 

First day of my new job bright and early tomorrow morning, wish me luck!

Addendum: I just got up to put my ice cream dish in the sink and the thermometer says 94.  Hot.

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  1. haha much more of a breeze than running. Sometimes you sweat more (at least you are more able to notice) when you are stopped than when you are biking!


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