Saturday, July 13, 2013

Scare-free Swimming and a Sleepy Shopping Spree

Nothing like over-alliterated blog titles to alienate my audience.  You're welcome.

So where we? Oh yes, I had done my first group bike ride, complained about my tri shorts, and mentioned  my plan to go to the open water swim practice the next day (Friday).  Let's start there.

I headed out to Pinckney Rec area Friday evening for the triathlon clubs group swim practice in Silver Lake.  I had never been to this park before, but I've heard great things so I was excited to go.  When I eventually (traffic was terrible!) got there, I found the beach okay but only saw kids playing, no swimmers or anyone resembling a tri club.  I was wandering around searching for a while (it was 10-15 minutes past the official start time by that point) when I ran into a girl I had met at the bike ride the previous day, who was also new and wandering around lost.  We compounded our efforts (of aimless wandering) for a bit until we saw two hardcore looking swimmers out in the lake.  I had heard that the swims weren't heavily attended, so I decided to just start swimming, whether we were in the right spot or not.  Turns out we were, and the swimmers out there were the entirety of the club's representation at this workout.

Anyway, this lake was awesome.  So far this summer I've swum in Kent Lake at Island Lake Rec, at Thompson Lake in Howell, and now at Silver Lake at Pinckney Rec.  Silver Lake was the best hands down.  It also helped that it was sunny on Friday.  Every other lake swim I have done it has either been extremely overcast, raining, or full on thunderstorming.  It make the underwater look more like a scene from the Little Mermaid than an underwater haunted forest.  I saw tons of fish and got mauled by a few seaweeds but didn't freak out once.  When my pool is closed (for the entire month of August) I might just head up there for all my swimming.  I got pretty good at sighting while practicing yesterday.  I also realized how much harder swimming is in a lake....I didn't realize how much of a break you get by turning around and pushing off the walls in a lap pool!  2.4 miles (Ironman swim distance) in a pool definitely isn't even close to 2.4 miles in a lake, or heaven forbid, the ocean.  There were actually waves at one point during my swim!  That was kind of a cool/weird feeling.  I don't know if they were from a boat or what but it threw me off for a minute when they first started!

Unfortunately, my GPS dropped out during my swim so I don't have good data.  It tracked my time but completely missed a lot of distance so my paces are waay inaccurate.    :(  Here's the map that it made anyway.


Friday night I made myself go to sleep at a normal (non-nocturnal) human time of 11pm, with the aid of some Benadryl.  Unfortunately, it only lasted until about 3am so I went ahead and woke up.  I had made a pretty hefty to-do list for Saturday (today) so I figured the extra time wouldn't hurt!  I started with planning out some meals to make for next week, which I never do.  We'll see if they actually happen or not, but at least the first step is done!  Oh, I also sorted, rinsed and soaked some dried beans that have been in my cabinet for like a hundred years, to use in one of the recipes. .

Next, I went on a 30 minute walk/run.  I'm now at 50/50 walking and running. (2:30 alternating each 6 times). Next time I'll be doing more running than walking, at 3:00 runs and 2:00 walks!
Run/walks sure do make pretty plots!!

I still definitely need the ITB strap though.  While I was out I ran into my old running club, which was cool.  I hope to be back out with them soon.  After my run I headed to the gym to do my self-PT routine, which took just over an hour.

Moving right along after that (I showered first), I headed into town to do some major shopping and errand running.  I needed OR-dedicated shoes for work, so I started at the shoe store (Mast shoes: I highly recommend them for good-quality supportive footwear).   I tried on like a thousand pair (I think the sales guy was ready to strangle me!....not really though, their staff is amazing) and finally settled on Sanita clogs.  I liked them in the store on the carpet, but I realized after I got home how noisy and clunky they are, so I might take them back.  For $115 I had better freaking love them.

I also had a minor ($80!?!....not so minor) impulse buy and got some new Teva sandals.  I do love love love them though, so they're not going back.

So at this point I've only been to one of many stores I had planned to visit today, and already my wallet was hurting pretty bad.  

Next up was the bike store just down the street, to get tire changing equipment for bike, since I was riding without supplies and taking my chances up until this point.  I got tire wrenches or whatever the tools are called, and a small saddle bag, but they were out of my tube size AND out of CO2 cartridges and guns.  Rargh.  

Thats the saddle bag up top.  I ended up getting the tube and some CO2 at another store.  I'll get to that soon. 
Next up:  Running Fit to attempt to find some tri shorts that I don't hate.  I tried on basically every pair they had that was less than $80 (probably about 10 pair?) and hated all of them.  I tried on a couple tops too and didn't like them either.  That was a bust.  I did end up buying a race belt though.  It was only $7.  

 I decided to go to REI to look for tri shorts, because I really don't want to wear the ones I have.  I need to go to REI more often.  That place is awesome.  I paid the $20 for the lifetime membership today.  It never expires and you get 10% cash back on all your purchases at the end of each year.  Plus you get to shop on the "members only" discount/return rack, where I found the MOST AWESOME winter running tights.  Nice tights are usually like $50-$100.  These are a really nice thick material, with zippers on the ankles, and they're super comfy.  I think they might be mens because the waist is pretty high on me, but I love my tights high-waisted, so they're perfect.  Guess how much??  GUESS!!??

THIRTEEN DOLLARS.  I should put them on so you can appreciate their beauty.  They're nicer than my $75 Nike tights.  Super flattering too.  This was clearly the highlight of my day.  I also got my bike tubes and CO2 cartridges at REI.  They were out of the CO2 guns too though, so hopefully if I get a flat before I get the gun I can borrow another biker's!

REI had a very small selection of triathlon clothing, but I did find some shorts I liked!  I wouldn't say I love them, but I don't hate them, and they're 1000x better than the ones I currently have, and weren't obscenely expensive as far as tri shorts go ($54, but they're all ridiculously expensive so that's not bad!).  They are Danskin, which is the same brand as my top that I got before.  I tried on the top that went with the shorts but I didn't like it, at least not enough to pay another $68 for it.  I figured the color stripe would match my current top closely enough.  What do you think?

Over the past couple months I have been doing really well about not buying crap I don't "need", but I guess it all caught up with me today.  Now that I've started I want to go online and buy MORE stuff.

This hydration pack is one thing that's been nagging me to buy.   I haven't caved yet though. 
After I was done with all of that shopping (and lunch was in there at some point!) I dropped off a load of clothes at the Salvation Army and (finally) made it home.  I'm really tired!  I actually hate shopping, because I'm really picky, so it's hard work!

Tomorrow Jeff and I are planning on packing a picnic and going for a long-ish bike ride (~20 miles) in one of the metroparks (probably Lower Huron).

Oh, I also signed up to volunteer at the He Tried /She Tried /We Tried triathlon on July 21st. I said that my preference was to be "Transition Security".  I'm hoping that would give me a good view into how that transition business works.

Well, that's it!  More than you ever wanted to know about my day!  It's 7:30 pm and I'm exhausted.  I'm trying to hold out for 8pm before I go to bed....wish me luck.

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  1. I love alliterations (and lamp!). Blog points for Ty! Look at you, champ of open water swimming! I like that tri outfit and I should stop by REI too. It is around the corner from my bike shop so I really don't know why I don't make it in more often!


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