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Vacation Part II

How have I not written since June 26??  I swear I was going to write this post the very next day.  I wouldn't even bother writing this at this point, since I've procrastinated so long, but at least one of you has stated that you do, in fact, "give two shits" about my vacation recap, so I shall continue.  As promised, here is : Day 3 Whale watching, Day 4 Hiking, Day 5 Ziplining, Day 6 Cruising by Hubbard Glacier.  I also have been adding captions to the photos in the albums themselves when I have something interesting to say. 

Jeff booked the whale watching tour through a local company, instead of the one provided by the cruise.  The cost was the same, but the experience was much better.  Instead of being packed onto a fairly large boat with 50 other people, we went out on a small fishing boat with one other family of four.  It was much easier to move around to see the whales depending on which side of the boat they were one at any given time.  It was hard to get photos, so we actually took more video, in 20 second segments, so we were more likely to catch something interesting.  We only "saw" one actually jump clear out of the water, and actually we missed that because we were facing the other direction and didn't turn around until we heard the splash.  We got lots of blowholes, fins, and tails though!

Day 4: Hiking in Juneau

This one was my favorite day!  The hike was much more challenging than I expected for a tourist activity.  Again, Jeff booked it from a private/local company.  Our guides were awesome, and except for the very beginning ( I was tired and grouchy and there were SO MANY MOSQUITOS!!)  it was amazing.  Here is the company we used, I would highly highly recommend them.  The hike was through the woods to the glacier, then we had to put on rain gear, helmets, and crampons to walk on the glacier itself.  Then before we headed back was the "grand finale" of the ice cave, where we actually went UNDER the glacier, which was crazy.  I used my GPS watch so here's the map of what we did:

Here is a link to the map if you want to zoom in or out or whatever. 
Sorry in advance for taking so much space, but I wanted to include more photos of this one.  Here are some highlights of the hike: 
Getting ready to go. 

Slippy slippy.  Kind of wish I would have worn something other than sneakers, but on the other hand I would have definitely gotten blisters if I had.   

My butt and lots of greenery. 

We stopped here for a snack. 

Up, up, up! 

We had to put on our gear to transition to the glacier.  That's me in the purple jacket and blue helmet. 

Me and Jeff on the glacier. 

On the glacier, overlooking the lake. 

Getting ready to go into the ice cave! 

In the ice cave.  That water was really cold.  

Ridic, right? 

Ice cave pose. 

Thats me at the top of what I thought was the scariest part of the hike, going down that "cliff". 
I wore my ITB strap during the hike, and was surprised that I really didn't have much pain during the 7 mile hike that took most of the day.  The only time it really hurt was one really long downhill, and a little at the beginning.   Win! (Especially since this was just a few days before the half marathon).

After the hike we went to the "Twisted Fish Co" for dinner in Juneau.  This was also my favorite restaurant from our trip.  We chose the "coconut crusted salmon strips with berry chutney" appetizer, and it was amazing.  It was basically really fancy fish sticks, but damn they were good.  I could have eaten a lot more of those!


Day 5: Ziplining in Skagway

Zip-lining was probably my least favorite excursion we did.  I had never been zip lining before, so I'm glad we tried it, but it was kind of boring.  It was like an amusement park ride, and I'm  not into those either.  I went upside down and did front and back flips and stuff, but I still wasn't impressed.  The scenery was pretty of course though.  The highlight of Skagway was stopping at a fudge shop and I ate quarter pound of it single-handedly in one sitting. They had one called "Inside Passage" which was chocolate fudge with a pocket of peanut butter in the middle (not peanut butter fudge, but straight up peanut butter right out of the jar).  It was awesome.

Me, upside down. 
A pretty photo I took while waiting for the ride back to town. 
A harbor seal, seen from the van on the way back to town. 

Day 6: Cruising by Hubbard Glacier

I don't really have anything to say about this.  We cruised up as close as we could to another glacier, without having a Titanic-style mishap from all the icebergs.  Way less cool than actually walking on and UNDER one like we did in Juneau!  (We hike on Mendenhall glacier and cruised by Hubbard glacier).

Thats the glacier between the water and the mountain. 

Phew I'm glad that's over.  Hard work blogging about vacation!  Now I can get back to the things I actually want to write about!

PS, my healthy eating didn't last beyond the first day or two of the cruise.  I already told you about the fudge, and both times we ate in the main dining room I got TWO desserts with my meal.  One day I had macaroni and cheese and french fries for dinner.  Another day I had my meal and dessert, and then stopped at a snack place shortly after for dessert the sequel.  I ended up 5 lbs heavier when I returned than when I left, which is about what I expected.  (I had calculated 6 lbs gain based on how many calories I thought was eating each day, erring slightly on the side of overestimating, and assuming 3500 excess calories = 1 lb.).  

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  1. Wow, that hike looks amazing! Actually, the whole trip looks pretty awesome. Great photos.


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