Monday, August 26, 2013

Flamingo surgery

Yesterday I went on a group ride with the team I was supposed to run GLR with.  (I ended up giving my spot at GLR away to my friend Michelle due to my knee issues.)  We rode from Gallup Park in Ann Arbor out to the A&W Drive-in in Dexter.  It was nice to ride with group.  I meet a group Thursdays to ride, but they are usually all faster than me so I end up riding alone.  This time it was actually a group ride!  I didn't end up getting anything at A&W, but everybody else got a blended root beer/ice cream thing.  I think it was called a black cow?  Or a brown cow?  I don't know.  I'm glad I didn't get one. I tried some of Michelle's and didn't really like it.  Here's we are; them with their brown/black cows....and me and my water bottle:

Because of this "event", I opted not to do a triathlon yesterday.  The Tri Goddess Tri was on the books tentatively, but I hadn't registered so I did this instead.  I think I made the right choice.  :)

I'm going to try to get them, or a subset of them, to ride again this weekend!  Although, I guess it's Labor Day weekend, so maybe people will be busy.  We'll see.  Michelle (in the white, beside me) came in all the way from Cleveland to ride with us and go out to the Jolly Pumpkin after.  AND she's coming out to camp with me at Woodstock September 7-9th.  Yay.


My Google + autobackup for photos taken on my phone stopped working for some reason.  It's pissing me off.  I had another random photo and short anecdote to share here, but the photo isn't here and I'm not going to get out of bed to go get my phone to upload it manually.  Sorry.


Right, so flamingos.  What did you think of when you read my blog title.   Something like this?

Or this?

Poor flamingo. 

Probably not.  Y'all know I work in the operating room now so you probably guessed where this was okay.  So yeah, I spent a lot of time in surgery today practicing some flamingo-esque stances.  I figured I could work on not dropping my hips at work!  So I would stand on one foot, keep my hips level, and do like 5 super-mini squats, then switch to the other side.  People probably thought I was crazy.  Nobody said anything though.  Maybe they didn't notice.  Nobody pays attention to the scrub person, unless we screw up.  :)

Pretty much exactly like the lady looks, actually.  Although  I kept my bent knee back, more in in line with my other leg.  It gave a little hamstring work that way too.  
I didn't fall onto the table with the patient, so that was a win.  It's great to be able to accomplish something, no matter how minor, at work.  I do kind of miss being able to take care of little things during the work day like I did when I was an engineer.  I could pay a bill or two, do a little online shopping, etc.  I could occasionally do a tiny bit of internet stuff on the night shift out on the floor or in the ICU, but definitely not now that I'm scrubbing in the OR!  That said, I wouldn't have been able to do flamingo poses out on the floor on a busy night.  You'd have to stand still for that!  Here, I have no choice but to stand still.  I stand on a step that's about 1.5 ft x 1 ft for hours at a time.  And do flamingo style hip exercises apparently, from now on.

I've also been riding my bike to work since I gave back the VW GTI research vehicle.  It's like free exercise!  (Free because it's not "working out" it's "commuting").  I ride Clover (my hybrid), not Robin (my road bike), because I have a bike rack and lights and such on Clover, so it's much more convenient for commuting.  It's easy on the way there since it's all downhill, but it's all uphill on the way home.  It's only 3 miles one way, so it's not bad at all.  It's actually really nice to kind of get me into workout mode after work, versus couch mode, which is often what I want to do usually when I drive home.  Even if I'm not working out after, it's a good warm up for my muscles so that when I get home I can do all the PT stretches I'm supposed to do.  I don't ride to work on Thursdays though, since that's brick day with the tri club and I figure that's enough!  I'm starting to really like biking.  Which is good, because I'm kind of over swimming.  I'm going to try to take the triathlon group swim class at my gym the next time it's offered.  Until then I'm going to lay off the water I think.


I did a tiny bit of upper body lifting in my basement today.  I discovered during my mini-workout that I lift heavier at home that at the gym, because I'm not afraid to scrunch up face, breathe loud, or make weird noises.  Plus you don't have to wait for equipment or deal with all the OTHER people making weird noises, singing to their headphones, making eye contact with me (avert, avert!!), leaving their ass sweat all over the benches, etc, etc.  (I love it when people use their sweat towel to wipe their sweat off the machines instead of the disenfectant wipes.  How exactly is that accomplishing anything???)

I think that's enough random for one evening.  Good night!

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