Sunday, August 4, 2013

Long Bike #1

I went for my first "long" bike ride today.  My goal was 30 miles, 15 mph.  I pretty much did that:

The ride was pretty uneventful.  I went to Lower Huron Metropark again, this time by myself.  I don't think I'll go back there next week though.  I really need practice on hills, and it's really quite flat there.  Plus there wasn't enough trail to do 30 miles.  I had to do a weird circle near the middle and then extend out of the park onto the main road at the end, which I didn't like.

And here are the splits:
I like how low my heart rate stays while biking on flat terrain, compared to a long run.  Actually that's probably a bit too low, I should probably aim for averages around 150-155.  Hills will help that part too.  I have a buddy lined up for my ride next Sunday, so that will be nice.  She's one of the people I know doing Ironman Wisconsin 2014.

I realized today and Thursday how much of a difference padded bike shorts really make.  I hadn't really been having any issues in that department, so I decided to go to the Thursday brick in regular compression shorts (more like short tights....they aren't really compressy at all).  Big mistake.  My girl parts got all numb, and it was only an 18 mile ride!  Today's 30 was much better, thanks to nicely padded bike shorts.  Does anybody know if you are supposed to wear underwear with them??  I did, but I tend to wear underwear with everything, even when most people don't. (Like running shorts with the built in liner/brief, for example).  Please share your insight into underwear etiquette with bike shorts in the comments.  :)  I think I should get men's boxer briefs.  Not just for biking, but for all the time.  They look comfy.  And no more wedgies!  I don't really need the open fly business, but oh well.

The only hiccup from today's ride was a blister on my right hand from the bike handle.  Normally I wouldn't care, but any cuts or abrasions on your hands are a huge PIA when you're a nurse, and ESPECIALLY when you have to do surgical hand scrubs.  This at least makes the decision for me in terms of which hand scrub product to use.  My options were Chlorhexidine scrub (alcohol based, OUCH), Avagard sanitizer/rub (alcohol based, OUCH), or a povidone-iodine scrub (winner!.... I think iodine doesn't burn...right??...I'll find out in the morning, as I time my hand/arm washing for SIX minutes.)

In other news I ate way too much junk food today.  Started with Tim Horton's for breakfast (egg/cheese sandwich on multigrain flatbread + vanilla cream donut and coffee).  Then had Subway for lunch (6" veggie sub w/ 2 cookies).  Then Jimmy John's for dinner (Veggie sub w/ light cheese and no mayo, w/ BBQ chips).  Then for some reason I decided to make no-bake cookies and had about 600 calories worth of those!!  I haven't been counting calories for ages, but I'm kind of curious as to how much that is....  one moment....

  • TH meal: 600
  • SW meal: 710
  • JJ's meal: 700
  • no-bake cookies: 600
  • milk: 100
  • TOTAL: 2710.   Oh man that's like nothing.  I burned 700 or so biking.  I should've eaten more no-bakes.  :P  Kidding.  Sort of.  This is why I quit counting calories though.  I eat much healthier (more healthy food, less junk food) when I'm not counting.  It's amazing how much crap you can fit into your calorie limits.  
Oh, my RSS reader is apparently folding, so, what do all use?  Leave me your client of choice in the comments.  And whether or not to wear underwear with padded bike shorts.  Or, just say hello.  All you lurkers who read my blog secretly... check in now! :)  


  1. I've read that people typically don't wear underwear with bike shorts and I hadn't realized that. I'm like you though. Rather than getting some men's boxer briefs, try looking into boy shorts. It's underwear for women and you can find different lengths for the leg parts - some are short, some longer. It wouldn't be baggy like boxer briefs would be. Maybe you'd like those.

  2. I had worn underwear on the bike for a couple of months, but it always got pretty uncomfortable as a seam would eventually feel like it was some torture technique. I was reading someone's blog and they were like "if you have any q's let me know" so I asked about her bike riding, bike shorts, and underwear. She said she never wore underwear. I thought I'd give it a shot. I thought it was fine and didn't feel like I was missing anything. All of that is pertaining to my solid bike shorts. I have two pairs of mesh-y type ones that I either wear under a regular pair of adidas shorts or under my cycling dress. Those I always wear underwear so as to not risk a gust of wind/falling and showing everyone what i've got going on!

  3. Lurker here. I can never decide what to do about underwear. I feel your pain.

  4. Underwear is a no no. They probably wouldn't be too bad on a short ride, but I see major chafing issues on a long ride.

  5. I use and think it's pretty good. It's the closest thing I've found to Google Reader and has mobile apps too. It's not free but not expensive and it's one guy trying to do this on his own so I think that's pretty cool.


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