Thursday, August 15, 2013

No Time!

AAAH.  I've had things to write about, I swear.  But I haven't had time to write anything.  Maybe one day I'll get around to it.  Until then, it looks like blogging might be taking a back burner.  By the time I get done with work, working out, dinner, and reviewing my notes from work, it's usually 8pm, which is pretty darn close to bedtime, and I spend that time usually catching up on blog READING, not writing.  Then the weekend is spent cleaning the house, doing the long workouts, studying, etc.

Add to that the fact that either my SD card, or the SD card reading functionality in my phone is broken so I can't take pictures with it.  Without pictures, my blog posts get really boring!  I did just order a new SD card on Amazon.  It should get here on Monday.  I hope it's the card that's bad and not the phone.  Here are some updates:

  • My knee has been hurting since my run on Tuesday so I skipped my run today.  I did 3, 3, 5 miles last week (Tu, Th, Sa), and was planning 4, 3, 6 this week but haven't run since the 4 on Tuesday because it's been a little sore.  FML.  I really thought I was over it this time. 
  • I kinda hate yoga instructors, and some pilates instructors.  Just stop talking.  ("Give yourself a Monday hug".  "Beee happy, beeee healthy, beeee etc etc etc."  "Let your big toes kiss".  blah blah blah.  Can it please. )
  • New PR pace on the bike portion of the brick workout tonight (I skipped the run).  17.6 mph average tonight, better than any previous paces on this course.  
  • I'm getting clipless pedals put on tomorrow, so hopefully that will make a difference and I'll be even faster next week! 
  • I didn't like the men's underwear I bought.  They were too short.  I should have gotten actual "boxer briefs" instead of "trunks".  On the bright side though, they didn't actually have a fly hole!  That was a nice surprise.  Although there was still a fabric "pouch" that I clearly don't need (contrary to the perception of the guy at the McD's drive through window that called me "sir").  I got these at Target (in a more colorful variety than those shown in the picture) and they are a little better, since at least they don't have the pouch, but I would have liked a tighter and longer leg.  
  • Days and weeks are flying by!! I swear as soon as I get to work my break relief comes in, and then as soon as I get into the flow again, my lunch relief comes in, then another break, and then it's time to go already!!  And somehow it went from Tuesday to Friday in no time at all.  Tomorrow I'll be half-way done with scrubbing my first service already. (Then I go to circulating class for 2 weeks, then 4 weeks circulating the same service, then 4 weeks scrubbing my 2nd service, then 4 weeks circulating service #2, then 4 weeks scrubbing #3, 4 weeks circ-ing #3, 4 weeks scrubbing #4, 4 weeks circ-ing #4, then I think one week of still having a preceptor but doing a little of everything/ whatever is needed, and then I'll be on my own!  No wonder orientation is 7 months!!  I'm getting used to standing though, my feet and back don't really hurt anymore, so that's good.  
Oh here, this is a picture from the baby shower I went to on Sunday.  I'm the one that's not pregnant.  This photo may have been staged. :)

Oh and I want to show you some pics from my triathlon, but I don't want to blatantly break the law in such a public forum (even though people do it all the time). So I'll just link to them, because that seems more sneaky for some reason.  The first one, from transition 1, is my favorite! 

Ok, until next time, whenever the heck that might be.....

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