Friday, August 30, 2013

Rough Week

I'm so ready for this three day weekend!

I had a rough week.  I'm just so tired all the time, and having a really hard time motivating myself to workout after work.  I consider myself a "morning person", in that I prefer to wake up early and do all my housekeeping chores and exercise hoopla BEFORE work.  (Even when I worked night shift I still felt like a morning person, it's just that my morning was at 4 or 5pm!) After work I'm just so tired physically and mentally and the thought of all the things I should do before bed just stresses me out.  I think it might actually be a little better when I'm on my own (vs. in-training at work), because interacting with my preceptors all day is really draining.

Anyway, now that I'm on day shift it's just not working.  I would love to wake up before work and do all my stuff, but the lack of sunlight and the fact that my gym doesn't open until 5am are major deterrents.  But after work it's really effing hot and humid, I'm exhausted, and who knows what could pop up to conflict with my plans.  So this week had a lot more rest than planned.

Thursday was the worst.  Jeff had outpatient surgery at the hospital I work at, so I rode home from the hospital with him and his parents and left my bike and helmet there (I have been riding my bike to work).  I was really tired (as usual), and starving (I had a really small/quick lunch of a banana and yogurt so I could visit Jeff in pre-op on my lunch break).  Jeff's parents had brought us some things for dinner and a german chocolate cake, and I ended up eating about half of that stupid cake after work because I was so hungry (It was like a 9x9" cake).  I REALLY didn't feel like working out, but because of the cake I figured I'd better.  Luckily it was Thursday/brick day with the tri club, so I decided to go, and even decided to try to push the pace and keep up with the group.  (Usually I ride alone because I'm too slow.)  Anyway, I grabbed Jeff's helmet out of the garage since mine was still at the hospital.  My car was in the shop with the bike rack on the back of it, so I had to take off the front wheel of my bike and cram it into Jeff's car.  I got to the brick location, fought to get my bike out and put it back together, and then realized I left the damn helmet on the kitchen counter!  I was SURE somebody would have a spare helmet I could borrow, but nobody did.  So I packed up my bike and went back home, sans-workout.  What a disaster.

Today (Friday) I walked over a mile at 5:45 am this morning to get on a bus to take to work so I could bike home.  I couldn't drive Jeff's car because, of course, I left my stupid parking permit in my car, which is in the shop.  I had planned on making up my run that I missed Thursday, but I was so hot from biking home from work, and of course tired and hungry, and peeved about my missing ipod, and ultimately copped out of that one too.  This is why I like mornings.  The day hasn't had a chance to foul up my mood or motivation yet.

I can't wait until I'm off orientation/internship and can try to work mostly evening shifts.  11a-7p or 3p-11p would be fabulous.  Except I think the work sucks a little more on the off shifts due to lack of staffing and support, and getting thrown into cases you're not really "qualified" to do, but I think it would be worth it to have my mornings back.  Most people don't like the off shifts so I doubt I will have a hard time trading people day shifts for evening shifts.

On the bright side, I did at least bike down to the dealer to get my car this evening, which is about 12 miles.  I have been skipping a lot of "workouts", but my life right now has involved a lot of activity, so hopefully that counts for something (walking to the bus stop today, standing at work for 7 hours every day, biking to and from work, etc).  I'm so excited for the weekend when I can actually do the things I want to do!  Wake up and run in the daylight and go to the gym tomorrow; bike long on Sunday.  Not sure yet what I'll do Monday.

Oh, I got a camelbak marathoner and used it on my ride to the dealer today for the first time.  I love it!  It's designed for running, but I haven't tried it for that yet (no need, since I'm not running long right now), though I give it two thumbs up for biking!

Here was my "workout" history this week:

  • Saturday: 4.2 mile run, 50 min strength training, 30 min abs class 
  • Sunday: 27 ish mile bike ride. 
  • Monday: Bike to & from work (5.7 miles total), upper body weights
  • Tuesday: Bike to & from work (5.7 miles total), 3 mile run, lower body strength training
  • Wednesday: Bike & from work (5.7 miles total), 20 mins or so of upper body and core training, yoga class (a tough one on my quads and arms, actually)
  • Thursday: Bike to work only (2.8 miles)
  • Friday: Bike home only (2.9 miles), bike to car dealer (12.4 miles)
So really, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were all kind of resty days.  I really didn't do any "hard" workouts.  Just easy biking and light strength.  Nothing that really felt like a workout, except maybe that yoga class, and if I'm being honest, I never would have gone if I had known it was going to be that hard! 

Also, I found my ipod.  Yay.  It was in the zipper pocket of my water bottle holder.  Maybe my missing ipod was why I was having a hard time motivating myself to workout.  I ran without it on Tuesday and it was horrible.  It was all downhill from there the rest of the week.  

Now that I found my ipod I think I might try to get up in the 4 am hour next week and try to get at least half of my workout done in the morning.  (ie running in the morning and lifting in the evening).  We'll see. 

Anybody want to go on a long bike ride Sunday??

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  1. Okay, your resty week looks like my "yay! I at least did something everyday" week. The camelbak looks awesome. I love riding with one.


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