Monday, August 19, 2013

Smooth Move Ex-Lax

No this post isn't about laxatives.  If you reached this page searching for information on that topic, you may want to see an eating disorder specialist.  Or a gastroenterologist, depending on the reasons for said search....

Anyway, I spoke this phrase (the title of this post) to myself this morning when I realized what an idiot move I had made the previous night.  (Does anybody else remember this phrase?  I haven't heard it in a long time.  I don't remember what time it was from.... late 90s?  early 2000s?  Is it still being used?)

Here's the story:

You may remember my "research car" that I am being paid to drive.  Well, the study is over and it's time to give back the car tomorrow.  In preparation, I cleaned it out yesterday and got my "real" car ready to drive.  Of course the battery was dead since I haven't driven it in a long time, so I jumped and let it idle in the driveway to charge up.  This was at like 4pm or so.  Fast forward to this morning, and I woke up for work and it occurred to me that I never shut it off.  I walked outside, and when I didn't hear it running, I thought, oh yay, Jeff must've shut it off.  So I tried to start it.  Except the key was already in the started position.  Apparently I ran it all night until it ran out of gas.  And the battery is dead again.  Whoops.  (Hence the "smooth move, ex-lax").  On the bright side, at least my car didn't get stolen.  (It probably helped that it was blocked in with cars from behind and on one side).


While we're on the topic of idiot moves, apparently my husband is incapable of telling a knock-knock joke:

Jeff: Knock-knock, guess who?
Ty: (look of confusion). 
Jeff: (tries again:) Knock-knock, guess who?
Ty: Uhh.....
Jeff: Knock-knock
Ty: (look of relief) Who's there??? 
Jeff: Queen. 
Ty: Queen who. 
Jeff: Queen my dishes. 
Ty: Wow, you really don't know how to tell a knock knock joke!!!!??!?!

(And yes, the joke is from the AT&T commercial).  


I am having major eating problems this week. I've been on a sugar tear since Friday.  Lots of ice-cream, no-bake cookies, chocolate chips, "Triple Chocolate Meltdown" from Applebee's, etc.  I have been trying to experiment with some different eating "strategies" and my experiment went terribly wrong this week. (I'm reading "Health at Every Size", "Intuitive Eating", and "Taking Up Space" in case you were wondering).  The idea was to give up the diet mentality, but the problem is that once I taste sugar I just want to keep eating and eating and eating it. Honestly I wouldn't even call these past few days bingeing, just bad choices and overeating, and I totally feel fine, but obviously I can't maintain these habits without gaining tons of weight.  (I was actually up 4 lbs from Friday morning to Monday morning).  Not sure what I'm going to do about it yet.  Jeff went grocery shopping today and brought home animal crackers, chocolate chips, hershey bars, and graham crackers, all of which are major triggers for me, at least in combination.  (Ie graham crackers with peanut butter and hershey bar pieces, or animal crackers and chocolate chips in a bowl).  I made him hide the hershey bars but then I wanted one later on and he wouldn't tell me where they were!  I probably would have been fine with just one hershey bar, but I got really frustrated and ended up having tons of chocolate chips instead (in a variety of delicious combinations).  I searched high and low through that damn kitchen and never did find the hershey bars.  Bastard. 


On a healthier note, my breakfast of choice this week is that Overnight Refrigerator Oatmeal that I'm sure everyone has seen on Pinterest or Facebook or your favorite food blog.  When I have tried it before I didn't really like it, but the mixture I'm making now I actually like: 

  • Berry Cold Oats 
    • 1/2 c. fate greek yogurt
    • 3/4 c. skim milk
    • 1-2 spoonfuls chia seeds
    • 1-2 spoonfuls life's basics protein powder
    • 2 Tbsp. sweetened coconut flakes
    • 1/2 c. (heaping) old-fashioned oatmeal. 
    • Frozen mixed berries to fill.  
  • Mix all but last 2 ingredients in a pint mason jar.  Add oats and stir again.  Add berries to desired fill level (leave a little room to stir/shake!)
  • Leave in refrigerator overnight.  


Good News!  

The SD card I ordered came today, and it turns out it was my old card that was bad, not my phone.  Now I can take pictures again!  (See mason jar above.  And my freaky fat cat below): 

He was just laying like that for a while so I went over to take a picture, of course. 
For good measure, here is me and my other cat.  

This pic was taken on my computer.  While they are both black, I promise you that this is a different cat.  Max is the fat one that looks super creepy in the picture, and Otto is the skinnier one laying on me in the lower picture.  Very important information for you to have.  

What in the hell does all this have to do with running, you ask???

The answer, of course, is NOTHING.  Which brings me to the BAD NEWS: 

I haven't run since last Tuesday.  My knee/IT band started acting up again after Tuesdays 4 miler.  Then I got the clipless pedals installed on Robin and that seems to anger it a bit too, making it so biking isn't really seeming to be resting it like I would hope.  I'll probably just stop using them (one side is flat, the other is SPD, so I won't have to change the pedals).  I was super proud of myself for not crashing with them though. I had one near miss on the first mount (in my driveway!) but after that I was golden.  Not even any close calls after that (knock on wood!).  

I'm not sure what I'm going to do workout-wise this week.  Monday is rest-day (hence me blessing you with this rambling blog post, and gorging on chocolate), but the rest of the week is up for grabs. I have been liking lifting and the group fitness classes at my gym, but it's completely closed for renovations this week.  Does aggressively chewing my junk food count as working out??? Oh, I just looked at my workout history, and see that I biked 65 miles last week!  Cool! (Not that that's a ton for biking, but I don't consider myself a cyclist, and I'm pretty sure that's probably a personal best for me right now).  

Tomorrow:  NO CHOCOLATE.  Maybe run, with my ITB strap?  See how it feels?  Then my home version of my lower body strength routine.  Sure.  Sounds good.  Hope I get to talk at you again before next Monday! 

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