Saturday, August 3, 2013

What You Missed

Since I last wrote Tuesday, here is what you've missed:

Last swim workout at my gym's pool, since they are closed the entire month of August.  Looks like I did some kind of intervals, but I don't really remember.  I think 4x100 warmup (with 75 yds freestyle and 25 yds something else each set), then  3 or 4 100 yd "fast" intervals, than another 400 cool down.  Or something like that.  I never pick a swim workout until right before I go to swim, and then I seem to promptly forget what I did.  Then I did my poor excuse for an upper body workout (basically just pushups, assisted chin-ups, and tricep dips), and went to an hour of pilates class to count as my "core" workout.

Brick day.  The brick workout with the tri-club doesn't start until 6pm, which kind of sucks because I'm home from work at 3:45 or 4pm these days, and have to wait around for it.  This week I got there and it started raining, and a lot of people either went home or didn't come at all.  I wish I would have just ridden alone earlier, rather than waiting for 2 hrs just to ride alone anyway.  None of the people from the slow/newbie group were there.  I left first to get a head start but still got passed by everybody and was the last one in on the bike.  There's one really bad chunk of road with potholes, and of course a car was coming at that time so I couldn't go into the middle where it wasn't as bad.  And I didn't want to stand up, since I still tend to wobble and veer, with a car going by.  So I just went through the crap and literally got a major a headache and backache from being jarred around as I went through the potholes.  Plus the white knuckle deathgrip on the handlebars of course.  When I finally made it back,  I headed out for a 3 mile run.  I completely wiped out trying to hop over a single chain "fence".  I swear somebody raised it up as I was going over!  I had to put on my ITB strap after that mishap because I apparently ticked off my knee at some point during the falling or catching myself.  Normally I look forward to the brick day since I don't have to lift, but this particular one didn't go so hot.  :)

Another failed group workout.  I went to Pinckney Rec to swim at Silver Lake w/ the tri club.  I know that these swims have low attendance and the weather was kind of cold and dreary, so I went early since I kind of figured nobody would be there anyway.  It was supposed to start at 6pm, but I had done my upper body and core workout at home after work and ran out of things to do so I got there at 5:30pm.  What I didn't count on was NOBODY being there.  Usually there are kids/families there swimming or picnicking or whatever.  There was nobody there AT ALL.  Me being the not-so-paranoid person that I am, I decided to swim anyway.  (I also leave my house unlocked all-too-frequently, and have done many a late night run by myself, including an 18-miler starting at midnight).  Open-water swimming was even more creepy when I'm the only one there.  There were more fish than usual, probably due to the lack of turbulence and activity from other swimmers.

Yep, that about sums it up. 
The water was super clear though.   I ultimately had to get out to go to the bathroom after only 1/2 mile, and decided not to get back in, because it was kind of a drag anyway.  Kind of a waste to drive 30 minutes (1 hr round trip) to only swim 20 minutes.  The funny part is that my rationale was that I didn't want to pay the $5 to swim at Fuller Park.   I'm pretty sure I spent more on gas.  Live and learn.  My bike place has a free bike maintenance class on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month at 8pm, so I considered going to that, and really should have, but I was tired and opted out.

Went to my first group run in like, forever.  Ended up doing 4 easy miles, with one walk break up a hill to accommodate my running buddy for the morning, who is recovering from illness this week.  Went to the gym afterward to do my lower body strengthening crap.  Knee is a little "off" today, but not terrible.  I expect it will be fine tomorrow.

Today was pretty productive.  I got my haircut by Sandy at Campus Barber's, who was freaking awesome.  I finally found somebody who can cut my hair well, and at a good price, AND who takes appointments OR walk-ins.  I'm so happy.  I love the hair cut, and am excited to not see a different person every time I get my hair cut (I don't think that's happened yet since I went short!)  I also cleaned the house, walked the dogs, and got a lot of studying done for work.  Oh, and I did some shopping for my bike.  I got:
  • A 2nd water bottle cage
  • Dual platform clipless pedals!
  • A small mirror to mount on my helmet
  • Cycle Ops Riser  
  • An indoor trainer and riser!

    Kurt Kinetic Road Machine Indoor Trainer
    Shimano PD A530 Dual Platform Pedal
    I made an appointment to get an in-depth bike fit on the 3rd Friday of August, right before the next maintenance clinic.  So hopefully that will make it so I actually go.

    Tomorrow (Sunday) I would like to do a 30 mile bike ride.  I need to decide where to go though.  I was hoping to have company but I had no takers from my multiple facebook posts.  Any suggestions?  I'd kind of like to ride to a destination (ie out to Chelsea or Dexter to get breakfast or lunch) and then ride home, but I don't really like riding on the road, especially alone and on a route I haven't done before, so I will probably just go to a metropark where I can ride without worrying about traffic or potholes.

    Monday is my first day out of the classroom and actually scrubbing in for a surgery.  First day of 4 weeks total scrubbing for this particular surgical specialty.  Nervous!  Here's hoping the surgeon doesn't throw any instruments at my head for being incompetent.  Sponges (clean ones at least!) would be fine, I guess.


    1. Cool, you got a trainer! I'm curious to hear more when you start using it. I think if I get one, I'll get more rides in. It's a lot easier to hop on the bike in the basement than it is to put the rack on my car, load it up, and drive somewhere safe enough to ride. I've been told that they also recommend another tire to swap in so you don't wear down your good one for the road?

    2. Oooh clipless pedals!!!! I'm going to get there someday!!! Hoping your first week of actual surgery goodness has gone well.


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