Sunday, September 1, 2013

August Recap

Happy September!  September is a great month because it is the end of summer, and just one month away from the best month : October.

Here's what happened in August:
  • I ran my highest mileage since April!  What crazy high mileage is that, you ask?  36.2 miles.  Yep, 36.2 miles this MONTH.  And that's an improvement.  Sigh.  

  • I also did almost NO swimming this month, thanks to my pool being closed for renovations (it opened back up today though!).  I swam a total of 3 times in August, for about 3 miles over all.  Whoop-whoop.  
  • So what exactly HAVE I been doing??  Kickin' it old school, mostly.  Hitting the classes at the gym, some workout videos in my basement, strength training at home and at the gym.  And BIKING.  I am starting to LOVE biking.  I biked 245 miles in August.  Some of that is leisurely paced riding to/from work, but it still counts.  I bet I do even more in September, because I wasn't even that into it until the past couple weeks. 
  • I decided to drop from the Woodstock half marathon to the 5-miler next weekend, and to completely drop out of the Detroit Women's half two weeks after that.  No reason to push my luck.  I'm mostly pain-free right now (just some tightness and mild discomfort after runs), but who knows how it will go as I ramp up my mileage.  I'm at 5 miles max right now, and am planning on ramping up very, very slowly, while still focusing on stretching and strengthening in a big way. 
Here's hoping for a run-filled fall.  I'm not that upset that I missed summer.  Summer is hot.  I hate hot. 

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  1. I hate hot too and wonder of wonders, October is my favorite month too.


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