Monday, September 2, 2013

The Biking Bug

Yesterday I met two friends out at Kensington Metropark and we rode 20-25 miles.  I'm not exactly sure of the distance or pace, because I forgot my stinking watch at home.  (I put on my heart rate monitor and left the watch at home!)  I really liked riding out there.  I didn't realize that Kensington connected to Island Lake Rec, and the roads out there were great for biking.  We saw more bikes than we did cars!  The pace was slower than I would have liked, but it was good to have company, and to feel out a new course.  I would definitely be okay with going back there by myself to ride.  (Versus Huron River Drive where I don't like to ride alone).  
Approximate map/data from my friend, but she forgot to stop/start her watch a few times so I had to piece together a few parts.  I think the actual distance was more like 23-25 miles
I went searching for bike races and groups when I got home, and came across the Ann Arbor Bicycle Touring Society (AABTS).  I am so freaking excited about this group.  Check out their ride calendar!!    
Wow, that is a lot of rides!!!
It is super cheap to join ($20 a year), and they have SO MANY group ride options.  It looks like this group will probably be a better fit for me, pace-wise, than the triathlon club, which is very fast and competitive, or smaller rides with friends and some of the rides on, which are more leisurely.  I went to my first group ride with them today, the "Labor Day Democratic Ride" (route was determined by the members who showed up to ride, vs. being pre-planned.)

Not all the cyclists shown here are with my group.  Zou Zou's is a very popular destination for the weekend cycling crowd! 
It was great!  Everybody was really nice, and I rode with a group of people whose speed was perfect.  Hard enough that I got a good workout, but not so hard that I was afraid I wouldn't be able to make it the whole way!  Of course I don't really know what speed that was, because while I did remember to bring my watch, it was dead.  Which really pisses me off because it has just been sitting on the charger for the past 3 days. That stupid 910xt has caused me more problems than it's solved.  I got it for swimming and A)I hardly swim anymore, and B) it's been messing up my laps in the pool recently anyway.  I don't like the ANT+ stick method of uploading data, and the battery drains if I don't turn it off, which means it's dead a lot.  I miss my 210.  I still have it, I guess I'll just start using it for rides and runs, and just using the 910xt for the swimming activities.  Maybe I'll get a handlebar mount kit for it.  Fancy fancy.

Anyway, we left at 9am and I got back at 11:45am, with a stop at a cafe in Chelsea at the halfway point for an unknown amount of time.  20 minutes maybe?  Total distance was about 38 miles.  Here's my best guess at the route:

Surprisingly, nothing at the cafe really struck my fancy, so I didn't actually get anything to eat there, other than a vanilla bean Gu that I had packed (yuck.)  I hit some Jimmy John's pretty hard when I got home though. :)

I kind of messed up on the way home.  I didn't get anything to eat at the cafe and I was just sitting there outside, bored, so when two people from my group decided to leave, I just left with them.  Turns out they were a couple, so I probably should have waited for the rest of the group before going!  I may have ruined their plans for a nooner in the woods or something.  Sorry for being a 3rd wheel!  (Or, 5th & 6th wheel??)

So yeah, that's about 60 miles of riding over 2 days.  Yesterday I rode 20-25 miles and did upper body weights, today I rode ~36-38 miles and did core/back strengthening.  I'm glad I finally got over my fear of biking.  It's really great.  And I can do a lot more of it than I can running, without feeling like I got hit by a bus or getting injured.

Now my problem is getting a tune-up for my bike!  The bike shop people said I should bring it in for one (it's free) now that I've "broken it in", but I'll have to leave it for a whole week!  I don't know if I can part with it for that long!!

Also, I need to get more biking clothes.  

Some useful biking resources: 
Any suggestions for a new blog title?  Clearly, Ty doesn't run much anymore.  And no @matthews_mark, "this is how ty sleeps" is a no-go.  Possible themes include chocolate, random fitness-related pursuits, chocolate, strength, chocolate, nursing....etc.  

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  1. You are awesome! That is so much biking and pretty fast too.

    That bike calendar is crazy awesome! So many good things.

    Nooner in the woods. hahaha! I only realize couples are couples if they 1. call each other pet names (gag) 2. are riding tandem 3. wear matching kits


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