Sunday, October 13, 2013

Buying and Selling

I feel like I own running specialty store.  I've been shopping a lot recently, and then, after feeling guilty about all the money I spent, attempting to sell stuff that I don't use/wear on eBay.  All of this is very time consuming.  I don't recommend it.  Especially because, believe it or not, I hate shopping.  (Mostly because it takes me so long to make a decision).  

Let's talk about the buying first, okay? 

Paper Books
I bought some of these books a while ago and am not making much progress on any of them.  Mostly because I keep jumping back and forth between them!  Ugh!  I have read Intuitive Eating before, I just bought it now as a refresher.  (Highly recommend, by the way).  I'm going to have to start setting aside a half hour before bed to read, so I at least make SOME progress.  Luckily some of the books don't need read cover-to-cover, since they are training plan books.  I do have to read a few chapters in each of them though.  I may return one of the two triathlon training plan books.  Really no need for both.  I just need to decide which I like better.  I'll try to semi-review these books once I actually read them....


I am officially a crowd follower and have jumped onto the low-drop bandwagon.  I did most of my shoe research online, and then went to a running store so I could compare the fit and buy my favorites, but they didn't have the ones I wanted, so I just bought everything online and sent back what I didn't want.  (Thank goodness for free return shipping!)

Here's the story.  The (dirty) shoes in the top left are the Asics GT-2000's, and are my current favorite shoe.  At first I didn't like them as much as their predecessor, the Asics GT-2170 (top right), but they have really grown on me.  The 2000s feature about a 10 mm heel-toe drop vs. the 2170's 12 mm.  This doesn't sound like much, but I really noticed it when I first wore the 2000s.  The 2000s also felt a lot lighter and more flexible to me than the 2170s.  Since I hated this at first, I stocked up on a couple pair of 2170s since they were on the way out of production.  Now, I have grown to love the 2000s, and the 2170s feel too clunky to wear.  On the advice of many a runner, I started looking at even lower drop shoes, to help me in my endeavor to improve my running stride (for injury prevention and for efficiency and speed).   The goal for my shoes is a lower drop and lighter weight than my 2000s (10 mm, 9.2 oz), while still maintaining cushion under the forefoot and some degree of pronation support. The first ones I tried were the Saucony Guide 6's (not pictured).  These have an 8mm drop and are 8.6 oz.  I didn't really feel a big difference between them and my 2000s, and I like the fit of the 2000s better, so there didn't seem to be a point to going with these. 

On to the bottom row, left to right are the true contenders:

  • Asics Super J33.  These are a brand new model (released October 2013) and they sounded great on paper.  "....the Super J33 is a lightweight, natural-run design that still provides pronation support. At just 7.3 oz for a Men’s 9 and 6.2 oz for a Women’s 7, the shoe will compare favorably to other supportive elemental models such as the Brooks PureCadence 2 and the Saucony Mirage 3."  These have a 4mm heel-toe drop and some pronation support.  I have a soft spot in my sole (haha) for Asics, so if Asics is making a shoe that has the feetures (haha again) that I'm looking for, I tend to prefer them.  (I have flat feet with a narrow heel and a shallow depth/instep, and Asics shoes tend to fit that pretty well).  When I tried these on though, I hated them.  Very thin and light, with almost no cushioning under the forefoot.  They definitely would not be comfortable over the long haul.  
  • Asics Gel Neo 33.  These feature an 8mm drop and a 9.7 oz weight, so very similar to my 2000s.  On trying them on, I didn't really notice the lower drop, but I did notice a lot more cushion and flexibility than the 2000s.  I ended up not liking the way they felt.  I found the cushioning to seem lumpy in all the wrong places.  Plus, the reduced drop was minor, and they are actually heavier than my 2000s.  Moving on. 
  • Saucony Mirage 34mm drop, 7.7 oz.   These I could actually feel the lighter weight and lower drop, like I could in the Asics Super J33's.  The difference here is that there was still plenty of cushion.  More than I'm used to, in fact.  I ended up going with these.  I've worn them for a couple of short runs (3 and 5 miles) and I think I like them.  The first time I ran in them my toes went numb (I've that problem before in cushy shoes), but I think I will get used to them and that won't be an issue.  I actually still like my 2000s better, but I will keep these for variety and to allow my foot to work a little differently on some runs.  Strangely, I have an easier time keeping my cadence and pace up and landing more midfoot (vs. heelstriking) in the 2000s than in these.  Bonus: these are actually cheaper than the gt-2000s.  Win.  Downside: subjectively, my knee seems to hurt MORE after wearing the Mirages than after the 2000s, but that could be coincidence.  It will take more than 2 runs to know for sure. 
Asics has recently released the 2nd iteration of the GT-2000.  I haven't tried them yet.  The weight and drop are similar to the 1st iteration (the ones I have), so hopefully I still like them, although they do apparently have more cushion and overall height.  Has anybody worn both?  How do they compare?  


For some reason I decided I need capris!  I have never been much for wearing capris; I usually wear shorts with a long sleeve tech tee in the "between" weather (40-50 Fahrenheit) and then move to full length tights of varying thickness below 40.  I got a pair of UnderArmour heat gear capris from Dick's that I ran in yesterday and loved: 

I also got some 10" compression shorts (I already had them in purple and black, and wear them frequently, so I added the blue ones to my collection) and the equivalent 17" capris from RoadRunner that I was planning on returning because I didn't "need" them, but ended up keeping them after I tried them on.  I shouldn't have tried them on.  

I lost my favorite water bottle AGAIN and had to get a new one.  I think this is the fourth time I've bought the exact same stinking bottle, because I keep leaving it behind after group runs.  
Nathan Thermal Sprint handheld bottle 

I also got a USB rechargeable bike headlight, which I have yet to install on my bike.  Not doing much good sitting in a box, is it....??  I have a headlight on my hybrid bike but the battery is dead and I haven't wanted to change it because my husband broke the light attachment literally the day I put it on my bike and it has been zip tied and taped on ever since then, so it's not very easy to get to...  He keeps saying he's going to buy me a new one but that hasn't happened.  
Cygolite Metro 420 Lumen USB rechargeable light. 
I think I need to make a budget.  I didn't even realize I had gotten this much stuff until I wrote this post.


On to the selling.

So yeah, obviously I have a mild (?!?) online shopping problem. Some of the stuff I get, I end up not liking after I wear it (sometimes as little as one use!) so I can't return it and it's stuck hanging out in my dresser for ever and ever.  Occasionally, like now, I decide I can try to sell some of it and make back a portion of my losses.  And, somebody gets a great deal in the process.  Right now,  I'm selling several running skirts and shorts on ebay.  Mostly size large.  Also a Grid foam roller and a pair of GT-2170s with only 3 miles on them.  Check out my listings here.
Enjoy the beautiful Sunday today!  And best of luck to all the Chicago marathoners out there right now!  Almost there!


  1. I ping-pong from book to book too. The kindle lends itself to that. Thanks so much for putting mine on your list. @TyReadsCoolStuff. :-)

  2. FYI-I bought a pair of Saucony running shoes a couple of months ago because I heard such good things about them. I went to a running store and got fitted and everything. I HATE them. I am not sure if I should have gone up half a size from what I wear in Asics or what, but they kill my toes every run. I am surprised I haven't lost a toenail yet. After every long run the ends of my toes are sore. The first couple of runs they were okay. I chalked up some of the initial issues to that they just fit different than my trusty Asics and that I needed to be up for trying new things. With every run I hate them more. I think that I just about have enough miles/runs on them that I can justify buying a new pair of running shoes. Thank God!

    I checked out the pair you have on ebay but we wear different sizes. Bummer. What on-line company do you use that offers free returns?

    1. Oh, and you have a lot of cool stuff!


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