Friday, October 18, 2013

Curbing my Enthusiasm

I will not register for an Ironman.  I will not register for an Ironman.  I will not register for an Ironman.  I will not register for an Ironman.  I will not register for an Ironman.  I will not register for an Ironman.  (I typed that sentence three times before it occurred to me to copy and paste).  

Those of you that follow me on twitter or talk to me in real life know that I've been spending a little too much time on the Ironman website, eyeing the races currently open for registration and considering registering, like, now.  Originally the plan was 2015, but my knee is feeling relatively good and the excitement hasn't worn off and reality hasn't kicked in so I kind of want to register and get it done already!  2015 is soooo far away.

But I'm not going to do it.  For once, I'm going to play it smart here.  It's actually really work that's convinced me to wait.  For one thing, I can't finalize any vacation; we request for the May 2014 - April 2015 year in February 2014.  So if I registered today for say, Ironman Texas in May 2014, I wouldn't even know until February if I could get the time off or not.  No bueno.  (Although I could risk it and count on coworkers to trade with me, but that seems like a bad idea).

The second work-related problem is my schedule.  I really have to drag myself out the door to workout after work right now, and I'm only doing Tu, Wed, Th about 1-2 hrs each right now.  (Plus 2-4 hrs on Saturdays and Sundays, for a total of about 7-12 hours per week).  Ironman training will get a lot higher than that.  I really think an off-shift schedule of 11am-7pm or 3pm-11pm would make the road to an IM so much easier for me.  Plus, I wouldn't have to share the house with my husband so much.  (I am so sick of baseball announcers in the background of my life!) I can't move off of day shift though, until my orientation is over, which is also in February 2014.  So at that point I'll either request permanent eves or just trade all my day shifts for other people's off shifts.  Most people prefer days so it shouldn't be a problem for them to give up their evening shifts!

So I'm waiting.  Patiently.  So that when I do it it doesn't suck.  Or sucks a little less, at least.  (Actually I don't really think it will suck that much, I'm looking forward to it!)

The other thing I'm making a focused effort to do is rest.  It's easy to work out 7 days a week without even realizing it when there is swimming, biking, running, pilates, and strength training to fit in, ideally each multiple times per week.  I was resting once a week on Fridays, but recently have added Monday in because I don't want to burn out, since I have a long time before I have any triathlons to deal with!  I am still doing plenty, even with Mondays and Fridays off.  (Sometimes I do a pilates class on Mondays, but no cardio).  Here's what my weeks have been looking like, generally:

M:  rest or pilates class (0 - 1 hr)
Tu: run + swim (1 - 2 hrs)
W:  bike + weights (1 - 2 hrs)
Th: run + pilates (1- 2 hrs)
Fr:  rest
Sa: run + weights + pilates (2 - 4 hrs)
Su: bike + swim (1- 3 hrs)

Total: 6 - 14 hrs

I do play with the details depending on group activities and such that I want to do, but that involves more shuffling than it does adding or removing.  I've been doing a lot of juggling with the options, trying to come up with the "perfect" training schedule for the winter, given that I don't need to be on a real "plan" yet.  I want it to be something that works with my group runs and rides and is fun for me (so probably not a ton of swimming!).  I don't want to be too strict about fitting X number of each workout per week, because I don't want to get burned out before I even start my IM training!  I am thinking of designing a 2-week cycle that allows running Tu-Th-Sat one week and Mon-Wed-Fri-Sun the next, so that I attend my Wednesday and Saturday group runs both, 50% of the time (vs choosing one over the other "permanently").  That also allows for better group bike ride options, since most of the "good" rides are on Saturdays, I'll be able to go to some of those (vs my usual of opting out in favor of the group run instead).

Although, this weekend there is a great Sunday Cider Mill ride with the AABTS that I plan to go to.  I will probably move my strength training from Saturday post-run to Sunday post-ride so my legs aren't so sore for the ride.  I haven't decided between the 38 and 55 mile options yet, but the weather looks great and there's not much nice weather left so I should go for the 55 if I feel good after Saturday's run.  I guess it doesn't matter if I don't have a routine set in stone. It's kind of fun to design each week as I go, fitting in the workouts I need around the group events and depending on what I'm on the mood for each week.  Even if I did come up with the "perfect" two-week schedule, I'm sure I wouldn't always stick to it anyway.

Thanks for listening and sorry for rambling, and for the fact that I don't have any pictures.  Going to bed now, because I  want to get a little extra weekend sleep even though I'll still be up early to run with the 501 group at 7:30 (going for 12 miles, wish me luck!)

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