Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fun Fall Festivities

Two important business items before I continue:

1: Happy 50th birthday to my mom and her twin/my aunt today!
My mom's in the green on the right.
2: Congrats to all the finishers of the Detroit and Grand Rapids half and full marathons today!  It was a beautiful day for running and you all rocked it!  (Double kudos to all the first-timers, PR-ers, and BQ-ers!)

I am so excited to be on my way back to racing with you.  I ran 11.6 miles yesterday at a pace I'm happy with and in celebration I registered for a half marathon!  I'm signed up for the Cleveland Fall Classic on November 24th.  This was the first half marathon I ever did in 2005.  Seemed like a good choice for my first half back from injury!  The week before that I am also registered for the Kona Chocolate 10K.  Yay!

My Saturday run splits are included for your viewing pleasure.

It was a cold rainy morning and there was a low turnout at the group run, but it ended up being awesome.  Basically all of us that did show up were about the same pace and going about the same distance, so it made for great company and conversation!  The rain wasn't very heavy, so it was actually helpful to not overheat.

After that was the usual pilates class at my gym, which was less fun than usual for some reason.

Then I parked it on the couch all afternoon, which was a poor choice because my knee was really sore and tight by the end of the day.

However, it is all cleared up now thanks to a long bike ride this morning and a trip to the gym to do some lifting!

So yeah, Sunday morning at 10am I met with a cycling club to ride to a cider mill.  There were supposed to be two options, a 38 mile trip and a 55 mile trip (to two different cider mills), and I hadn't made up my mind which one to go on.  I ended up not having to decide because not that many people came and they all were doing the 38 mile trip, so that is what I did too!  It ended up being 40 miles total, which is fine, because it took a really long time.  I guess we stopped a lot.  Surprisingly to most of you I bet, I have never been to a cider mill before today.  I enjoyed the riding more than I did the mill.  I took some photos because it was "cute" or whatever, but it's not something I would feel the need to do regularly, especially without kids.  The donuts didn't even have chocolate :P.  The ride however was gorgeous thanks to the fall colors, and fun because we weren't going very fast so it wasn't very hard work.  (Until the end on the hills when me and another guy ditched the slower folks and went hard).
Truth be told I don't even like apple cider.  It's okay hot I guess, but I'm pretty sure they were serving it cold.  I got a coffee and a cinnamon/sugar donut.  

It did have the nicest outhouse I've ever been in.....
Robin parked with the other bikes, waiting to go home. 
I had wardrobe issues on this ride.  I looked at the weather before I left and it said 38 at the time we left this morning, which is pretty cold when you're riding into the wind.  A lot colder than it is when you're running in it.  I had never biked in that temperature before (except short commutes to work) so I wasn't sure what to wear.  I decided to err on the side of caution and load up on clothes, and just bring my pannier so I would have a place to store the layers I shed.  I went out with a balaclava, my storm socks (that I purchased at the Groundhog Half marathon in February), because I don't have shoe covers for my bike shoes, my winter running tights over bike shorts, a long sleeved tech shirt under a short-sleeved bike jersey, a very light windbreaker on top, and a pair of gloves.  I biked 3 miles DOWNHILL to get to the start location from my house and was already ROASTING when I got there.  I immediately shed the long sleeved tech shirt and balaclava.  I seriously considered losing the tights too, but decided to wait and see how I felt at the cider mill.  The remaining articles of clothing ended up being perfect.  I was "just right" the entire ride.  I did remove the gloves on the return trip, but other than that I was good.
My  bike shoes, storm socks, tights, and pannier.  
There were a few bad things about this ride.

1. I was STARVING.  I had eaten breakfast at like 6:30 am and the ride didn't start until 10am.  I had packed one Gu, and they said at the start that they were planning on stopping for lunch on the way back, after the cider mill.  I thought that was perfect!  I was quite hungry when we got to the cider mill, so the small donut was perfect to get me 10 miles or so to the lunch place.  Except "we" (I would have voted yes...)  decided not to stop.  So I was at 28 miles and very close to my house and starving.  I almost aborted and took a shortcut home, but I decided to have my Salty Caramel Gu (DELICIOUS by the way.  I think it's my new favorite) and push on.  I'm glad I did, because mile 28-40 was the hilly part where I separated a bit from the main group and actually got a little bit of a workout.  I did finally turn off early at like 1:30pm when I had another direct route to my house, rather than ride in to town just to turn around and ride back up/out to get home.  I went straight to Zoup! and had some delicious fall soup/sandwich and then rode home.

2: I had too much fun and decided my bike needed more things.  As of right now my bike is in the shop getting aero bars and gel padding for under the handlebar tape.  It will be like a Transformer bike. I will remove the cargo rack, move the seat forward, and put on the aero bars to race, ride with the tri club, or ride on the trainer; and put on the cargo rack, move the seat back and remove the aero bars to commute/tour/group ride at a more leisurely pace, like today.  I should have named it Clark Kent/Superman rather than Robin.  Although I guess Robin is a regular guy sometimes too, so I guess it works.  I also want to get one of those mini or frame hand pumps, and shoe covers.  Biking is more expensive than running.  Ugh.

3:  I completely missed my chance to see my husband.  He was in New Hampshire for the weekend and leaving for Thailand today, and I somehow forgot that he was coming home in between.  So I was out riding when he was briefly home.  He left Friday the 18th and I won't see him until the 27th when I return from another trip to PA. (He'll return the 26th from Thailand).  Whoops!  Worst wife ever.

I guess that's it.  Overall another great weekend, except I skipped my swim.  Wasn't feeling it today or yesterday and decided not to stress out about it and force myself through it.  After the bike ride I went to the bike shop for a while, then to the gym and lifted (with a little more motivation and power than is the usual for me, if I do say so myself), then went to the post office to mail all the stuff I sold on ebay, then to Subway for dinner.  I got a free/bonus cookie from the girl, so that makes a great day right there.  Today went by really fast.  I really wish I could have another weekend day!   As usual.

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  1. That sounds like a pretty good weekend! Made me laugh that you missed your husband because of your ride.

    do you have a bike trainer already? I think i might need to sell some stuff on ebay to afford one!


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