Sunday, October 6, 2013

Quick and Dirty

Sorry this post will not be coherent.  It's already past my bedtime and I need to crank out a post before the weekend is officially over and I miss my chance until next weekend.  How do bullets and photos strike you?  Love 'em?  Good.

Weekend recap
  • I ran 8 miles on Saturday and my knee felt good.  No issues with it on Sunday either, which was the real test!  I wouldn't say it's 100%, but it's the best it's been since.... January? 
  • I had planned to ride long on Sunday, but the forecast called for rain, so I decided to ride Saturday instead.  So Saturday was an 8 mile run, a 1 hour pilates class, and a 24 mile bike ride.  I spaced them out a little so I could eat breakfast and lunch.  
  • Nobody took me up on plea for company on my ride, so I went alone.  I put one earbud in so I could listen to music, which is a first for me on the bike.  It was nice.  I wouldn't do it on a "real" road, but I was okay with it on the metropark trail and roads. 
Photos from a lovely gray day at Kensington.  I rode at Island Lake as well (they connect).  
  • Normally I do my lifting routine after I run (it seems to help most that way), but since I moved my bike ride to Saturday, I moved my lifting to Sunday.  It actually worked really well.  One problem I've been having is riding my bike the day after I lift, because my legs are so sore.  Biking is much more leg muscle intensive than running.  I have an easier time running on sore legs than I do biking.  I might have to stick with biking then lifting one day, and running the next.  I'll try it.  I'm not good at bullets.  Each bullet is becoming a paragraph.  Sorry.  
  • Sunday = swim and lifting at the gym.  My swim went pretty well.  Somehow with the drills and classes I've been doing, I've become more comfortable breathing every 5 strokes instead of 3, especially when swimming fast.  I think that's a good thing!  
Shoes and Cadence
  • I have been really working on my running form.  Specifically, I have been trying to increase my cadence, and stop overstriding.  I was terrible about really reaching my lead foot out in front of me, heel-striking, and then hanging onto the ground for a really long time.  I've gotten a lot better, but it still takes a ton of focus.  
  • I'm aiming for a more mid-foot strike that occurs right underneath me, instead of in front.  
  • I had been basically staring at the cadence display on my watch on my runs recently, until I had a "duh" moment and realized my 910xt probably has a cadence alert.  It does.  I set it so now it beeps when my stride rate (single foot) drops below 85, and I don't have to stare at my watch.  Yay! I do okay when I'm fresh, but if I zone out or get tired, I tend to drop back to my "old faithful" 82/164.  
  • In support of my new form goals, I have been shoe shopping, and have settled on some new kicks with a 4mm heel to toe drop.  I'll save that for another post.  Here's a preview: 

Random Thoughts: 
  • I am really enjoying pilates classes.  They are not very intense, but I like the muscles I work there, plus I get a little stretch.  I like it better than the yoga classes at WCC.  I'm going to try to go at least twice a week, maybe 3x.  
New book!  Excited to try it.  More cool books on the way.....
  • I so far hate the spinning classes at WCC.  I've only been to two so far though, and there are plenty of instructors I haven't tried yet (including @ajgillespie!). 
  • I bought a Groupon for Power Cycling today.  I'm pretty excited about it.  I've heard great things, and I think I could really benefit from their analysis and tips.  I still feel really weak on the bike.  It was a great deal.  I got the 10-class coupon.  

 My dogs are pathetic creatures. 
  • It occurred to me today that my gym gives a free fitness assessment with membership.  I never did make an appointment for that.  I think I'll do that one of these days.
How do I always get covered in bike grease????
  • Looking at those shoes reminds me to tell you: I have yet to crash my bike.  I was warned by the bike shop people and by a variety of bloggers that I would inevitably crash while learning to ride with clipless pedals.  It didn't happen.  I've ridden on roads through intersections and traffic lights and had to stop/start quickly and never even came close.  The closest I came was in my driveway the very very first time I tried them when I clipped one foot in and didn't realize I had to start moving before I could clip the other one in.  I managed to throw my weight to the unclipped side and put that foot down without falling, but it was a close call.  Since then?  Not once.  Knock on wood.  I did have my right foot unclip twice at spinning class this past week, but that's because there was something wrong with the right pedal on the bike-- it was super loose.  Not that matters, it's damn hard to crash a stationary bike.  (I only did spinning this week because of the rain on my other bike day).  
  • I really want a tattoo.  I think I want a kinda big tattoo.  I don't think I'll make it until my Ironman.  I want one now.  I'll get another one after IM, too.  
I really like the location of these, assuming they also wrap onto the shoulder in the back a bit too.  I just want it to be somewhat meaningful and not just a random design, so I'll have to think about that.  I think both of these are awesome though.  Check out my pinterest board of tattoos I've pinned.  I like some part of each of them, but not the entirety of any of them, so I have some designing to do.  Anybody have tattoo artist they'd recommend in my area??  So far from portfolio browsing my top pick is Brad Nugent at Lucky Monkey, but I don't know anybody that's actually had work done by him.  
  • I keep telling myself I'm going to blog as things happen or occur to me to write about so I don't have to vomit everything on you guys in one huge nasty brain dump.  It hasn't been happening.  Obviously. 


  1. Do we get to vote on the tattoo? I vote no. :P Just not into them myself, but do what makes ya happy!

    Glad you are able to run several miles again!

  2. I always think "how can i have bike grease on me AGAIN???" :) I have yet to fall while clipped in...even when my tire blew out :/

    You are doing a great job with your millions of exercise activities! Very inspiring, but also makes me feel lazy :)


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