Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stronger and Faster??

I just got home from my weekend in PA.  On the way home I stopped in Cleveland to run with Michelle and we put up 7 miles at an 8:53 min/mile average pace.  I think this is some kind of training run PR for me.  Sub-9:00 has never been a frequent occurrence in my training log, races aside, and when it has occurred I'm fairly certain it has never occurred on a run longer than 4-5 miles, nor was it as "easy" as it was today.  Not that it was easy today, but previous runs at this pace (last year) I recall feeling like I was dying.  This one even had a fairly impressive hill, without which I probably would have averaged even faster.

Do you see that hill???
Granted, I would have never been able to do this alone, without Michelle to distract me and drag me along, but I'm still very happy. I was, after all, talking to her pretty much the entire way.  This makes me very hopeful for my upcoming races.  Perhaps even PR hopeful.  Is it possible that after so much time off I've come back stronger and faster?  Maybe so.  Maybe strength training and cycling and swimming have done me some good.  I don't want to get my hopes up though.  I am treating my first races back as benchmarking runs, to see where I'm at.  I'm not going in with a specific time goal.  My problem right now is the timing of the races I'm registered for.  I'm doing the Kona Chocolate 10K November 17th, and the Cleveland Fall Classic Half Marathon just one week later on November 24th.  I talked about it with Michelle and established that racing them both is probably not wise, especially with the half marathon being of more interest to me; I wouldn't want to be tired and still recovering from a hard 10K when I toe the line for that.  So, I guess the Kona run will just be a semi-hard training run.  I'll try my best not to lay it all on the line for it.  I will however aim for sub 9:00 though, now that I know I an handle it.  :)  My 10K PR is becoming quite old, it's an 8:34 pace from the Kona Wicked Halloween Run, way back in 2011.  I will definitely have to try for a new 10K PR sometime very soon.


I am really irritated right now.  I was listening to a really good audiobook on the way to and from PA: "The Invisible Bridge" by Julie Orringer.  I'm kind of a tough critic when it comes to books, and even more so with audiobooks, but this one really has me interested, and it's beautifully written.  Anyway, I realized midway through the chapter I was listening to (chapter 20 I think), that I had clearly missed something.  I scrolled through my ipod and realized chapters 18 and 19 were completely missing.  I had apparently missed copying an entire CD when I loaded them onto my ipod.  D'oh.  It's not a huge deal, because I just bought the book for my kindle instead.  This is probably for the best because it's a 700 page book and it would take forever to get through with the slow reading of the narrator on the audiobook.  I'm really just irritated because I've ruined the suspense of whatever happens in the chapters I missed because I've already read parts of a future chapter.  Rargh.  This has happened to me once before, only worse.  I missed the prologue of the book "Skippy Dies" on my kindle (for some reason it opened straight to chapter 1) and didn't realize it until I had finished the book and went back searching for what I had missed.  Turns out, Skippy dies in the prologue.  Kind of an important piece of information. I think I would have really liked that book if I had read it properly.  So at least my screw up wasn't as bad in this one.  This never happened to me with paper books.  Curse you, technology.

I just remembered I have tons of shows to catch up on on the DVR.  Oi.

I will leave you with scenes from my weekend.  Technically I was there to visit my mom for her 50th birthday, but really all visits to PA are just an excuse to hang out with my adorable nephew.

And with that, Monday returns again..... blah.

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