Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekend Workout Rewind

Why can't it be the weekend always???  My weekend was especially lazy this time, I basically didn't do much other than the fun stuff.  The less fun stuff (laundry, cleaning the house, etc. fell by the wayside).  So sad. :P

Friday was fabulous, because it is my rest day.  I spent the evening catching up on Thursday TV shows and eating chocolate and animal crackers.  Restful, indeed.

Saturday was even MORE fabulous.  I ran 10 miles!  My first double digit run since April (unless you count the Alaska Half Marathon in June, which I don't, because I walked a lot of it.)    Total time 1:38, average pace 9:53 per mile.  I'm happy with that!  My knee felt fine during the run, only a little sore after.  It was still tight Sunday morning but a bike ride and a swim took care of it.  My splits were ALL over the place:

Do you see that 3rd mile?!?  That is insane for me.  It probably was a combination of a downhill or flat, and the fact that I had a running buddy to chat with for that segment.  Regardless, I'll take it!  I'll blame the rest of the variation on the somewhat hilly route.  Rolling, at least.

Blue = pace, Green = elevation. 
I did really well with my cadence on that run too.  My watch hardly ever beeped that I had dropped below 170 steps per minute (85 per leg).

The spikes are probably water stops and/or red lights.
Also at the group run was Matt Frazier, the No Meat Athlete, on his book tour.  His photographer took a group picture of us at the store before the run.  He also ran with us for a bit.  I'll keep an eye on his website for photos to share with you if/when they post them.

After the group run I went to brunch with Jeff, then it was off to the gym to lift (~50 minutes), and then to my pilates class (1 hr).  Yay Saturday!

Sunday was less fabulous.  I procrastinated most of the day and didn't really even get off the couch until about 1pm.  The plan was to bike and swim.  I am finding that now that I can run, I am much less interested in biking or swimming.  I'm still into the lifting and pilates, because I think it's really helping improve my running and strengthen my knee.  I don't really even mind short bike rides or swims, but going long in either activity is a real downer.  As such, I opted to not do a long bike ride this weekend.  I instead took a winding/scenic/indirect bike route to the gym, did a swim workout (which sucked) and then rode a more direct route home.  Bike leg 1 = 12.8 miles; Bike leg 2 = 4.9 miles.  Hopefully I'll do a long ride next weekend.
I explored part of the B2B trail that I had never been on before.  Quite nice!  The next time I drive to the gym and run from there I will go this way for sure! 
This was my first time putting a pannier on Robin!  I also discovered a secret zipper pocket on the inside "lid" of the bag, that I had never known about before (the bags are like 4 years old!).  Win!  I need to start riding to work again.  Perhaps tomorrow?? 
Safety first!  I strapped my Road ID (one of those things I bought and never use) to my bike rack. 
Blue skies, beautiful riding weather.  This is a shot of the outside of my gym, the Health & Fitness Center at Washtenaw Community College. 
The swim workout I did.  I know it looks like Greek.  I won't bother explaining.  I got tired at the end so I didn't quite finish it.  It ended up being about 50 minutes in the pool.  Good enough. 

On the ride home from the pool, I got hit like a ton of bricks with a case of the hungry.  I had eaten an early lunch and didn't realize it was 5pm ish already!  Fuel fail! Not to worry, I remedied this problem quickly with a trip to Chili's!

Margaritia, Margherita flatbread appetizer, vegetarian fajitas entree (with leftovers for lunch tomorrow!), and Molten Chocolate cake.  Better.  (By the way, veggie fajitas are not on the Chili's "official" menu, but they used to be on a vegetarian menu on their website in pdf form.  I just checked and apparently they're not even on that menu anymore, but I never have a problem ordering it.)

I really didn't even want the stupid Margarita (except the salt....yummm), but they have that 2 for $35 deal (2 margaritas, an appetizer, 2 entrees, and a dessert) and we couldn't resist.

I forgot to take a picture of the dessert until after we had mutilated it.  I've started splitting desserts in half at the start, instead of each of us digging into the unsplit item, because I always feel like I have to rush so I don't fall behind and end up getting less than my half!  Today it didn't even matter because Jeff had finished his ice cream and then dipped his spoon right into mine!  I stopped that real quick.  He claims he "forgot".  Right.  You see why I have to defend my dessert?!?

On the way home my face felt really warm.  I asked Jeff if I looked red because I felt "flushed" for some reason.  He said yes.  He said it was from the tequila.  Good point.  #cheapdate

Okay, I just went to the Chili's website to find out the name of the cake we had (Molten Chocolate, as I typed above), and I found THIS:

Did I miss this??  It probably just wasn't on the menu yet at our Chili's.  Guess I'll have to keep going back every weekend until we get it.  ;)

Addendum:  I will not drink black tea at 7pm ever again.  I was exhausted and though a little caffeine would get me through til 9pm when I could go to sleep.  Instead I was up until 11pm, then tossed and turned until about 1am, for a 5am wake up call.  Yuck.  They say caffeine takes 6 hours to get completely out of your system.  I guess that's right.


  1. So glad to hear the 10-mile run went well. That bike trail looks pretty nice. Good job doing the swim workout. So far I haven't had much of a desire to do any real kind of workout when I swim. Maybe that's because I did a lot of that when I was younger and now I enjoy just going for a relaxing swim. However, I know how much workouts have helped my running, so maybe someday I'll give in. Some faster 50s or 100s are about the most I've pushed it. Your workouts are definitely much more involved! I'm sure it makes it go by quickly.

  2. Great run! When I meet you in Houston for the Texas Ironman we can go to Chili's and I will drink your margarita if you really don't want it. We will both have to get our own dessert though.


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